The Plot Thickens... Like Pea Soup

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

One thing that always bothered me about this comic was that it seemed like the little bit of story I mentioned back in comic #10 was something thought of on the spot, and was replaced by this. Well, to make a long story short, no, that's not what I intended. I haven't forgotten about what was said in issue #10 and it will come back at some point.

But for now, mull this stuff over.

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monster expert - 2017/11/16
if some one saves the world, some one has to cleanup that mess.
JC - 2008/12/23
Heros do leave quite the mess as they plod through the world, Often they need a keeper. "Im not a good guy, im the one that cleans up after them" best quote so far Happy
Valahuir - 2008/5/24
Well i'm not sure if your going to read this now, but theirs always the factor that what he tells the party and what he tells his victams differ concidarably. Very happy

Also they both could be true.

Not to try to plan ideas or anything. Wink
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