Nobody Was Asking for That

posted by Jordan on 2009/9/8 (Comics)

Sorry for the wait. I got tied down with things in real-life, and pretty much had all of my energy drained for any sort of writing or drawing. I can say more, but it's nothing that you haven't heard me say before, so I'll leave it there. I don't know when the next update will be, but I won't leave you all hanging for another two weeks.

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Kazemi - 2009/9/30
Kirvanti, are you suggesting that it would have been better if he had never started the comic or simply ended it here? Like any other hobby, writing a comic is done at the hobbyist's leisure, not at the leisure of the people who just happen to be his audience.
DonMoody - 2009/9/30

We all love your comic and hope you find time to do another strip soon.

But if not, we are happy to see a new strip whenever you do get the chance to get around to it.

Thanks for over 200 strips of great fun!

Salokcin - 2009/9/29
Zarah, if you have a chance, just give us an update on your RSS feed. A comic every t-t-s would be great of course, but if you are too busy, just let us know when you expect the next one, the comics are free, so we can't complain, it just helps to keep us informed.
Sazz - 2009/9/29
Not everyone will hold it against you if you post a while late, I'm still wondering what'll happen next. I'm a worse procrastinator than you anyway, so I can't complain :/
Anon - 2009/9/29
“I won't leave you all hanging for another two weeks.”

*Looks at the date comic was posted*
*Looks at today's date*
Gnoya - 2009/9/28
And another WEB comic pretty much dies.. shrug..
Thor - 2009/9/26
Take as much time as needed. College is more important. When things simmer down and you can devout some time to a comic I and many others will be waiting.
DJ - 2009/9/26
Obviously the author is under no obligation to post his comic, just as we're under no obligation to continue to return to the website to read it. However, I'm confident no one on either side wants that. When Rich Burlew couldn't continue OOTS he took a break, and told everyone how long it would be. When he couldn't commit to a regular schedule, he removed the references from the website. It's not about commitments, but managing expectations of your audience. If you say "a new comic within 2 weeks" then be sure you can deliver that or people will be disappointed. If you need to take 2 months off, then announce you're doing it and then do it. But don't build your fans up then let them down. It's just not good for anyone.
stuglu the goblin - 2009/9/25
snif snif
Kirvanti - 2009/9/24
While I sympathize with being swamped with real life issues, one should not commit to providing a service, free or charged, entertainment or not, if you cannot follow through. In the very least, in order to keep the fans loyal, a written update apologizing for the wait would be great and thoughtful. I run a D&D game. Frequently, especially of late, I have been too busy to plan an adequate session so I cancel. But I at least warn people of the possibility and give them advance notice when a cancellation is necessary. That is a free service but the group returns each time because communication was frequent and open.
SamuraiMing - 2009/9/24
JYJY!! I know how you feel about college. Just finished my mocks today, and before my mocks I was swamped with assignments! You have my sympathies, and gambatei for the next comic!! Very happy
Kyronea - 2009/9/23
Leave the poor guy alone. He's under no obligation to post new comics. It's entertainment provided freely by him at his own expense for which you do not pay a cent. He owes you nothing.

While I would like to see more, I also understand how significant a load college can be on your time. I also understand what illness can do to someone.

Let him be. He'll create it when he chooses to create it.
Vito - 2009/9/23
As of today, his given promise has officially been broken. That's sad.
Morlish Veed - 2009/9/22
Alas! You have seen through his clever scheme!

It cannot be allowed to reach others.
Azarkon - 2009/9/22
He just said he wouldn't leave us haging for two weeks, didn't say anything about not leaving us hanging longer. Worth the wait, though.
Dar - 2009/9/21
Yea, last day!
Invenis - 2009/9/21
One day left, and it will be ANOTHER two weeks...
Tanner - 2009/9/18 la la...Whait! the comix back? ****YA!

I think the first panel is a bit of a metafor. Tongue
Morlish Veed - 2009/9/17
Malygoss - 2009/9/16
Just reminds me of "Legacy" comics:

"This is Admiral Gar Stazi of the Core fleet! I decline any imperial offer for surrender unless it be theirs!"
devel31 - 2009/9/15
one week left
cant wait for 202,
hoping..real hard!
Sequinox - 2009/9/13
ArborlonElf - 2009/9/13
I don't think it's quite unconditional of a surrender. Hilarious either way.
Malygoss - 2009/9/13
I suppose killing him would do the trick...

But I would go for a dagger under KeirissĀ“s neck and a blade ready to pierce Lana...
He needs them...
Red XIV - 2009/9/12
“Though the plan seems risky, what if he is properly secured?”

How do you properly secure an epic-level half-fiend/half-celestial necromancer, though?
Llamallord27 - 2009/9/12
's okay, life does that.
A bit unlike Aldran though.
I wonder how much trouble Eldhin got into for that. Deserved, for what he did to those nice bugbears.
Malygoss - 2009/9/12
that is... unexpected...

But Rich is back again and V is better Very happy
Peregrine - 2009/9/10
@inkling: geez, guys, you need to give zarah more credit, have a little faith!

do u think that ah has come this far to die out from a few weeks abscence? keep up the good work, jordan!
Nybbler - 2009/9/10
Aldran's a little shaky on the concept of *unconditional* surrender, it seems.
Inkling - 2009/9/10
I have to admit, I feared the worst when we didn't have updates. Glad to see you back in the game.
SamuraiMing - 2009/9/10
Whoohoo! Finally a new episode! I really really like anti-HEROES, but sometimes the gaps between the comics are quite scary... >.< And Eldhin really had that coming. Aldran deserves an award for the best comebacks and remarks.
C.J. - 2009/9/9
I'm... an idiot. I didn't catch the "shaky" pun until I read the comments. Tongue

Glad to see this update, though. Still checking in daily.
Kazemi - 2009/9/9
I'm quite glad that the updates are resuming. I was afraid for a moment that the comic would end at 200 >.<
In other news, I now like Aldran even more. He gets to make a stupid pun and remind his brother of the trouble he got in for destroying half a city ^.^
PsychoP - 2009/9/9
Shake it, baby! One more time! Very happy
Blakjak - 2009/9/9
Oh I get it he's planning on breaking into the Paladin's city archives. Though the plan seems risky, what if he is properly secured?

Cant wait to tune in next time for another exciting episode of ANTIHEROES!!!
Hawkseye8 - 2009/9/9
Great to see a new strip! we missed your Story
MTONinja - 2009/9/9
love the way he did the unexpected.
Moogleking - 2009/9/9
I see what he's doing.

Eldhin'll take him to Tydaris, they can break free, hit the library and Plane Shift out.
rowsdower44 - 2009/9/9
Nice one!
Salokcin - 2009/9/8
Take that all you "the cominc is dead"ers! Sometimes authors need time. Although it would be helpful if there were a feed to keep readers informed @Goblins
Bob the ninja - 2009/9/8
not as shaky as your earthquake during our last encounter! Very happy i love it
Ref - 2009/9/8
Who has the worst puns? Elan or him?
dragongirl13 - 2009/9/8
Yay, the comic's back!

Eldhin, Eldhin... you really were just asking for it...
Pkmatrix - 2009/9/8
Hooray, an update! ^_^

I didn't see this coming...what's Aldran's plan?
Sam the Nanti-SARRMM - 2009/9/8
They have to get into the library at Tardis don't they? This is the easiest way in.
Darkdrake - 2009/9/8
haha, second post!!

good comic as usual, u had some of us worried
Face of Evil - 2009/9/8
Why did you make me strike a pose? Angry

I liked the comic, but I hope things are OK ...
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