Don't Ask

posted by Jordan on 2009/5/25 (Comics)

Uploading this comic early for my lack of one this weekend. Also, so I can give myself more time to work on the next one. The next few comics are... Not going to be fun to do, and may end up being even less fun to read. ...I shouldn't be telling you this, should I?

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Jyoti - 2014/3/13
- Such great shots, Tanis. Love the one of the whole wedding party lined up in the wienry where they're all leaning in to watch them kiss.My second favorite one is of the rings inside the flowers. Great work you've done here, and I think Amanda looks gorgeous.By the way, don't you think it looks strange/weird/awkward when someone is taking a pic of the bride walking down the aisle on their iPad?? Wink
John Lee - 2009/5/27
Two facts here.
1) Paladins aren't always Lawful Good. Whoop-de-doo, I would have that a rogue of all people would have known that.
2) Eldhin is minor and there's a bigger power. WTF material, but less so than the mystery of before - and nobody was braindamaged by that.

Still, a good way to slide into the history of the Ivory Veil.
Elfiest elf evuh - 2009/5/27
you should update the cast page.
Toil3T - 2009/5/26
Huh. I wonder what's gonna be revealed?
Face of Evil - 2009/5/26
Woohoo! More about the Ivory Veil!
MyrddinDerwydd - 2009/5/26
Celtic209 - 2009/5/26
Backstory FTW!

Update are updates (and we all know they cant all be awesome Happy )
Taker - 2009/5/26
And it's...exposition time!
Fleazilla - 2009/5/26
Backstory is fine but this page needs something more. A blue speech bubble would have been a nice touch for Kaals system error.
247reader - 2009/5/26
Hey, I for one would cheerfully read a comic consisting of nothing but giant speech bubbles of Ivory Veil backstory. Your worldbuilding is great.
dragongirl13 - 2009/5/26
Fatal system error... that was awesome.

(Member of the Zurie fanclub)
Tolangardh - 2009/5/26
I always look forward to these updates whenever they arrive. Sometimes you have to spend time in explaining backstory.

Keep up the great work!
Blakjak - 2009/5/26
Any information on the Ivory Veil would be more than fun to read. Background FTW!
Kareasint - 2009/5/26
I think Kaal did "blue screen," Moleytov. He rebooted and lost all memory in RAM.

I figured that at some point, the really nasty details were going to come out. Don't worry about something being "less fun to read," Jordan. That is part of the story.
moleytov - 2009/5/26
well, I supposed that we at least no kaal has something in his translucnt skull to actually crash now Happy
Pity he didn't "blue screen".

As for not fun to do or read - this made me smile broadly, we are still hanging on your every word and enjoying it - I hope you can get some measure of satisfaction in the work from knowing you are entertaining us.
Keep at it Happy
Anaeval - 2009/5/26
Panel 5: I think "gets to tense" is supposed to be "get so tense".
Zend - 2009/5/26
Funny. I thought Kaal was a Terminator.

Unfortunately, from T3. Sad
Guardiaan_Angel - 2009/5/25
Kaal apparently has Windows 95 installed in his brain Very happy
Ganurath - 2009/5/25
Kaal's a Cylon!
Bookkeeper - 2009/5/25
Yay! Context! That means background! I already figured that the Ivory Veil was some sort of black-bag operation. Now we get to see if I'm right and it's really the [CENSORED][CENSORED] who are behind it all!

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