She's No Dread Pirate

posted by Jordan on 2011/4/6 (Comics)

Welp. This is it. For those of you who weren't following the recruitment thread I linked to before, the comic is finally being handed over to another. Two others, in fact. They are known as Dyluth, who will be doing the art and leakingpen, who will be doing the writing. Team Dypen, as they have become known shall be continuing the story of Anti-Heroes and hopefully giving you all some reliable updates for a change. This here is my last comic before I bow out of the director's chair and fade into the background. I'll be sticking around as a general creative consultant for the two of them, but control is pretty much in their hands.

I could go on some more, but I'm tired and I think I've kept you all waiting long enough. I'm not sure when exactly they'll be coming through with a new comic, but I don't expect it'll be all too long. So until then, let's welcome our new hosts and give them a chance to sit in the director's chair. Here's hoping everything goes well for you guys.

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AddizAbeba - 2011/5/27
Yeeeeehoooo! Anti-heroes is back! Keep up the good work, new team!
Dyluth - 2011/5/26
First off I do apologize for not being more active in these comment sections, this will change post haste I promise.

Second, the next comic is in production before my eyes as I type this message.

Third, thank you so much to everyone for their continued support and interest in this comic, new issues will be up shortly!!
aragorn - 2011/5/26
At this point, I'm wondering if Dyluth even know about posting comments here...he was responsive at the GITP forum, but Dyluth has yet to post at this comic...Sigh

leakingpen did respond here once, although that was 3 weeks ago...Sad

Also, thanks for putting your thoughts in Crazed, as you are the most enlightened out of the people who aren't actually involved in creating this excellent comic. It is good to know that this comic still has a good amount of support. Just look at all the comments, even the negative ones; they show that people care enough to come here to get angry instead of somewhere else. Tongue

Anyway, good luck to Team Dypen! Happy
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/5/26
I still do not get it. Does team Dypen have no email adress? No MSN, Skype, ICQ, Jabber or Facebook to ensure easy communications with different parties? This is silly. We are left in the dark, despite everything you have said Crazed. You are very kind to post here and act as a forward shield for the duo, but we need to talk to them, not you. You are not the person responsible for this misery therefore you are not helping, eventho as I have said, Thank you. It is nice to see that actually someone has 5 minutes of time to check the discussion and actually reply. (The authors of this comic never had those 5 minutes lolz >.
Crazed - 2011/5/25
“I would have thought Crazed would know what the frick is going on, but it is now completely clear that he is just as confused as us. I don't blame him for not being able to help the situation, but his fake "reassurances" are completely unneccessary...”

I'll admit that I don't know what is going on, right now. Things are set up so that when Dypen are ready to post a comic, they have everything they need to do so. I'll see if Jordan has had any recent contact with them.

From when the inactivity of this comic began up until now, I've posted to let you know that at least one admin is checking this site. If I hear stuff from Jordan, I tell you. If I have stuff to say of my own, I tell you. I don't think I'm offering "fake reassurances"; I'm just letting the fans who do want to see another comic know that there is still hope for one, and there will ultimately always be hope for one, as long as this site is up, unless Jordan says otherwise. I've always let you know what, to the best of my knowledge, is happening.

I know that if I were in your position, I would be more upset with the creators of the comic if no one responded to my comments. I can't give you a comic, but I can at least let you know that someone is reading and trying to do something about it. For the people that want to hang on, it's bad enough that you have to wait for another comic; I don't want you all to be hanging for even a simple response from someone who is at least in touch with Jordan and Dypen. I do it because Jordan is my friend and I want to do the best I can to at least let his comic's fans know that they haven't been forgotten. He's never been "a failure", as Anonymous suggested in his lovely post, and he does give a damn about the comic, which is why he tried to find new authors/illustrators when he admitted to himself that he couldn't continue to create comics. I'm attached to this comic not only because I've put countless hours into the site, but because I, like you, also want to see it succeed and continue adding new issues to its list. You guys deserve better than receiving silence in response to your questions and comments.

