He Might Be Less Grumpy Too

posted by Jordan on 2009/8/17 (Comics)

Well, here it is. Originally, I wanted to squeeze this into a double issue, but once I got into writing it, I knew that wasn't happening. In fact, I even had a hard time fitting everything I wanted to into a triple issue. I had to cut the last bit and save it for the next issue, but I figured that was probably for the best anyway. Cliffhangers are always nice. Tongue

Secondly, thank you all for bearing with my disappearances and keeping up with the comic. We've officially breached 200 issues, and I'm honestly amazed to see it. As I'm sure I've said before, I never expected it to see my little comic get as far as this, but thanks to the many readers, I've kept the story going. By now, I have no plans of stopping, and as long as people are checking into the site, then I've got a lot more story to tell.

So once again, I thank you all for reading and keeping me going and I certainly hope I can keep you all reading for many more days to come. Here's to another 200 issues!

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Zurie - 2009/9/8
Oh Zarah, darling... when shall the adventuring continue? Happy

Invenis - 2009/9/8
Crazed - yaaay! Happy

"John Lee" - 2009/9/7
Has it really been so long that people actually suggested that the comic might have died? The only reason I'm down in the comments box for a spot of worrying is because I spied the "55" next to it.

Amaretto - 2009/9/7

That's okay. trolls get the most replies anyway. Or if you are involved in a flame war or a "debate".

Since you haven't really been in either that much, you have less comments. Tongue

Now don't become a troll after what I've said! Sigh

Tanner - 2009/9/7

Thanks for the comment dude! no one ever replise, you made my day! Happy

Crazed - 2009/9/7
Zarah's assured me there will be a comic tomorrow at the latest.

Amaretto - 2009/9/6

You're kind of late with that. Tongue

But anyway, 2 good comics is always better than 1 good comic....Sad

Tanner - 2009/9/5
Don't freak outeveryone, i've got news! The order of the stick is back, and up datting regulrly. HappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyTongue

Amaretto - 2009/9/5
Aye, the lack of a new comic for so long is making me sad......


Invenis - 2009/9/4
Zarah must have abandoned the comic, or is seriously thinking about it. Every webcomic ends someday - in most cases, in the middle of the plot. Sad but true. But it was fun while it lasted.

Seko - 2009/9/4
It never went away for me.

But perhaps you have provided a reasonable solution with an rss feed. 200 was probably my favorite comic, so i will check in in a week or two and see what's up.

Crazed - 2009/9/3
Not to mention the sloppy comment box with verification codes you cant read.

If you post more, it goes away. Happy

I hope you come back though, consider subscribing to the RSS feed. It takes less than a second to look at and will tell you immediately if there are new comics.

John - 2009/9/3
Its a terrible shame that you wont waste the 2 seconds it takes to load this page each morning to see if there is an update. ah well, more bandwidth for the rest of us Happy CIHYS?

Seko - 2009/9/3
Thats it. Im done with this comic.

Im not gonna wait around for you to make new updates, weeks at a time with absolutley no status on them. It was a good, funny comic. One of the best ive ever read. Not quite as good as oots, but alot of effort went in.

The story is just getting terrible, and honestly with about 1 update every 2 weeks my time is better spwnt elsewhare than logging on every moring to see #200 or dozens of others youve neglected. Not to mention the sloppy comment box with verification codes you cant read.

It was a good comic. And i am not flaming, and i hope you rebound, but for me...im moving on. Ill check back in in a few months and if there is some major improvement, ill be happy.

Good luck.

Tanner - 2009/8/31
Yay! new OOTS stroy line is up! HappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappy

Amaretto - 2009/8/29
Not to rush you or anything, but what is the current status on updates? It seems like it updates not enough....Sad

Of course, Zarah, take your time and do a good job. I am merely asking when to EXPECT a new update. Happy

Moff - 2009/8/26
Nicely done, Zara.Very happy

Although, now the moral guardians will hunt for your use of D&D, vampires, and drug references. Tsk tsk. Wink

Kopaka - 2009/8/26
Ya know, I always find it interesting how many really good webcomic artists say, at some point, "thanks for reading my humble comic, I never expected to have fans." I suppose, if I ever get around to doing one, I'll say the same thing, it's just interesting...

Vizen - 2009/8/25
Well, if there's ethereal face paint, there's gotta be ethereal face wash... Right?

The Zergling One - 2009/8/25
Eldhin just got a pretty serious injury. Given he's epic level, so he's got a lot of HD, but 1d4 1/2 str sneak attack Con drain is pretty bad no matter what level you are, mainly the con drain.

Face of Evil - 2009/8/23
He's a ghost. I suspect he doesn't wash at all. Tongue

Vizen - 2009/8/23
Note that Kaal is still wearing his face paint. Maybe he doesn't wash that much? D:

CJ - 2009/8/22
Hilarious. Disappointing last words, indeed. Kaal is funny as ever, and the little jokes thrown in are great as well.

