Brace Yourself

posted by Jordan on 2009/10/1 (Comics)

I'm not sure how many of you are actually still checking for updates, but here's one anyway. I know I've already given every apology and excuse I possibly can by now, but here's another one. I said it wasn't going to be another two weeks, and it ended up being three. I'm not particularly proud of that, and I feel terrible for letting you guys down and disappearing again, but I can rightfully say one thing: Unless I outright state that the comic is dead, then don't assume that it is. Like I've said before, given how much I have invested into it, there's no way I would simply leave everyone hanging.

Anyway, I won't bore anyone with more excuses. Here's Thursday's update. This time, I can rightfully say that the next update won't be in two weeks, since I already have it finished. It will be on Saturday, and hopefully I can keep up relatively regular updates now that my work schedule is normal again.

In short, sorry for the wait and see you on Saturday.

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Ahmet - 2015/10/9
Hello all and thank you for your feedback on this rhtear heavy and saturated post. I didn't know whether anyone would actually have the strength to read through let alone leave such supportive comments. Julie - I am so impressed by the changes you made to your diet and life. It stuck with me and you are an inspiration to me! xxDJ - thanks luv! xxMs Sutton - Yes it is scary but so worthwhile. I hope you find inspiration in this post to do a detox or perhaps just a few adjustment in your every-day life. Sometimes it is the small changes that make the biggest impact! Good luck and thank you for your comment! xxNuit - hi darling. x Thanks. Carolina - thank you darling. I'll share more soon. xxMaria - you are such huge inspiration to me. Your lifestyle is what I strive for and you know how much I adore your blog. Thank you for popping in today. xxSusana - Thank you so much. It is lovely to meet you. I enjoyed visiting your blog too and to see we share so many similar interests.. xxMimi - I am so glad you found my blog. I hope you come by again and that this post marks the start of a successful detox for you. xxAnita - I loved the poem! It really did speak to me and I hope you continue to write. You have such a gift!That is so great that you have found your balance and yes you do look fabulous. A living example to all of us! xxVanessa - Thank you again for this and for the emails. Super tip. xxHugs and happy ending to the weekend to all. xx Charlotta
Lat - 2010/6/5
I can't BELIEVE that Aldran wasn't expecting that.
Keybounce - 2009/10/15
You're in my Google Reader. You can't be forgotten no matter how long between updates.
Sean - 2009/10/6
The next update wasn't two weeks, so you kept your promise. It was three weeks, and you never said anything about that...
Scootergirl - 2009/10/2
Maybe you could slow down the updates so can even them out. A friend of mine does her posts on the 10th, 20th, 30th. Three a month more doable than trying to promise three per week (which is insane for something you're doing for free!). A productive week like this one will balance the stressful times by giving you a couple in the queue.
Amaretto - 2009/10/2
Yay! Good job!
I also check daily, and love it when I am surprised and there is a comic waiting for me. Happy
Red XIV - 2009/10/2
Wait, why would Eldhin have brought anti-magic handcuffs when he was planning to kill Aldran, not capture him?
Dash - 2009/10/1
Hey, don't worry too much about it Very happy As long as you keep making 'em, I'll keep coming back to read 'em ^_^ I really like the thing you've got going with this comic. I've done a webcomic of my own, and I definitely know how it can go sometimes. Just keep bringing these awesome comics, and I'll keep coming back for them!
Mike - 2009/10/1
We're still with you. Smiles and laughter, that's what we're after.
Pkmatrix - 2009/10/1
Hooray! I'm interested in seeing where this storyline goes. ^_^
Tsukishijin - 2009/10/1
All is forgiven! Just as long as we can get our fix again *twitches and scratches arm*
anon - 2009/10/1
yay! new comic! (rss ftw)
Klytus - 2009/10/1
Chill, dude. Life happens, and "life" is a 4-letter word. Issues and things happen, and anyone who doesn't understand that has issues of their own. S'all good.

And, yes, I keep checking the comic daily.

All that having been said... I really like the new plot-twist Happy
dorath - 2009/10/1
I've subscribed to your comic via RSS. Always a treat when a new one shows up in the reader! Don't stress, we all get busy.
SamuraiMing - 2009/10/1
*dances with joy*

Yeah, new comic!! JYJY Zarah!! Hope to see more plot twists, loop holes, and snappy, sarcastic comebacks from the one-and-only man with the hood!
Hawkseye8 - 2009/10/1
I am so Glad we got a new strip Thank you and keep up the good work!
Jeni - 2009/10/1
I'm just glad you have the forethought to have an RSS feed. Every time an Anti-Heroes pops up in my Google reader, I get all excited! Happy
Diolki800 - 2009/10/1
Wow, first I find out OOTS updated, and now here! This is a red letter day!
hitzik - 2009/10/1
Hehe still checking and can't wait for another new one, thank you for this comic :]
Aean - 2009/10/1
For what it's worth, Zarah, I still check every day. No matter how long it takes you to make them, the smiles I get when I see the results are always worth it. Thank you for what you've done...and, as always, I'll be eagerly waiting for the next update!
MTONinja - 2009/10/1
I am waiting in anticipation to see how this turns out so don't worry about me not checking Happy
Glad to see the bugbear is Ok... well at least for being under the current conditions.
Big C - 2009/10/1
I still check for updates
CHEESECAKE - 2009/10/1
Kazemi - 2009/10/1
LOL Poor Aldran. Now he can't cast Meteor Swarm...
Seros Senric - 2009/10/1
Yay! New comic!

Although I also think that he has some way of getting around those handcuffs. He's an epic-level necromancer, he has to have some tricks up his sleeve... Oh yeah he threw them away didn't he... Umm, under his hood?
magic9mushroom - 2009/10/1
Why'd he let himself be handcuffed? Because he's surrendering.

Eldhin's the one on the short end of THAT stick, though, because epic magic can go straight through anti-magic.
Sylian - 2009/10/1
How come he let himself be bound by handcuffs?
Fan - 2009/10/1
Welcome back Zarah! ^^
Ferhago - 2009/10/1
Quality takes time. It's a bit discouraging at times when a few weeks pass without a comic. But at the same time, I'm not paying you nor is anyone else for the great entertainment Anti-Heroes brings. Other than you quitting, I'll still look forward to each new comic.
Chineselegolas - 2009/10/1
So long as the comics show up and are good, who minds a bit of a wait.
Kleedrac - 2009/10/1
Huzzah for updates! This is why I use RSS ... otherwise I may have forgotten to check or assumed dead ... but this way I'm pleasantly surprised Very happy Keep up the good works sir

Mad Lemmey - 2009/10/1
Great comic, love how you've managed to get expression into a cloaked figure!
Ohh first post!
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