If that's not enough for you, I completely understand, but it's all I can offer right now, and I'm sorry for that. I've just sent an email to Dypen and they will, hopefully, let you know themselves what is happening.
stillenjoychecking - 2011/5/25
I check this comic every day, but have never posted. For those annoyed by the waiting (which, to a certain extent, is understandable) reading the comments is almost always interesting. Or go re-read the comic from the beginning. Anyways, I hope that the comic does continue, no matter how long it takes. And Dypen is doing more than anyone in the comments, so let's give them patience and hope that they are able to post something soon.
Asdf - 2011/5/25
People, just get a girlfriend and go have a great summer. Checking the page of a (for the moment) dead comic every. single. day. makes no sense.

Dypen, don't be discouraged by all the raging people. I know how hard it is to promise something and then to see it slip farther and farther away, but giving up is never the answer. We are disappointed about the delay, as are you no doubt, but that will all be history one day. Just, you know, please don't drop this because you are too afraid to come out and admit that you slipped up this one time. That would be the worst thing you could do.

And to the the people talking about 'real fans' and such: Blah. A comic is a comic, no need to get all drama queen about it.
Gnoya - 2011/5/24
We have a better chance of the new Apocalypse coming in October, than actually getting an Update/Information/any kind of contact
;-) - 2011/5/24
Over one and a half month of waiting for a comic. Or any kind of message from any of the authors. And this is only the first comic.
anonymouse - 2011/5/24
But no matter what happens, script/spoilers will not be on the homepage where people would check for comic updates... Ooh, and nice job lumping everyone together and zinging them all at once - "...if you all claim...", heh.
Magicman - 2011/5/24
The only issue I have with putting the script in spoilers is that, knowing people it won't stay in spoilers. Meaning that everyone, regardless of intent would know the entire story within a month if it were released. First time I've ever posted on these comments so just thought I'd say I am perfectly willing to wait, twas fun while it lasted and if you all claim that this board is being ignored why do you keep using it to yell at said ignorers?
anonymouse - 2011/5/23
In any case, though, I know Jordan has done a magnificent job so far, and I was happy just reading the comic while it lasted.
anonymouse - 2011/5/23
It certainly would be valid if the remainder of the story was posted separately - those who preach patience can then indeed simply disregard it, and remain true to their stated ideals!
Amaretto - 2011/5/22
And if everyone knew what the script, who exactly would said random person be drawing for?

And who is going to disclose the script? The same people who cannot bother to post here once in a while and tell us what is actually happening?

And who is going to draw it, exactly? If somebody goes to the effort, it will almost certainly look like @#$% and will not please anyone...after one or two such episodes nobody will even try. So basically, disclosing the script puts an end to the whole story.

I also believe in a compromise, but think that the entire story should just be disclosed in a spoler or on a separate page all at once and those who like waiting can just ignore it and keep waiting.
xorg - 2011/5/22
I propose a compromise between spilling the beans and the current situation. Let the script for the next strip be disclosed, and then let the crowd draw it. After the result looks sufficiently good, we can proceed with the next strip.
Va'lis - 2011/5/21
Ok, I check the comic every few days. Mostly ignoring the comments because well...look at some of them.

It takes 5 seconds to check the site, if there was a new comic up id read it of course. But if not, I just check the next one. Noone forces you to come here, get angry and leave comments that are aimed at the artist(s). They dont -have- to post anything if they dont want to.

The fact is, they dont owe us anything at all. Would a heads up be nice, yeah. But I wont get mad if they dont.

If all you are going to do is bring your complaints about a lack of updates here... save everyone who enjoys the comic the headache. Keep your words to yourself.

Meanwhile, we shall wait and be patient. With patience, comes true rewards.
Corwin - 2011/5/21
I'm till checking. Have been every day, for years, and I'm disappointed every time there is ... still ... no ... update ...

I want to know how the story unfolds. I'd prefer the spilled beans option to a dead comic, or even one that remembers to twitch once a year ...

I'd so love to read an update once or twice a week... but obviously that is not going to happen.

