He Must Use Mirrors

posted by Jordan on 2009/6/18 (Comics)

A little later than I wanted, but today's comic is up nonetheless. ...I don't really have much else to say.

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Zerkai - 2009/8/1
Zara may be good, but he ain't no Roosterteeth
Zend - 2009/7/6
Wow... comparing Zara to Halo fanvids... that's a low blow. Sad
Blakjak - 2009/7/6
No worries on my end, some of the greatest web entertainment series have flatlined for months on end only to suddenly resurface with weekly additions. Take Red vs Blue, they've been cranking out a new episode once a week and just got another out.
Llamallord27 - 2009/7/6
hooray, there's over a hundred comments!
Patches - 2009/7/6
not to be repeditive but i want and update
Brandon - 2009/7/5
I think I'll be moving on from this comic, but thanks for what you did so far Jordan.
Amaretto - 2009/7/5
Sorry for the double post, but thanks for fixing it. Happy

It works now. Happy
Amaretto - 2009/7/5
Another attempt.

If this works, thanks a lot. if not, dang-nam-it!
Amarath - 2009/7/5
Why haven't there been any updates recently?
Crazed - 2009/7/5
Okay, now I'm sure it works. Happy Give it a try. Thanks for being so patient.
Amaretto - 2009/7/5
Well, seems like it worked there.

But now it is prompting me to ente the email again. However, I enter it again and IT ONCE AGAIN SAYS INVALID EMAIL. Sad

When will I eb able to show off my Cybart... XD
Crazed - 2009/7/5
Okay, it's fixed now. Thanks for letting me know. Happy

(I also edited out your email from your comment to protect you from spambots.)
Amaretto - 2009/7/4
Another attempt.
Yes I am putting the email ***** in the Email box.

Then the box turns yellow and says INVALID EMAIL, not letting me do it.

To post this, I had to remove the email.
Crazed - 2009/7/4
“Why doesn't my email work? It is a yahoo.ca account and I registered an avatar on Gravatar like you said.”

Are you putting it into the "email" field when you post a comment? I don't see it showing up.

As far as Zarah's health, don't worry, he's not deathly sick or anything. I'm sure he's exhausted from going back to work over the summer, too. I'm in contact with him daily.
Teh Crobat - 2009/7/3
Personally, I think this comic is better than OotS. This tends to mix in more humor than OotS has been. Occasionally they get me to laugh, but the majority of anti-HEROES has managed it.
On a related note, I'm worried about the updating here. I hope Zarah gets better soon.
Amaretto - 2009/7/3
Hmm... That's strange.

Why doesn't my email work? It is a yahoo.ca account and I registered an avatar on Gravatar like you said.

Zend - 2009/7/3
Hmm. Why is it, from rereading it, I think Aldran and Keriss will be interrupted by a peeping Kaal?
Kyronea - 2009/7/3
I don't know about others, but I really enjoy Anti-heroes. I started up my own OOTS-style comic, and I learned more from Anti-heroes on how to do the art properly than I did even from the original OOTS. (Being as it's the first artistic thing I've ever done.)

I hope it continues, and I look forward to more strips.
fug - 2009/7/2
I am glad to hear that at least the author is sensible and recognizes what happened to his comic.

I wish you the best of luck in getting it back on track.

For the rest of you, get a grip--criticism isn't trolling, and I wasn't alone in my thoughts, nor in my posting.
MadDuck - 2009/7/2
So this means I have to post my email now if I want an avvy? Shouldn't be a problem.
Crazed - 2009/7/2
“Could it be possible in the future to maybe upload your own avatar, instead of the boringish "I"s?”

You can do that now, Amaretto! Happy Just go to gravatar.com (or just click on the "I") and make an account using the email address you use for posting comments on AH.

