She Didn't Break Any Skylights, Though

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

This is one of the abilities that vampires characters can use, as I mentioned way back on comic #3. They can summon rats, bats or wolves once per day. This is pretty much the way I pictured it happening, too. It was only after I had already made half of this comic before I realized that the whole summoning bats thing was reminding me of Batman.

In fact, now that I mention it, I'd like to see Batman go up against a D&D vampire, just to see who would win. Whoever came out on top could be crowned the true king of the night!

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Kotonaru - 2012/2/28
Batman technically doesn't need prep time. He already is prepared. Especially since D&D vampires have tons of weaknesses to exploit, which is exactly Batman's speciality.
Hunter - 2009/8/25
But vampires don't need prep time. and it's all in how old the vampire is. couple hundred years and nobody can touch them.
Somebody - 2009/6/15
Dude, he's Batman. You know, BATMAN. Otherwise known as the pinnacle of Crazy Prepared and Badass Normal.

In fact, Batman DID beat Dracula once in an animated movie. After that instance, it is extremely unlikely that he would be caught without a prepared countermeasure, like a cross or a device that generates artificial sunlight.

In fact, it is actually quite likely that he keeps around a Kryptonite cross or something, since it would keep both Superman and Dracula away.

So remember kiddies, Batman can beat anyone with enough "prep time".
Volkov - 2009/3/23
Vampire get a slam attack, does 1d6 lethal damage, is it a running gag that no one remembers that Vampires get this or do they lack that abillity in this world?
Logalmier - 2008/7/14
Okay, something is seriously wrong here. I can't write any thing without it first getting cut off!

What I was going to say is that I think that a Dungeons and Dragons (It seems that I can't abbreviate the name without my post getting cut off) vampire would win, they have all these cool ability's that Batman just couldn't live up to. Thats just my two copper pieces. Lets hope it dosn't get cut off.
Logalmier - 2008/7/14
Because something went wrong with my first post...

Hell Puppi - 2008/7/12
I believe Batman beat Dracula once...
Which leads me to believe Batman did a little 'I'm the King of Darkness' dance when no one was looking
Dinah - 2008/7/4
I believe it's a safe bet to say that batman would win against a vampire. Seeing all the other enemies he has vanquished over the years, a vampire really's just small fry.
Logalmier - 2008/6/30
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