Sorry Dypen, I liked your art, and I believed in the promise of new comics, but I see no difference between now and the months before Jordan threw the towel...
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/5/21
Okay. I don't usually comment on any occassion but this made me really think and this is what I've come up:

You are both mistaken. There is no point in throwing anything at team Dypen. They will not move an inch from their position now, given the fact that they simply refuse to comment here. They obviously can't bear to look over their own shoulder on the laziness tail that follows them.

Face the fact: You cannot do a damn thing about it. When this comic restarts, and it will, in time, I am and I can be sure of that, new fans will come at any rate. This comic will always be able to produce new fans, if the authors will be able to keep up the ability to make you laugh even before the punchline.

So a conclusion: There is no point raging here. It will help nothing and achieve nothing. As the Jedi masters teaching goes: Stay calm, young Padawan, find patience and inner peace.
Amaretto - 2011/5/21
Anonymous, that is far too harsh...comments like that are the reason nobody likes critics...

Jordan is NOT a failure as a webcomic artist you can say that and mean ti is beyond me...he made over 200 comics! And until 100-something they were almost always on a great, tight schedule! The story was good, the jokes rocked, and it was just awesome altogether. Directly insulting Dylyth and Leakingpen is also uncalled for. While I do find their actions very annoying and unresponsible, they have not done any less than you, or anyone else here. So cool it.

You bring up some good points, but try to chillax a little; else, nobody will take you seriously.
person asking questions - 2011/5/21
I just have a question, although it probably is easy to answer, when is Quentas's first apperance?
Anonymous - 2011/5/21
“I just don't know how much recriminations and judgement are going to motivate the new team.”

To be altogether honest, Jordan got nothing but blanket praise for years. And then he gave up. It is pretty clear that the amount of encouragement has no correlation with actual success. The fans encouraged the author, and Crazed encouraged the fans. Yet here we are, lacking anything to show for it.

A comic that updates only a couple of times per year is not a comic. One... cannot...


li... ne of thought...
is pretty... muc...


h what a, story is,

When it is too broken to maintain any flow.

Don't fool yourself: such comics are dead. Just as dead as a comic that does not update at all. Even ones that do not update at all still get encouraging comments from people who still check in; face it, such people are not fans. They are just people who will cheer anything.

No, we should not give Dypen encouragement, at least not until they actually produce something. People create webcomics for two reasons: the satisfaction of a job well done, and the feeling of euphoria when people like what you do. For the former, it is clear that neither Jordan nor Team Dypen give a damn. As for the latter, you must know that praise falls flat when you receive it whether you succeed or not.

So, to finish it off:

Jordan, you are a failure as a webcomic author. You will always remember Anti-Heroes as the comic which, after years of drawing, you quit before it was done. If you ever decide to make another comic in the future, or write a book, or build a house, or any endeavour whatsoever, remember Anti-Heroes and remember to finish the job.

Dyluth, if you can't even draw stick figures, don't call yourself an artist.

Leakingpen, "Continuing apace" my ass. It is better to say that you haven't done anything and then surprise the readers with the little that you have done than to pretend you are working when you clearly are not.
Amaretto - 2011/5/21
Sigh...maybe I am the only one who gets annoyed checking back here over thirty times with nothing to show for it...

And I can't just leave knowing that the comic has a tiny tiny chance of continuing...I was a serious fan for quite a while and need to know that I am not going to be missing out on anything before I stop checking.

I suppose maybe I will just take a break for two months or so...
Moogleking - 2011/5/21
I felt I'd just chime in with the "Take your time" gang.

Claiming that "The majority of the real fans" have left is beyond laughable, as the stream of people who all commented the second that THIS comic aired should show. And THAT'S just the ones who commented.

