Economic Downturn

posted by Jordan on 2009/12/1 (Comics)

I was determined to get another comic done before December, and I somehow managed. Talk about cutting it down to the wire...

Anyway, I have a bit of a plan now as well. This time last year, I was falling behind in my updates as well, and I decided to take some time off without updates to avoid some of the pressure of working on a deadline and build up a buffer. I only took about a week or two off, but it was enough for me to get ahead again. I've decided that I'm going to do the same again this year, but being that I have far less free time these days, I'm regrettably going to be taking the entire month of December off.

I imagine that some of you will be disappointed, but I really do want to get myself ahead again so I can at least give some semblance of activity around here. I'll still be checking the site, and I might even throw up some filler or other material throughout the month, but I'm putting a hold on actual updates for a month.

So, this is the last update of 2009. Here's hoping I can get things on track for another new year, and in case anyone doesn't come around until then, I'll see you in 2010!

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cgoodno - 2009/12/31
Jordan, Hope everything is going okay on your end. Can't wait for the next comic. Happy New Year and good luck with all you do in it.

dutch - 2009/12/31
It's Jan 1 here in Australia. Where is the comic Happy

Jordan - 2009/12/26
Merry Christmas, everyone. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking, so I thought I'd check in to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. Less than a week to go until we're back in action!

Tg - 2009/12/25

TE - 2009/12/18
man, this comic reminds me of OOTS more then just in the sense that's it's based off of it, but also in the way that it has an crazy update schedule and still retains a large amount of it's fan base. also this might be due to the fact that there are other web comics out there, to satsify web comicy needs till the next update... (XKCD, looking for group, ctrl-alt-del to name a few)

Llamallord27 - 2009/12/13
bit of a disappointment, but you don't owe us comix or anything like that. good comik!

Forealms - 2009/12/11
In panel five, I think you meant "simply." Great comic otherwise!

Red XIV - 2009/12/9

Updates once a month... -ish.

I still think "Updates Whenever" would've been the best way to go. Happy

HUMVEE Driver - 2009/12/8
I REALLY hope the female bugbear hangs around... and gets a name. She's cool.

Alastair - 2009/12/8

Updates once a month... -ish.

Jeremy - 2009/12/6
Great comic. I've been a fan of the OosT for a while now and just found this one over at the forum.

Almanro - 2009/12/5
Go squirrel! ^^

Great comic and... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Zarah, see you in 2010 Wink

PS: To Dark one, next time, don't ever come back only to complain for a free comic! Tongue

Clertar - 2009/12/5
Brilliant! It has the freshness of those first Jacko strips Happy

ArborlonElf - 2009/12/4
Well, glad to see an update, and sorry to hear you're taking the month off, but it is your comic and you've certainly done a good job with it.

Dark one - 2009/12/4

Toil3T - 2009/12/3
Fair enough Zarah. Like Akkristor said, it's your comic, not ours. Thanks for the heads up, and good luck.

Zone, 4th wall jokes are a trope, and not one sole author's style, if that's what you were complaining about.

SamuraiMing - 2009/12/2
Oh Poor Laris...I wonder whether the squirrel is going to be his Mr.Scruffy? Good comic again, Mr.Goat!

Zone - 2009/12/2
Eh.. Jokes copied directly from OOTS ain't all that great :/ I mean, it ain't wrong to use one or two puns, but you seem to do it all the time. I still like the story, though.

Invenis - 2009/12/2
Update. Whoop-dee-****ing-doo. At least it's good that you said that nothing is coming on in december.

I have an idea - spend a weekend, or two, and make twelve comics - you will a reserve that will last you for all of 2010...

Mad Lemmey - 2009/12/2
Excellent comic, the new year is going to be GREAT! Have a great break.

MTONinja - 2009/12/1
ahw, love the little chirp that you added there at the end. Is it wrong that I want him to become the animal companion? Speaking of which we haven't seen one for him yet so it is possible.

Somebody or Other - 2009/12/1
I'm not complaining, but I find it mildly ironic that your hiatus will last less than the pauses between the last few comics.

Martin! - 2009/12/1
At last, some cleric that make sense Wink
and, Merry Christmas. And don't worry to much with the schedule. We will take what you give us.

Blakjak - 2009/12/1
Great to see another comic up. I always found the Heroes bunch to be unfleshed out, this story seems aimed at fixing that.

Truer words were never spoken about clerics Tongue

rowsdower44 - 2009/12/1
Looking forward to 2010! Happy

Akkristor - 2009/12/1
Hey, this comics your brainchild, not ours, it's not our place to set the schedule.

That being said, I am gonna be looking forward to possible updates in January.

Cap'n Happy - 2009/12/1
nice birthday present ^^

Peregrine - 2009/12/1
Very nice, as always, Zarah, and I must say, life does not go well for laris, now does it?

Fleazilla - 2009/12/1
Holy Crap - An Update!!!!

I knew I wasnt checking this site in vain

Ganurath - 2009/12/1
Oh, sure, he'll vouch for the vampire when it means bringing money to the village...

ET - 2009/12/1
Hehe, haha. Happy

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