I figured this would be a nice little feature as a holdover until Zarah gets back on his feet. Enjoy! Very happy
Tlur - 2009/7/2
Hm. Avatars.
Amaretto - 2009/7/2
Wow, I like the new Avatars. Could it be possible in the future to maybe upload your own avatar, instead of the boringish "I"s?
That would be cool. Tongue

Also, this comic is great Zarah/Jordan. Ignore those trolls. I have tried making a comic before and made about 20 issues before I lost motivation. Its hard guys, so STOP FLAMING AND ENJOY!
MadDuck - 2009/7/2
“I'm sorry if the comic hasn't lived up to your standards and I hope you won't completely write it off.”

The comic is fine. Most of us see it that way. This specific issue just had the misfortune to be targeted by a few trolls. How I see it here is people looking for perfection in what is obviously not going to be a perfect thing. Zarah, you're doing fine. Keep it up.

@The Trolls
It's a freaking webcomic! It's not a top-of-the-line creation. Whether it's good or not is your own opinion, but don't expect it to be professionally made and edited or anything like that. This isn't sent to an editor and published; it's uploaded to a web site by the creator, so you can't seriously expect it to have the best literary devices at all times.

If you think this comic is bad, yeah, go ahead. I don't care if that's what you think. I don't even care if you post it either, as long as you don't post it in a degrading manner. And I thiknk the rest of the reeaders of this comic would appreciate that too. Just try to keep in mind that some of us read this comic because we enjoy it. Kindness is always appreciated. Degrading and unkind comments will get you nowhere.
Jordan - 2009/7/1
I know I've kind of been ignoring you guys, and I apologize. I've been trying to juggle a lot of different things right now, especially now that I'm working again, and on top of that Crazed speaks the truth. I'm just getting over a cold as we speak.

I can't really give you a date for the next update, but I'm trying to get out out as soon as I can. I really do hate it when I have to leave everyone hanging for a week or more like this, but unfortunately sometimes I can't really avoid it.

As for the negative comments well, I'm sorry if the comic hasn't lived up to your standards and I hope you won't completely write it off. If you have given up hope, well I'd hate to lose you, but this is all I can offer.

I will however address the subject of the "clumsy backstory." I agree with you guys. Seriously. I didn't want to do it this way, but there's really no other way I could have done it. I could have done a flashback-style arc, but that would have spoiled the surprises I have planned for later, and probably confused everyone a lot more down the line. I didn't want to do an infodump, but I wrote myself into a corner and didn't really have a clever way out. I'll be working to keep it from happening again, however.

Finally, I better remind everyone that we can ban people from posting if we have to, so play nice.
Crazed - 2009/7/1
Zarah hasn't been feeling well, last I heard.
Peregrine - 2009/7/1
by the way, did zarah let us know he's busy?
Peregrine - 2009/7/1
the backstory is fine by me.

seriously, i know a lot of us come from the playgrounds and thus, expect to delve a lot from each strip, but not all comics operate this way. when we go back through these archives, its not going to seem like he's withholding anything, he's just taking his time, page by page.

and, sure the humor can get kinda annoying, but some things are an integral part of the webcomic genre (seeing as this was born from oots, i don't see why we're complaining, many of these jokes are mirrors of oots)
Mrkeva - 2009/7/1
The fact is, fug is Zarah and him having spent all the time on trolling, there are no updates!Happy
Jack - 2009/7/1
Okay, Fug and the others,,,i see where fug is coming from. The backstory thing was clumsy, and i do not think this is on par with oots. However, you must keep in mind that this is a student, while rich is probably 35-40. So cut some slack. This is a very good comic, but given the breaks and alot of other stuff i think the author lost pacing, so give him a chance to get back on schedule. Stop trolling, becuase he's doing fine.
Peewee Herman - 2009/6/30
So they got caught exposing themselves in an adult theater too? Very happy
Crazed - 2009/6/30
I'll try to work on something. But it would be a lot better if these idiots would act like adults and just leave instead of proving that their maturity is on par with Peewee Herman. Very happy
Zend - 2009/6/30
And flooding will lead to server shorting. Sad
Tlur - 2009/6/30
“Either that, or we can try killing him with fire ”