So Dypen, take your time, make sure the wait is worth it, and work to make your fans proud Happy
Caleb - 2011/5/20
I'm with Ancient One, Real Fan and Signeow here.
Though I don't use to comment much here, I check for updates every day - along with several other webcomics I'm reading on a regualar basis. Some don't update as often as others, no reason to get upset about it.
While the occasional sign of life from Team Dypen would be appreciated for sure, I'm positive that they are working hard to continue the comic as soon as possible. However, I believe they volunteered to take over Jordan's work not so much because they already had a detailed storyline in mind to proceed with, but just because they didn't want it to die, as none of us here do, AND felt capable of maybe continuing it at all, which the least of us can say for ourselves.
So just bear with it, or go make your own comic to be trolled for by people who have nothing better to do.
Signeow - 2011/5/20
I disagree with you Amaretto.

Sure, waiting this long is disappointing. Is this reason to give up on the comic? No, it is not. I've waited far longer for this comic to update before.

Additionally, I've heard of a few comics who have been inactive for a few years, but occasionally pop up to assure readers that they're still alive. At least it isn't that bad.

As for the "Spill the Beans" option, I say no. I'd rather wait for the comics to be made. If you want the story to be revealed, fine by me. Maybe they'll email the plot to you. I'd rather wait for the story to unfold in the comics, no matter how long that takes.

I respect your opinion and understand your sentiments, but I don't agree with you.
Real Fan - 2011/5/20

Uh, free comic...just saying. If the wait is too long, don't come back. As many, many, many people have said in the past, it doesn't take long to check the webpage, see it hasn't updated, and move on with the rest of your life.

I also think you'll find there are actually more fans checking in regularly than you think, it is just that we don't get so upset when it doesn't update that we feel the need to comment.

I mean this with utter respect - I've enjoyed your comments in this forum and I hope you stick around. I just don't know how much recriminations and judgement are going to motivate the new team.
Amaretto - 2011/5/20
@Ancient One

Uh huh...all of those "real fans" eh? How many is that? Two? Three? That is, if you only consider the deluded real fans...

Me and many other people are very much real fans but we have become disgruntled and have understood that nothing is going to happen here. We loved the story and want to see how it would have played out, were Zarah to have more time.

Oh, and one and a half months for a single comic is compoletely ridiculous! It was semi-bearable with Zarah after he had made a large amount of comics on time already and had shown his dedication to the project. This "Dypen" team has done absolutely of them made a lame, insincere comment and the other cannot even go to that effort....If somebody can't make comics every week or two at the veru beginning, god knows how many years it will take to make one when they get "tired".

We are tired of checking back for nothing, but are still interested in the great story. Hence, we are asking for the "spilling of the beans". You can pretend that everything is going swell, but most of the fan base is gone, and almost everyone left wants disclosure of the plot after seeing this horrible 1.5 month failure after a ridiculous amount of previous waiting...Trick yourself if you want, but don't BS us.
anonymouse - 2011/5/20
I, too, would not mind if the author went with "spill the beans" option...
Ancient One - 2011/5/20
Okay, gang. Advice here for those getting too impatient is to cool your jets and go off and do whatever it is that you do the rest of the time that you aren't reading this particular web comic.

For those artistically capable, I recommend attempting a few panels and posting the URLs for the rest of the room to enjoy.

Bottom line is that this is the path Jordan has chosen and you'll just have to wait it out. He isn't about to change his mind halfway through things or post PMs of spoilers.

If the thread page has gotten quiet, it is only because the real fans are checking in for new updates but see no reason to comment.

After putting up with months of no updates from Jordan, I don't see this as being an unrealistic amount of time for a reboot. However, that being said, I've commented to the new team before that they need to start "communicating" with the fans to indicate they are still alive and stirring...
aragorn - 2011/5/20
*Note to Dypen, Crazed, and/or Zarah* Fans begin to become impatient after about 1 and a half there should be either a major reassurance/plan of what is going to happen that is announced to the fans, or a new comic/update. Otherwise you will get the kind of responses that have been 4 out of the last 5 posts. Good luck by the way!
Ming-Ming - 2011/5/20
I am patient, as I had almost given up the comic for dead. I was saddened by Zarah's decision to have to end his arc, and pass the comic off to other hands, but I think that the amount of time passing isn't too bad yet. I do think perhaps that there should be like- a filler page that explains the on-going situation to all readers and hopefully updates once a week, just so people know that attention is still being paid here?
HUMVEE Driver - 2011/5/19
Agreed. None of this is working, and it's insulting being teased about updates etc. Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing. Please PM me with the 'spill the beans' info. I'm HUMVEE Driver on the OOTS boards.
Gnoya - 2011/5/19
Sigh this is rediculus.. I agree.. please just spill the beans so we can get some closure..

