It's Quentas!

posted by Chris on 2011/6/4 (Comics)

Good evening, allow me to share with you what is not only my third anti-HEROES comic, but the unveiling of the infamous Quentas at long last!Happy

I'm truly honored that Zara's trusted me to handle the unveiling of what truly is one of the most compelling villains I have ever read about and I hope that you all enjoy reading this installment of anti-HEROES.

As one final note, the illustrated depitcion of Quentas himself comes completely courtesy of Zara.

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Dyluth - 2011/6/23
Alrighty then, the ghostly book has been corrected and is now just a regular every day bookHappy.

Stay tuned for the new comic coming soon!Happy
RiderOfPhoenix - 2011/6/23
Please update! It would suck so much if we got new (great) artists but still no regular updates.
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/6/22
Maybe Kaal conjures up his own book, since he is an illusionist...sort of Very happy
Viashivon - 2011/6/21
It's a ghostly book, see how it disappears in panel #4.
nomask - 2011/6/19
oops, looks like i was looking at the wrong book, sorry about that.
aragorn - 2011/6/18
Nice danelsan XD

And yeah the book Kaal is holding looks transparent...
danelsan - 2011/6/17
Er..."see", check how you can SEE the stand through the book
danelsan - 2011/6/17
actually, nomask, check how you can the stand behind them through the book on panels 1 and 3

Quentas looks awesome, by the way ^^
nomask - 2011/6/17
Kaal is not holding a book, he is transparent and the book is behind him.
dont feel like making one up - 2011/6/14
I just noticed this, in the first two panels Kaal is holding a transparent book.
Dyluth - 2011/6/8
Thank you for all the kind words everyone!Happy @Locnil yes the artwork for Quentas as depicted in this comic is entirely the work of Jordan, though future depictions of him with hands raised and in slightly different poses will be modified by myself.

As for the cast page I agree everyone an update should be just around the corner, so stay tuned!!
Magicman - 2011/6/8
Hmmmmm, this is just a guess from reading a couple of the comments, but I think the readers want an update on the cast page. Not completely sure though. Happy
Locnil - 2011/6/8
P.S Will you be updating the cast page anytime soon?
Locnil - 2011/6/8
Neat. 3 comics in the time since I last checked, it's great to see that it won't die after all. Also,kudos for your art skills, remaining the same as Jordan's strips while adding extra detail. Just one question - is that picture of Quentas one that Jordan sketched, or did you draw that one yourselves?
Dyluth - 2011/6/7
@Magicman Indeed, that quotation was an artifact left behind when I was playing the type. However she has now been removed and the comic has been updated! EnjoyHappy
magic9mushroom - 2011/6/7
Can we update the cast page now?
Magicman - 2011/6/7
Strange out of place quotation mark at the end of "Just clear your head"" Great comic though, can we expect the character page to be updated soon?
Mr Saturn - 2011/6/6
You really need to fix the feet on Aldran, his anatomical right foot is way out of proportion.

But otherwise, yay for updates!
tatsu - 2011/6/6
Yay, new comic!
Lateral - 2011/6/6
Awesome; good to see this still going. Happy
Paeris Kiran - 2011/6/6
Love it Happy
Moogleking - 2011/6/5
I can't help but think that a solid outline on Kaal would look better; keeping the transparent body.

So far, so good though Happy Loving the comics!
Gnomeking - 2011/6/5
Hmm... Makes me wonder about what Quentas is. Some kind of an uber powerful psionic?
Ancient One - 2011/6/5
Anyone that gives Aldran the creepies has to be a worthy villain. Good work!
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/6/5

Kaal also looks a little bit more "incorporeal" than in the previous comics. At least I think. Maybe its just different color choice.
nerdcomplex - 2011/6/5
Kaal seems too smart in this comic (he also seemed a bit smarter than normal in the last strip, but then it wasn't too bad.)

And yes, thank you for the regular updates.
Laxu - 2011/6/5
Just great!
Max - 2011/6/5
Keepin' it regular, I see. Happy
aragorn - 2011/6/5
Keep up the excellent stream of comics Dypen!
geekpete - 2011/6/4
Word! I hope its not only initial excitement though.
Temmer - 2011/6/4
This made my night, regular updates at last!
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