But Only Fifteen Minutes

posted by Jordan on 2009/6/11 (Comics)

I had this comic done like two days ago, and was going to upload it earlier this morning. Figures that I would forget...

Anyway, here's a Kaal comic to relieve some of the boringness of the past few issues.

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WJS - 2016/10/8
Generally, someone who has the superior position doesn't pull "taking you with me" stunts like Eldhin's Earthquake spell.
Also, you're assuming that Arderas is both A: significantly stronger than Eldhin, and B: able to defend himself in his half-trapped state. I don't see why either of these are certain.
WJS - 2016/10/8
Generally, someone who has the superior position doesn't pull "taking you with me" stunts like Eldhin's Earthquake spell.
Also, you're assuming that Arderas is both A: significantly stronger than Eldhin, and B: able to defend himself in his half-trapped state. I don't see why either of these are certain.
AH - 2010/5/4
Awesome. Your characters have defined and unique personalities. That's what any story needs.

Huge Fan here.
Sable Phoenix - 2009/6/17
Okay, I just had to delurk and say that the five panels in Kaal's head had me laughing the hardest and longest I've ever laughed at a webcomic. Pure gold!
Cassiel - 2009/6/16
Waaaait a minute...

How is Aldran gonna kill a Demigod??? He barely survived a confrontation with his brother!!! Geeez, he´s sooo not gonna make it...
Gael - 2009/6/14
Wow. This was amazing, hehe. Great work Jordan.
raven - 2009/6/13
tie a shoe. . . that's kinda useless isn't it?
Jordan - 2009/6/13
“Are the Kaal-things supposed to be semi-transparent or not?”

No, they aren't. There was too much stuff in the background that making them transparent felt to me a little confusing.

And on the topic of this being a Spongebob reference, I can honestly plead ignorance on that one. I've never watched a full episode of Spongebob in my life, and I've certainly never seen the episode in question. It's just a funny coincidence. Tongue
Bartimaeus - 2009/6/12
"Spongbob Reference!"

It has to be. Not only is it doing the little men in the head thing, but it's also doing the tying your shoes thing, as well as the childhood memories, which Spongebob references to when he tries to remember how.

Wow. I think I'm a nerd for remembering all that.
Ben Harrison - 2009/6/12
Ahaha, panel 3 is hilarious.
Forealms - 2009/6/12
Are the Kaal-things supposed to be semi-transparent or not? I like them the way they are, but I thought I would bring it to Zarah's attention (if nobody else has yet) in case it wasn't intended.
Inkling - 2009/6/12
Aw, poor Kaal's Childhood Memories.
Fluff - 2009/6/12
Why was he tying his shoes when he doesn't have feet?
Ganurath - 2009/6/12
10 platinum says those Childhood Memories will be important later.
Almanro - 2009/6/12
Great comic! The Childhood memories, the ability to tie a shoe and the coffee break are three great jokes! ^^
Quicksilver_502 - 2009/6/12
although, i think anyone 13 or over could probably manage it without being traumatised or anything.
Quicksilver_502 - 2009/6/12
Kaal is awesome

@toil3T: oddly enough, i brought that book a few days ago. it is good.
Taker - 2009/6/12
Someone be needing mental defrag badly.
Toil3T - 2009/6/11
Boringness? Some people crave story, not just humour. Although it is nice to mix it up every now and then.

On a side note, I picked up the novel The Way of Shadows yesterday, and it's an excellent read. I would reccomend it to anyone above the age of, say, sixteen.
Anonymoose - 2009/6/11
By the Theory Of Narrative Causality, Turrick must die before the morrow!
Ganurath - 2009/6/11
Only 15 minutes? That means Kaal's brain is working at least four hours a day, but less than eight.

Could be less than four, actually, if he's generous with the breaks.
Blakjak - 2009/6/11
Peregrine: Looking For Group is among the best webcomics out there. Its like NNFB only with Elves, undead, orcs and minatoars. Warning - you might become attracted to one of the characters: his name is Richard ... he likes to be called Dick Tongue
John Lee - 2009/6/11
As someone else said, Classi-Kaal.
But wouldn't it be easier to just dump all of the new information? I.E. ignore it? I'm not sure why Kaal has to care - I'd be content to remember my core skillset and just follow whatever orders I get.
Peregrine - 2009/6/11
haha, nice to have a change of pace.

do u think chucking childhood memories will keep kaal from hitting on lana?

anyways, @ blakjak, it's great to see someone else following nnfb. i've been following it for over a year...

haven't checked out looking for group yet. i will soon Very happy
Sirek - 2009/6/11
Ha ha! Awesome
Face of Evil - 2009/6/11
"Fellas, fellas, esoteric means delicious!"

Very excellent strip, Zarah. Very happy
Sam, the Nanti-SARRMM - 2009/6/11
Dragongirl13: How long have you had that psuedonym? Did you participate in a Harry Potter rpg/forum a few years back?
FrankNorman - 2009/6/11
I have a question: what would happen to someone like Aldran if he gets killed? Outsiders are supposed to just respawn on their home plane, right? And Aldran and his brother are half-outside, other half... also outsider!
dragongirl13 - 2009/6/11
Hehehe sorry about the long laughter. I go over the top sometimes. Happy
Faithless - 2009/6/11
Spongbob Reference!
Malygos - 2009/6/11
Perfect Happy btw What is so long? Eldhin should be there already...
dragongirl13 - 2009/6/11


That is SO FRIGGIN HILARIOUS! I don't think I'm gonna be able to stay in the chair for much longer...


ADMIN EDIT: I cut down the length of your "FWAHAHA", since it was too big to fit in the comments area, and was stretching the page on lower resolutions.
Eldar Ditto - 2009/6/11
Yes! a gag strip again(wish OOTS would have one soon)
Blakjak - 2009/6/11
I love the little men in head routine, it never gets old. And seriously the last few comics were not in the least sense boring. I was actually quite intrigued.

I've been searching the breadth of the web for good webcomics and I can safely say that this is one of the greats. And for that one guy who talked about "Keychain of Creation" I found a Web comic that was thrice as good: "No Need for Bushido!". Just as good as "Looking For Group" I would say Happy
funbox - 2009/6/11
Don't you mean Classi-kaal?
Crazed - 2009/6/11
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