Sadly, but won't work.
It will just mutate into a flamewar. And trying to put the flames with water will lead to flood.
Gnome Lover - 2009/6/30
Can we do something about the comments? Its just one troll causing trouble under lots of different people's names. Perhaps we can just ignore him, but still... its kind of frustrating. Maybe we could have the email be required and have names linked to the email (that way, we don't have an repeat names). Also, this way, we can just ban an email address from making comments (for use against the trolls). Either that, or we can try killing him with fire Happy
Inkling - 2009/6/30
Come on, man, don't pull another Easter Break! Please?
Thor - 2009/6/30
Is everything going OK? :worried Haven't seen an update in awhile. The majority of us want to know if you are having any troubles. No matter how long in between updates we are here for ya. The plot has began to thicken and I look forward to see where it goes. I am in for the long haul.
Someone - 2009/6/29
“Maybe. ”

Heh. The name-faker got impersonated. Though there is no way to prove it. And to disprove it.

Anonymity is fascinating.

“Where is the update? ”

Barack Obama - 2009/6/29
Where is the update? Sad
No NaMe - 2009/6/29
Maybe. Very happy
Crazed - 2009/6/26
“It's a link because he used the e-mail field. It can be used straight or faked in the same manner.”

Zarah and I always post with an email. Happy The other issue has been fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, but I'd be much happier if you didn't try to circumvent our measures again, please.
Another somebody - 2009/6/26
“Except for the real Crazed's name is a link, not simply black text.”

It's a link because he used the e-mail field. It can be used straight or faked in the same manner.
Sequinox - 2009/6/25
Just when you thought the characters had started to get innocent...
Maybe Somebody - 2009/6/25
On my comp at least, I can't tell the difference between the two. Neither of the names is a link.
Inkling - 2009/6/25
Except for the real Crazed's name is a link, not simply black text.
Faked Crazed. - 2009/6/25
Heh. Worked.
Face of Evil - 2009/6/25
You think the comic has declined in quality?

Fine. Whatever. We don't care. Please stop reading, because I don't want to hear your whining anymore.

Get lost. Take a hike. **** OFF.
PS - 2009/6/25
Can everyone please just hush already? People are entitled to their own opinions, there's no need to trash them.
The Word of God - 2009/6/25
now it is. but for cereal, the plot is falling apart and it isn't funny any more.
F. - 2009/6/25
No, it ism't telling the truth. It is telling YOUR opinion, which not everyone (i.e. me) share. For me the comix is becoming better and better, so consider at least that what Yo say isn't the Word of God.
Pooper Scooper - 2009/6/24
it's not trolling, it's just telling the author the truth. the comic is going down like the syndrome. pull it together.
Matt - 2009/6/24
I enjoy Anti-Heroes, it has its faults I suppose, as all comics do. but i find it interesting, and a sight better than 80% of the webcomics out there (supposedly professionally done)
Red XIV - 2009/6/23
“Actually Face of Evil, you can comment under anyone's name”

That's something that ought to be fixed, I'd say.
Danelsan - 2009/6/23
I've always been curious about it: Why the hell do trolls start flame-wars? Considereing their regeneration fails against fire, flames would be the LAST thing I'd want if I were a troll ^__^

(kidding, of course. I'm well aware that the term started as the fishing term, as in "trolling for newbies")

By the way, I like the current mix of jokes, plot progress and plot mistery. Makes me ansious to know more, but that is okay. Still a great webcomic. Prefer the Giant's work (not that it is a fair comparison, anyway)but I like this one's art better (the use of transparency, the presentation of the spells and some other details look better to me)
Crazed - 2009/6/23
This comment section is not just for positive comments, no. But it isn't for trolling or smurfing either. Now, cut it out.

Also, just so everyone knows, any comment posted by "Crazed" or "Jordan" will always be posted by myself or Zarah. You can always be sure of that.
fug - 2009/6/23

Wow, I dreamt of never falling back again to trolling on forums, but... here we are.

