Riddle Me This

posted by Jordan on 2009/5/19 (Comics)

And a full comic, a little later than I wanted, but I figured I would post it early to make up a bit. Updates could be sporadic, in case you didn't already figure that part out, since the next part of the story is proving tricky to write. But it WILL be told!

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Mahaley - 2016/4/14
That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cotnuibrting.
Tanner - 2009/5/23
yoy lost a bet to him! 0_0.
that is sad. Sad
Sequinox - 2009/5/20
Finally, some answers. Or, at least, some sort-of answers. I'm just pretending taht it doesn't bring up any questions.

(Founder of the Zurie and Laris fanclubs)
Malygos - 2009/5/20
Well as Varsuvius said... divinations ate neatly vorthless spells... How ever... I would love to se that phylactery shattered... Rich is outdoing himself right now. Not that Jordan isnĀ“t... well it can not be tense all the timeHappy
Bookkeeper - 2009/5/20
Actually, there would be an easy way to find the island.
Get a diviner and ask what spot in the ocean he cannot see.
Spell checker - 2009/5/19
Thanks for the fixes Jordan, great comic regardless of the errors though, I thoroughly enjoy reading it.
MadDuck - 2009/5/19
Grammar error: Last panel.

Should either be "these kinds of riddles" or "this kind of riddle." Can't mix singular and plural forms.
Jordan - 2009/5/19
...I swear, for every typo I fix, another appears. The two that you guys mentioned are fixed, though knowing my luck, there are more waiting.
Spell Checker - 2009/5/19
Quote from: Turnip - 2009/5/19
Not sure what the protocol is, but if you're inclined to fix it, panel 4 has an error ("your" should be "you")

I am almost positive that the comic is correct the way it is with the yous, yours and you'res. However, unless Turrick is speaking with an accent then are't should be aren't in the fourth panel.
Inkling - 2009/5/19
Yay comic!!! ^.^
Blakjak - 2009/5/19
We'll I certainly hadnt suspected Turrick to be so important. He sat on a council with Aldrans father - an archdemon? This is getting interesting.
Turnip - 2009/5/19
Not sure what the protocol is, but if you're inclined to fix it, panel 4 has an error ("your" should be "you")
Kareasint - 2009/5/19
I like Turrick. He actually had the guts to called Aldran a moron. There seems to be a level of respect here from Aldran towards the Gnome because Turrick has not been blasted into pieces yet. Or, Aldran thinks that he may still know something. Turrick still owes Aldran money also and it is difficult to collect if the guy is dead.

Take as much time as needed to tell your story, Zarah. We read it when it is posted.
Peregrine - 2009/5/19
Take your time, zarah! i'd rather have you as slow as oots if it means the quality of your story remains at the level you've maintained for so long! either way, in the here and now, this is one sweet comic. hard to believe a little guy like turrick was best friends with an archfiend (or whatever, i don't remember what he's supposed to be)
Taker - 2009/5/19
Believe it Turrick.
Invenis - 2009/5/19
Loved the pun in the end. Very happy

Nice to see a new comic Happy
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