On Reputations

posted by Jordan on 2009/5/21 (Comics)

Updating a bit later than I would have liked, but it's still on time. As I said a while ago, the next story arc would contain a lot of answers. Well, brace yourselves, cause there's a lot more of them coming from here. Tongue

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Ariel - 2014/3/12
I have to laugh sometimes at the qulaity of information in the podcast and this podcast was certainly no exception. It is laughable for someone to speak with a tone of expertise or authority that has never experienced the patch changes for themselves. Despite the host complete misunderstanding of how the new random Dungeon Finder looting system works I do agree with one point he made. If the looting rules are not agreed upon IN PARTY CHAT at the start of the run frozen orbs and the like are fair game for name rolls. Blizzard can only step in and resolve a looting dispute IF AND ONLY IF agreement to looting rules has been typed in party/raid chat.As for enchanters not wanting to allow their disenchanting skills to be used by other player automatically, the host and I will need to agree to disagree. Yes the disenchant option has devalued enchanting mats somewhat making it harder for enchanters to make money off of enchanting mats in the AH. But what enchanters are not realizing is that with it being easier of a non-enchanter to pick up mats the enchanter can start charging more to actually do the enchant. A non-enchanter who once had to pay 50g to buy the mats would not likely want to pay another 10g for and enchant pre-3.3. Post-3.3 that same non-enchanter might be willing to pay 15-20g for the same enchant when they were able to gather the mats running a dozen or so random instances. The opportunity to make money though enchanting is still there, it just doesn't rely as heavily on AH sales as it once did. And before anyone QQ's about my views, I do have an enchanter. Even though my enchanter is still leveling and I never intended to use her as a money maker, I have yet to run across any problems getting the mats I need for skill up and whatever else I need. In fact, I am still getting more mats than I can use and do collect a modest profit from periodically selling the excess on the AH.
ldcnuke - 2009/5/24
@ bookkeeper

I like cone of cold best. No PC's ever buy cold-resistant items, but they all buy fire-resistant ones. And when they throw you in the river, teleport out! duh. Made even easier with a water breathing spell while they are preparing you.
Tanner - 2009/5/23
This is off topic but...the final of amarican idel was prity cool. Happy
dragongirl13 - 2009/5/23
Heheheheheheheh... "I guess it works the same way with idiots." Brilliant.

(Member of the Zurie fanclub)
Ben Harrison - 2009/5/22
Malygos - 2009/5/22
Well but nothing match elegance of silent cast feat...
Bookkeeper - 2009/5/22
He's right about the Meteor Swarm, y'know. Never could resist letting one off - almost as good as Chain Lightning. Th4e rest of the party kept babbling something about "areas of effect" and "watch where you're shooting" but I just tuned them out. (Funny how many of my characters got tossed into rivers with stones tied around their feet ...)
Kazemi - 2009/5/21
LOL Idiots will be idiots. I think that's my new catch phrase.
Inkling - 2009/5/21
Exciting! I love watching this type of thing unfold.
Gael - 2009/5/21
Yay! Regular Updates, almost.
Caldur - 2009/5/21
Since this has become the "pick on the spelling" comic, "competEnt", "debaTAble", "NortHAven". (Not sure on that one. Might be the way you've spelled it before and I can't be bothered to check. Looks weird that way though)

Good comic though, regardless.
ocean777 - 2009/5/21
Hey, great comic as usual! : )
However, one little thing: pannel 7 "competant" should be "competent", I think ; )
Sequinox - 2009/5/21

Nice punchline, too.

(Founder of the Zurie and Laris fanclubs. I will make this catch on.)
Toil3T - 2009/5/21
Gah, I red through this and saw Amaretto's comment before I realized there was a #183 up. Stupid slow connection- although to be fair I'm the one who streamed too many gigabytes worth of House.

Where was I- Oh, great comic Jordan. I like this gnome.
Jordan - 2009/5/21

The typo is fixed. Now to wait for the rest of them to show their faces...
Zend - 2009/5/21
No. You get to meet Jordan's pet fire-breathing dragon, Snuggles. Tongue
Malygos - 2009/5/21
I am starting to like that gnome... not often you can run in one so competent.
Blakjak - 2009/5/21
Sorry to bother you about this Jordan but in the second panel in the first box the gnome doesnt say "be" when he says "We both know that if there are any clues anywhere, they'll "at" the library in Tydaris." It would have been "be at".

Since I spotted the first mistype of the day do I get a cookie? Happy
Commisar Va'lis - 2009/5/21
Very very nice...

And Kaal probably got himself lost. *grin*
Amaretto - 2009/5/21
Yay new comic so fast.

Good job.Happy
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/5/21
Considering Kaal once magicked his entire face away by magic, that's not much support.
Ganurath - 2009/5/21
In Turrick's defense, our ghostly illusionist hasn't opened his mouth around Turrick since arriving.
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