Atteybro - 2011/5/19
Zarah, this clearly isn't working.

Just go with the "spill the beans" scenario, please. Sometimes, certain chapters need precise closure.

Oh, and btw. The Copyright note in the lower left corner of the comic is still set as "2009".
Amaretto - 2011/5/19
Great! The once enormous fan base has been reduced to two guys trying to get some sort of discussion going...

I know the comic is free and I don't have the right to demans more, but what does annoy the hell out of me is when people blatantly lie to bring my hopes up just to destroy them all over again. I would have thought Crazed would know what the frick is going on, but it is now completely clear that he is just as confused as us. I don't blame him for not being able to help the situation, but his fake "reassurances" are completely unneccessary...

I have completely lost track of the last time a comic has been posted...the total amount of useless time spent here being tricked over and over again is far more than anything else I have ever experienced on the internet. Clearly, the magnificent Dypen duo are not as magnificent as previously thought, and they had no idea what they were getting into. But then make a public statemnet to the fans and stop this stupid ignoring of the only people who made this comic into something (since without fans and supporters no art can be considered valuable).

Thanks for the previous comics Zarah, but I need to call BS when I see it...I can't really waste more time on waiting unless I see a REAL response...I voted for continuing the comic previously but now seeing the crapola that has resulted, I am asking you to spill the beans, and at least give me a moment more of satisfaction. Tongue
Ancient One - 2011/5/18
Does he count as being mostly dead since he is still interacting, of sorts?
Signeow - 2011/5/17
Kaal, maybe?
Ancient One - 2011/5/16
I wonder who gets Humperdink? Very happy
Kickaha - 2011/5/13
But with two hands, that's six fingers total.

Ancient One - 2011/5/13
Hmm. I never noticed the double scars mirroring the wounds in the princess bride... good catch there! Of course the villain here (like everyone else in stickland) only has 3 fingers... Happy
Signeow - 2011/5/11
Ah, thank you. I had wondered.
Crazed - 2011/5/8
FYI, Signeow, we don't currently allow images--that's why the tag didn't work. Happy
Signeow - 2011/5/7
Give them some time. Check twelve posts down and Leakingpen assures us that they're getting used to the art style, which can take a while.
Atteybro - 2011/5/7
It's been a month since the last update.

Talk about a kickstart.
Signeow - 2011/5/6
You know, I just noticed that Lana just got cut where Inigo has scars. Nice touch.
Signeow - 2011/5/6
The reason she's not as good as Westley or Inigo is because she wasn't trained by a dread pirate and her father wasn't murdered. That we know of.
Moogleking - 2011/5/6
The sexy fan fiction you're no doubt planning will be thanks enough Tongue
Ancient One - 2011/5/4
Okay, that is much better. I was becoming lost in a sea of I's. Thanks Moogleking for the tip! Happy
Ancient One - 2011/5/4
Okay, I hope this works, Moogleking. Testing...
Moogleking - 2011/5/4
For adding your avatar, google "Gravitar" and set one up for your email that you use here Happy

Ancient One - 2011/5/4
Great to see your post, LeakingPen. Happy

Isn't it incredible how a few lines changes the entire theme of the room?

I look forward with enthusiam to the new beginning.

Someone mentioned something about school are LeakingPen and Dyluth college or university students? The end of the school year is always crazy busy.

By the way, how do you add your avatar pic here?
Moogleking - 2011/5/3
Huzzah! The comic lives!