I'd like to say sorry to everyone for the mess I've caused by annoying here.
Fig (unrelated to the fugs) - 2009/6/23
You are aware that this started as fancomic, right? It was and is supposed to be reminiscent of OOTS.
Face of Evil (not really) - 2009/6/23
Actually Face of Evil, you can comment under anyone's name--all three fug posts came from three different people.

I agree with the Fugs, though, this comic was good at the beginning. Since then it's become bogged down with poorly explained backstory.

It's so much like OOTS he should be paying royalties.
Feh - 2009/6/22
@fug If you don't like it, don't read it! Unless somones putting a gun to your head, maybe that's where Zarah has been all this time.
Ganurath - 2009/6/21
I've got it! He sleeps in front of a mirror, we've determined as much from the thread name. However, he's a ghost.

He has see-through eyelids.
Face of Evil - 2009/6/21
It's good to see you admit the truth, Fug. Happy
Zend - 2009/6/21
Aww. Just put yourself in Aldran's shoes at night to feel loved.
fug - 2009/6/21
Hi everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that Mrkeva is the other name I post under. Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I am, in fact, a troll. You see, trolls don't need to curse or do anything else. We just have to start arguments and create flame wars. On a different note, I also want to let you all know that I do, in fact, live in my mother's basement (even though I am thirty something). I guess that I just like to troll because I'm unloved and lonely Sad
Mrkeva - 2009/6/21
fug: I like this kind of scheme, myself. It's original! I think Zarah should even elaborate it, work more with it! And that counts for the minimalistic, single-coloured background too.
Lerky - 2009/6/21
the difference between trolling and constructive criticism is a lack of complaining and a lack of swear words Tongue

pretty good of a comic, I was wondering when Aldran and Keriss would pick up their relationship.
Face of Evil - 2009/6/21
I still think you're a troll, fug. Your user name SCREAMS troll.
Face of Evil - 2009/6/21

I don't have any issue with the way Zarah gives out the backstory.

This is a fantasy comedy. If you don't like jokes interspersed throughout the plot, then why the hell are you reading?

It's like watching Lost and complaining that it's on an island.
Blakjak - 2009/6/21
I agree, this is a good webcomic with an excellent story. If there is any lapse in apparenet comedic delight it is compensated by a well thought out plot and of course the manner in which it is presented. True the tension can be annoying, but it shows what a good story it is if your that interested in learning more.

How does a young and relatively inexperienced vampire tie into a prophecy concerning a legendary demon warrior, an enraged demigod and an unlikey hero? We shall have to see.
Red XIV - 2009/6/20
fug, you seem to not grasp what kind of story you're reading. If you don't want 4th-wall-breaking comedy to lampshade the fact that backstory exposition is being withheld from the reader for now, this is the WRONG webcomic for you.
funbox - 2009/6/20
I'm sure their just going to absail down...
Bob - 2009/6/20
Come on Fug. Lots of people like this comic. Plus, the author's a student. He's not doing this profit; rather, he seems like he's doing it for the viewers, for the story, and for the art. Stop being a dick about the style. Simply said: if you don't like it, don't read it and don't visit the comic board. Let those of us who do read it enjoy it.
fug - 2009/6/20
I am not trolling. I legitimately believe that this comic is getting worse all the time. If the comments section is only for positive comments, it should say so.

I will give one reason (of many) why this comic is bad. The way he builds tension.

