Fashion is Not a Prerequisite

posted by Jordan on 2009/6/16 (Comics)

So we've now seen bugbears in top-hats and french maid outfits. My mind is a strange place.

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david - 2009/6/18
Pickpocket? I'd be guarding my valuables around a rogue. A certain vial of special water, especially.
nowiwantmydmg - 2009/6/18
That's not half as strange as what goes on in my mind, but it is better plotted and illustrated.
Sequinox - 2009/6/17
Nice. I think I finally found someone who has a mind like mine...

(Founder of the Zurie, Laris, and Zurie and Laris clubs. Actually, I just added that last part to see if anyone would notice, not because I want to form the club, but hey. You know, that's not a bad idea... Not really a crack pairing, either. Interesting. Of course, what with the size of this stuff typed here, someone's bound to notice, if not multiple people, so yeah. Close parentheses.)
magic9mushroom - 2009/6/17
Now there I thought there was going to be a joke on roguelikes and YASD syndrome.
Face of Evil - 2009/6/17
Zo sharp, zo dangeruss, likh a puddingh-bag full uf knives!

Face of Evil - 2009/6/17
That's what makes them sexy, Festy.

Those long tufts of fur, those perfect fangs, those giant ears, those voluptuous curves ...

Uncle Festy - 2009/6/17
Only in OotS style, my dear Zarah. They're just hairy goblins here, but if you look at the MM picture and try and see that in a maid outfit%u2026
Er. Yeah.
Serpentine - 2009/6/17
To the Fanservice Thread!
Killser - 2009/6/17
I read all comics in two days (finished just now). Just AWESOME! I like Aldran's style...too bad it has been so long since anyone blew stuff. The story is VERY COOL, some strips have jokes, others plot twists, some both, nothing to complain! This explaining stuff arc is cool too. It only needs more killing and/or Fwoosh'ing. But thats just me.
Miles - 2009/6/17
Hahahaha, good one. Very happy
Barack Obama - 2009/6/16
I say it needs more slash angle!
Tanner - 2009/6/16
true that freind, true that.
Kareasint - 2009/6/16
And, thus, we have a new NPC Profession: Maid. Use the Commoner NPC class. Profession: Maid uses WIS modifier for the rolls. DC for cleaning Table tops: 5, DC 10 for under the bed. DC 10 for making the bed. DC 20 for cleaning the bathroom (you can never get them clean enough for some guests and, sometimes, they want extra towels).
namename - 2009/6/16
i'm praying that she becomes a fifth ranger for the anti-HEROES
Bookkeeper - 2009/6/16
Considering that the average bugbear society is nomadic and barely iron age (if that advanced), then being a professional maid is actually a BIG step up the wealth and civilization ladders. It's all a matter of perspective. (Being a rogue may seem glamarous to a well-off person from an advanced society, but when you become a rogue just to get enough rats to eat, it's less than appealing ...)
We3kings - 2009/6/16
In the fourth panel in Lana's speech bubble, out should be our.
MTONinja - 2009/6/16
Lana Maid Outfit : Make it happen!
Realy though, good information on where the BBs came from, and yeah, what is going on with all these young whipper snapper rogues!

Blakjak - 2009/6/16
Odd considering she herself is barely out of the academy. Atleast that explains all the bugbears.
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/6/16
As long as they don't end up looking like gothic lolitas or Final Fantasy characters...or both...we're fine.
dragongirl13 - 2009/6/16
I love Lana's comment. That's so funny...

Huh... a bugbear in a french maid outfit... yes, your mind is a strange place. But trust me, I have the same problem with a random imagination.
Face of Evil - 2009/6/16
Wow, female bugbear in a maid costume.

That is so hawt. Wink
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