To occupy ourselves in the mean time, I suggest we write sexy fan fiction.
aragorn - 2011/5/3
Thanks for listening to the Ancient One, Leakingpen, cause he knows what he is talking about.
Also, I appreciate the immediate response of posting a comment here to keep hope alive.
I just hope Dyluth follows suit...
Aean - 2011/5/2
The voice of Anti-Heroes returns! Huzzah! In all seriousness, good to hear from you, Leakingpen, and good to hear that you're adapting to this new challenge. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
Leakingpen - 2011/5/2
Leaking Pen, the writing half of the new dynamic duo, here. Work is definitely continuing apace. Dyluth has a couple of scripts from Jordan, so I believe its a matter of getting the swing of the art style. Never fear, your favorite villainous vermin will be back. Aldran and crew will be back as well.
Ancient One - 2011/5/2
Ooops. Sorry about that... I am still learning how to post links to their threads. Here is the full link to the bottom of the current thread.

Crazed: Any chance of modifying the comment thread script to permit editing of posts, similar to what has?
Ancient One - 2011/5/2
Ok, long time reader here and fan of both OOTS and AH...

When I didn't spot anything new from Team Dypen, I posted to a couple of their threads over at GitP to find out what was happening. I am please to say that one of the crew replied to my query.

Here's the link:

So ... It looks like the Team is hard at work. Keep your chin up; I believe there are updates coming soon. Happy
Heartsinger - 2011/5/1
Let it be stated here formally that no matter what, our cries for answers shall always be answered by a homicidal Ewok, whom will fly in dagger drawn to deliver much needed information, point first into the discussion.

Anyways, thanks for dropping in again, Crazed. While I'm disappointed with the apparent lack of interest Team Dypen has shown in the Anti-Heroes since they gained access to the site, I'm sure you're at least partially right in that they could be busy with studies. However, I would like to think that, seeing how they were so eager, they'd drop in to inform us of their impending inactivity due to real life concerns. They were incredibly active up until they gained access and then dropped off the face of the world, at least to us at any rate.
Cynical Kid - 2011/5/1
Thanks for the update (of a sorts), Crazed. At least we know you are around. Very happy
aragorn - 2011/5/1
Thanks for the comment Crazed. I'm expecting that sooner or later Dypen will pick up this comic and do a great job. I'd rather not pressure them to rush as it will allow them to do a better job with more time...although it would be nice to hear that they are at least preparing to write/draw some new pages to this excellent comic.
Crazed - 2011/4/30

Crazed: Can you comment? Have you been in communication with anyone lately?”

I gave Dypen access to the site weeks ago and explained what they need to do to upload comics; Jordan did too. Unfortunately, I don't have any updates. I don't know that Jordan's heard from them since. I really feel bad that all of you have to wait like this. I was under the impression the new team was excited and ready to get started on the next chapter of this comic, but I'm not sure what's happening right now. Worried Perhaps timing is working against us: most schools are in finals right now. I hope they pull through and get some oomics out, since IMO they're both great, talented people.
Anotherthing - 2011/4/30
Stop putting so much energy into something outside your control. Whining and saying "this still hasn't updated?" will not really make it go any faster. They have lives outside of this and shouldn't put the burden of a comic deadline on to of that (it makes it less fun and a chore). Take a break from this comic and remember it in your downtime. It'll still be here and if it updated, it'll be something to catch up on. I personally like to think they're getting organized and making a buffer
Anon - 2011/4/30
@CynicalKid:Cool story bro
Cynical Kid - 2011/4/30
This is really sad. Even pleas from fans over at GitP forums are ignored by the new team.


Crazed: Can you comment? Have you been in communication with anyone lately?

I'd like to have hope, but that is waning.
aragorn - 2011/4/30
EDIT from previous post:

Cynical Kid: I guess only the true fans stuck around through both the good times (10%) and the slow times (90%). Those who haven't given up on Anti-Heroes will get to see the whole story...hopefully...
aragorn - 2011/4/30
Cynical Kid: I guess only the true fans that stuck around through the good times (90%). Those that haven't given up on Anti-Heroes will get to see the whole story...hopefully...
Cynical Kid - 2011/4/29
Aragorn: Actually, I remember a time when a comment would be posted in the morning and have at least a dozen replies by afternoon. Now there times that a comment is posted and a full day ore more can pass without reply comment. So the fans are definitely shrinking in number.