Peregrine - 2009/8/21
wow, zarah, i can hardly believe you've come this far, the comic is still as amazing as ever...

DJ - 2009/8/20
"Vampire Bite Sneak Attack!" Very happy

Uncle Festy - 2009/8/20
*ponders delicious blood*
*decides not to think too hard about it*

Ted - 2009/8/20
Are you gonna make a book out of these?

Amaretto - 2009/8/20
Awesome comic!
Congratulations on 200 comics. When I started reading at 10 or so, I never expected it to last this long. Happy

I hope the Bigbear Girl stays and joins the party. =P

Also, when is the guy who was Finx's first sidekick coming back? And for that matter, when will Finx strike next?

Ben Harrison - 2009/8/19
Congrats on strip 200! Looking forward to 201 now...

Jack - 2009/8/19
This was the best comic so far.

Toil3T - 2009/8/19
Congrats on making it to 200 Zarah! Here's to (at least) 200 more! Very happy

Taker - 2009/8/18
To quote Ghost Nappa: Oh ya, sh*t just got real up in this bi*ch

Face of Evil - 2009/8/18
Epic update!

Some really great laughs in this comic. Keep it up. Happy

Forealms - 2009/8/18
This was easily worth the wait. Congratulations, Zarah, on such a long-running comic. You've earned your following.

Hremsfeld - 2009/8/18
Either way, it was an awesome comic! (But, uh, HOW did we get on the point of money, exactly?)

TheDarkFiddler - 2009/8/18

How could Rich sue? anti-HEROES has original characters, and original setting, and an original plot.

Did Rich copyright/trademark the art style? If so, I wasn't aware that was possible.

Seros Senric - 2009/8/18
Excellent comic.

Also, to one of the posts below, I thought the reason Laris's blood tasted yuck was because he was a former vampire, not because of his alignment.
Eldhin's blood would taste so great because of the whole him being good aligned thing. And maybe because of his race.

Wakukee - 2009/8/18
Good job, man, but be careful/ If you start making money off the comic via adds on the site or books, Burlew can sue your *** off. Not that he would, but it would be highly immoral of you.

TheDarkFiddler - 2009/8/18
First time comment.

A great 200 comics!

I find it odd you don't have a forum yet though... Tongue

I'd be happy to make it for you, but you'd probably want to find somebody better at it; if I made it it'd lack any bells and whistles.

Tanner - 2009/8/18

Zurpl - 2009/8/18
Congrats on the 200th comic! Keep 'em coming!

Malygos - 2009/8/18
Awesome... Very happy however I seriosly doubt that Eldhin could become Demon/Celestial/Vampire... his scope of power would probably outwit event that demigod...

FrankNorman - 2009/8/18
Eldhin is really cool. Responding to a vampire attack with a punch to the jaw!

Red XIV - 2009/8/18
Remember what Aldran said - good blood is better than evil blood. That's why Laris the former vampire's blood tasted like utter crap.

But Laris isn't evil.

ArborlonElf - 2009/8/18
Congrats on getting to 200 comics! I see another story arc coming on soon...

Inkling - 2009/8/18
Yay! I love hundred comics. Congratz.

Blakjak - 2009/8/18
This is the best comic in a long, long time. Hell, this is the best comic post in the whole series! Happy

MTONinja - 2009/8/18
Geat comic, worth the wait!

Vampiric - 2009/8/18
Hooray for 200! I can't wait for the spoof in another 100 comic's time Wink

Excellent comic, Zarah Very happy

Gael - 2009/8/18

Almanro - 2009/8/18
Great comic and 200 issue! ^^

ET - 2009/8/18
I can't belive it was 100 comics since the number 100 - the time have really flown by. Happy
Good work Zarah

Salokcin - 2009/8/18
Woot for 200. Keep up the great work! I love your comic!

dragongirl13 - 2009/8/18
Proof that Eldhin is actually good and just looks evil. He may be a jerk, but his blood tastes good. Remember what Aldran said - good blood is better than evil blood. That's why Laris the former vampire's blood tasted like utter crap.

Yay, french maid bugbear is back! Hope she kicks more peoples' butts, she's pretty awesome.

Someone really needs to cast Silence on Kaal.

Wolfman - 2009/8/18
So half celestial half demon blood tastes good? Sounds like its a good thing for Aldran that hes already in a commited relationship

Sirek - 2009/8/18
Very nice. Just got back from Honolulu and feel like it's 7:15 and can't sleep. Oh-well, very nice/awesome comic

Pat - 2009/8/17
Awesome. I love that rouge/maid is back.

Crazed - 2009/8/17
Yay Zarah! Very happy Congrats!

(and first post!)

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