The Potato Treatment

posted by Jordan on 2009/10/2 (Comics)

As promised, here's Saturday's issue on time. Early, in fact, since at the moment of writing this, it's still Friday where I am. Since I'm working early and won't get a chance to be online until later in the afternoon, I figured I'd better post this now and have it done.

Now, precious sleep beckons me.

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Aundre - 2016/5/19
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Boog - 2016/4/5
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Jobeth - 2016/4/1
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Tangie - 2016/3/28
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Leatrix - 2016/3/27
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Adelphia - 2016/3/27
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Sunshine - 2016/3/26
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Idalee - 2016/3/22
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Lilian - 2016/3/22
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Lizabeth - 2016/3/22
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Yancy - 2016/3/22
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Lisa - 2016/3/20
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Boog - 2016/3/4
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Kris - 2016/3/1
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Abeer - 2015/12/22
I am not really surripsed from the fact that Nadine Labaki won the "Celebrity of the year title". If we got back in time, we know that her movie "Caramel" put her on "Variety's 10 Directors to Look Out for List." Also, She also directed Nancy Ajram's video, Akhasmak Ah. Among many other interesting accomplishments she has done, which you can read on . Her last movie "Hala2 lawayn" was a great hit! Which I believe made her win the tittle. nprstndpi [link=]lbtvqsxyy[/link]

Maffer - 2015/12/21
If you're in California, your frost date might fall BEFORE the color groups. I am wikrong on coming up with a system for folks like you. It may not roll out until fall, or at the latest next spring.

ArborlonElf - 2009/10/5
Instead of saying "precious sleep beckons me" in your author's comments you should've said you were going to hit the sack.

Maybe Somebody - 2009/10/5
Has anybody made this lame pun yet? No? Alright... Here goes...
She really is great in the sack.

MTONinja - 2009/10/5
This brightened my Monday morning.

Mad Lemmey - 2009/10/4
Great comic, even the sack has attitude!

ArborlonElf - 2009/10/4

The end of this story arc ant any rate. I bet the comic will still continue.

Tanner - 2009/10/4
You know what I just realized? this is going to good. Think aboot it. at this rate, whill be at the ivory H.Q. that means final battle, and that means the end! some things just not right!

Invenis - 2009/10/4
You have a great sense of humour Very happy

SamuraiMing - 2009/10/4
Lol, love the potato in a sack idea. Poor Lana though. However, I don't see Kaal anywhere. How are they going to transport him along? Or will he just follow? Somehow, I think if the Paladins just ask him to tag along, he will...

Anyway, thanks for the next comic Zarah! Keep up the good work!

Moff - 2009/10/3
Zara, old friend... you brought to me literal applause.

Forealms - 2009/10/3
Heh, this was really funny. I like the easy-going nature this strip has, even when it steps in a steaming pile of plot.

Ian - 2009/10/3
Sweet.. sticking her in the sack. That's SMART!!! As long as she can't change form your golden. I LOVE it. Can't wait to see how this adventure turns out.

Blakjak - 2009/10/3
*Never heard of* I mean.

Blakjak - 2009/10/3
Now thats funny, and indignant at the ame time. Never of sticking a vampire in a sack before Tongue

magic9mushroom - 2009/10/3
I'd prefer the bag too.

But yeah, how are they going to handcuff Kaalinor? And for that matter, where is he?

Are we going to have a bungled rescue attempt somewhere down the line?

Naskurs - 2009/10/3
Typo: siezed -> seized (panel 1)

rowsdower44 - 2009/10/3
Lol nice one!

Anonymous - 2009/10/3
Wow, two updates in such a short time? You really should take some time for yourself, Zarah Tongue

Taker - 2009/10/3
Personally, I'd prefer the bag to bursting in flames.

Vorynn - 2009/10/3
heh, nice one Happy funniest update in a while Happy [and I mean that in a good way!] Keep it up!

Kevin - 2009/10/3
I love the comic, glad I saw a link in the GitP forums.

Aean - 2009/10/2
GO ZARAH!!! Great comic!

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