It is an effective way to build tension by only giving out parts of the back story at a time, but the way it is done here is clumsy. It's like saying, "now it's time for partial exposition! Stay tuned for more...in the meantime, here are some lame jokes."
Den - 2009/6/20
Well, maybe I'm different, but I prefer Anti-heroes to oots, although the latter is still very good. I am very curiosu, how the storyline will progress from now...
Peregrine - 2009/6/20
very nice,a s always zarah.

as 'kinky' as that last panel sounds, i can't help but think that they have something else in mind, like, perhaps sneaking out...
Billy - 2009/6/20
I mean yeah, it's not nearly as good at OoTS, but I still like it.
Logalmier - 2009/6/20
Sorry, I just feel compelled to defend Zarah. Sad
Ben Harrison - 2009/6/20
Heh, great as always. Does anyone else get a Final Fantasy-ish vibe from these dialogue moments in Anti-Heroes? Or is it just that I'm crazy?
Anyway, looking forward to the next (today's?) comic.
Toil3T - 2009/6/19
Hmm... Trolling people who spend their spare time slaying trolls. Someone used Wis as a dump stat.
Zend - 2009/6/19
Hey, fug... fug off. Very happy

Although, I still say it's a suggestive red herring. I've done it plenty of times in my writing.
Face of Evil - 2009/6/19
Don't feed the trolls, Logalmier.
Logalmier - 2009/6/19
Gosh, then why not read it if you hate it so much? You know, instead of spending your time slamming someones hobby? The one that he does for free and spends hours on?
fug - 2009/6/19
This comic has gone from ok to bad to ****ing terrible.
Uncle Festy - 2009/6/19
Should probably be "hold the pack together".
Also, me likey. Nicely done! Very happy
Amaretto - 2009/6/19
Thanks man! Very happy
Man am I happy!
Face of Evil - 2009/6/19
Nice work, Amaretto.

Hey guys, check out the last page of the Non-OoTS Fanservice thread if you need a dose of Brain Bleach today. Mildly NSFW.
Amaretto - 2009/6/19
Nice ending... XD

Also, yesterday was the GREATEST DAY EVER!

I had my Graduaion and won a $2,000 scholarship for next year! HUZZAH! Very happy
magic9mushroom - 2009/6/19
Is there a significant time lapse between #190 and this comic? Unsure whether Keriss is referring to the conversation we saw earlier or if there's been another off-screen chat.
dragongirl13 - 2009/6/19

Okay. I don't even want to know.

Hehehe, Kaal stares at himself while he sleeps... although technically you are staring at the backs of your eyelids, a part of yourself, when you sleep.
Toil3T - 2009/6/18
I wonder how many ranks he has in Use Rope?
Zend - 2009/6/18
Inkling - 2009/6/18
o.O I think this is going to have some unforseen effect other than what everyone's minds immediately jump to... just thought I'd throw that out there.
Scalenex - 2009/6/18
If Rich Burlew (who makes a living off his comic) doesn't apologize for being late with his comics why should you?

In any event, do you know who Kaal reminds me of? The Todd from Scrubs.
Taker - 2009/6/18
It's kinky time!
The All-Seeing - 2009/6/18
I'm sure that rope means they're gonna abseil down and pillage a village or something like that >.>
Red XIV - 2009/6/18
XD @ Kaal somehow staring at himself while he sleeps
Michie - 2009/6/18
First time commenter here. Had to break my silence to say that I love that last panel.

Zan - 2009/6/18
What *is* it with those two and hog-tying?
Caldur - 2009/6/18
Situations like these are why new players always make sure to buy rope.
Blakjak - 2009/6/18
Nice to see storyline revelations on Keriss and Aldrans relationship.

Mendeldur: ditto
Face of Evil - 2009/6/18
Worried I wonder if Aldran knows Rope Trick.

We also learn that Kaal likes to watch. Tongue
Ganurath - 2009/6/18
There will be an uproar in the fanservice thread at the OotS boards. Particularly, an alternate version of that Kerriss/Zurie picture to accomodate for the ropes.
Miles - 2009/6/18
^^ Hell yeah! Very happy
and lol @ Kaal XD
Malygos - 2009/6/18
Ouuuu I just want her!!!!
Meneldur - 2009/6/18
In the immortal words of Belkar: "Kinky."
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/6/18
So it's girls with tails and rope now?
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