I hate to say it, but Jordan really screwed up by staying silent for too long the months before he decided to give up the torch. His silence cost Anti-Heroes a LOT of fans. We are clearly not as many in number these days.
Kael - 2011/4/28
Weeeell... one more week and it'll be a full month... and there's two of 'em now, ffs.
aragorn - 2011/4/28
I agree that it would be nice for Team Dypen to put up a post detailing what they are doing (comic-wise) every week or so. However, judging by the fact that you (and many others) continue to come back here monthly, weekly, or maybe even daily to check comments and if there is a new page of A-H, the true fans aren't going to give up on this comic just because the people taking over are prepping themselves to take over.

P.S. What is the point of a comic/comment discussion if it is not slightly humorous?
Marnath - 2011/4/27
It looks like I was right not to become excited about the transition. The new team seems to have dropped off the face of the world.
Cynical Kid - 2011/4/27
You may think it funny, but I certainly don't. The original artist had a dreadful PR record and this new duo are not exactly doing a lot to win over an already disgruntled crowd.

It is about doing more than just posting a comic every so often.

Someone needs to teach these two about the concept of communications and public relations. If you do not treat your fan base respectfully, you soon will not have a fan base.
aragorn - 2011/4/27
Cynical Kid, I am glad that you aren't buying virtues, because they aren't for sale, due to virtues being solely achievable through moral excellence. I wouldn't sell you one even if I could anyway XD
Cynical Kid - 2011/4/26
I was not aware that Crazed needed to provide access to the comments page for posting comments to their audience. Sorry, not buying that. Are they posting regularly over at GitP?
Viashivon - 2011/4/26
It could be that they haven't gained full access to the site yet. Crazed did say that he has to grant that access. Maybe they are still working out the bugs.
Cynical Kid - 2011/4/26
Sorry, Aragorn, but I don't buy it. It takes moments to pay attention to the fan stream and post an encouraging comment. Has nobody taught these two new players anything about how communication needed to improve?
aragorn - 2011/4/26
Patience is a virtue my fellow comic reading friends. Make sure you do a good job Dypen!
Mr Saturn - 2011/4/25
Team Dypen better make a big splash, because the silence is deafening.

Fans can only wait so long, the announcement of the change should have been delayed.
Cynical Kid - 2011/4/25
*taps glass* Are you sure there is anybody in there? Happy
Alek - 2011/4/25
Guys... you're not exactly making a wonderful first impression here... Tongue
Amaretto - 2011/4/24
Yeah....very little has changed...
The only difference I see in this arrangement is that there are now more people who can say they are working hard while hardly working. Not that Zarah was really "hardly working", per se, just that he was barely doing anything for the comic for quite some time. But at least he had 200 updates behind his belt...
kriss1989 - 2011/4/23
While I am sorry to see you leave, and wish you well in the future, I am happy to hear that the story will continue. I hope Dypen can give us as much fun and entertainment as you have, and can match your wit and charm when it comes to writing.
Cynical Kid - 2011/4/22
No updates are one thing, but this duo better engage the audience at least via the comment thread. A posting every few days would be a nice courtesy.
Omeg - 2011/4/21
Anything but another one-update-per-month schedule :
Cynical Kid - 2011/4/20
I sense a pattern...
Ankh - 2011/4/19
Hey... two weeks since the last comic... It would be nice if you guys could keep up with an at least weekly schedule...
Red XIV - 2011/4/13
“Now... maybe an update of the cast page? ”

That would be nice. After all, I would guess it's likely that Jordan already drew portraits and wrote profiles for the remaining characters, and just hadn't posted them yet to avoid spoilers.
Temmer - 2011/4/13
It's been three weeks since Dypen was selected, has any progress towards continuing the comic been made?
Spidey - 2011/4/13
So long and thanks for all the fish, Jordan. Happy
orgikan - 2011/4/12
Great page. You will be missed, Zarah. Thanks a ton for all the art and the great moments you gave us.
carl - 2011/4/12
Welcome back!!! Have missed you!!!
Locnil - 2011/4/12
Well, first time I ever posted, despite following this comic for a year. Maybe the last, if this doesn't work out. Anyway, thank you for giving us all a great comic that we have enjoyed down the years. Though the infrequent updates were annoying, that also made them better than they would have been, in a sense, so good job, I suppose. Best of luck with all future endeavours, and I hope we'll see you again.

Now... maybe an update of the cast page? And a schedule of updates would be nice, really. Tongue
Red XIV - 2011/4/11
It's too bad things didn't work out for you to finish the comic yourself, but at least you found a way to keep the story going. I'll be sticking around to see how it goes.
Spidey - 2011/4/11
I guess someone should update the About page to include information about the two new staff?
Inquis - 2011/4/11
So, again, are we planning a schedule, or are we sticking to the old "updates sporadically" ? Tongue
Amaretto - 2011/4/9
Thanks a lot for everything mate! I am sorry for maybe being one of the more pessimistic people as of late, and just want to let you know that I'm thankful and that you don't owe me or anyone else anything.

Take care!
Wayren - 2011/4/9
Thank you Jordan! Best of luck to you in all your endeavors.
Stephen M (Ethesis) - 2011/4/8
I was so pleased to see this continuing. Thank you.
aragorn1398 - 2011/4/8
Thank you for all your hard work over the years Jordan! I will miss your style.
However, I hope Team Dypen can continue your comic at the same level (if not higher) of quality.
Have a good life Jordan.
Mad Lemmey - 2011/4/8
An update! Fantastic news, great action, love it! Made my day in a serious way. Thanks Jordan welcome new guys!
Destrustor - 2011/4/8
Thank you and good luck Jordan, welcome and good luck new guys!
Ketac - 2011/4/8
YOu created something great. It is good to see it will not just die by the internet roadside. Can't wait to see the new production !
Shinji116 - 2011/4/8
Huzzah for updates.
And while the paladin might be more skilled at swordplay, Lana can energy drain with a touch, or just magic her to death. See what good her fencing skill is then.
Crazed - 2011/4/7
Thanks for all the comics, my friend.
Patrick - 2011/4/7
Hmmm, I will miss the style of the old, but I await the new.
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/4/7
The King is dead, all hail the King...
Reality Warper - 2011/4/7
Hmm. Well I can't wait to see the new authors in style but first I have something to say. We will miss you. You gave us an amazing story, exceptional characters, quirky humor, and a webcomic that came straight from your heart. My first and mabye last time posting, I just wanted to say on behalf of your fan base; past, present and future: You Are Totally Awesome. Goodnight. Take care. May you roll naural 20s on all of life's crap.
Paeris Kiran - 2011/4/7
Good luck and thanks
Tatsu - 2011/4/7
Good luck with life Jordan, and thanks for allowing the story to continue Happy
MTONinja - 2011/4/7
Best of luck in your current/future endeavors.

Also thanks to the new guys who are picking it up, looking forward to what happens.
Errick - 2011/4/7
Good to know that the story will continue, at least, even under new management. Should still be cool though, hehe.
Inigo Montoya - 2011/4/7
^(see name) You killed my father... =]
Daniel - 2011/4/7
You know it's kinda funny. I moved the this comic to my 'Dead' folder and the next day it updates. Thanks! Happy
I can't think of a name - 2011/4/7
woohoo! update!
R4ph - 2011/4/7
Sweet, an update. Glad you're back with us, looking forward to more.
Pyreheart - 2011/4/7
IT LIVES! I am SO glad to see this comic resurface! Thank you to the writer, good luck to the new artist!
Wizardy - 2011/4/7
Well, good to see an update finally. And i wish the new autors luck!
Gael - 2011/4/6
Namarrgon - 2011/4/6
Let me just say thank you Jordan, for the hundreds of strips you've done for all of us. And all with no reward, not even an ad...
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