Filler: Spoiler Warning

posted by Jordan on 2009/5/14 (Comics)

Okay, so I'm behind again. Yeah, I suck. But at least this time, I'm offering you some filler while I work on a real comic. Mostly writer's block again, but I'm getting past that now. I just need to figure out how I'm going to present it so as to not give anything away before I planned to...

Anyway, enjoy this in the meantime. If anyone is wondering, the list of TV shows I referenced in this comic are, in order of appearance; Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly, Lost, Breaking Bad and Dollhouse. And yes, it was fun coming up with that little speech.

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Bradley - 2015/10/9
Unalealpelrd accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!
CCX - 2010/8/6
Cassiel - 2009/6/1
Yup. Pooor John Connor. His resistance is futile...
Tanner - 2009/5/23
Up YOURZ fox network!
Sazz - 2009/5/18
I would berate you for procrastinating again, but I don't know the actual circumstances behind the lack of comic.

I'm also probably a lot worse anyway Very happy
Lerky - 2009/5/17
I would laugh so hard if this is actually the plot of the comic, and Jordan just did this knowing we wouldn't believe it. I doubt it though Tongue
Zend - 2009/5/16
Next comic needs some Trek humor... ASSUMING YOU GO SEE IT EVER. Tongue
Malygos - 2009/5/16
Well I would call this a "Single beacon of light, All alone in the dark"

God to love Babylon V
Jordan - 2009/5/15
Careful there, Zend. Don't think you can hide behind a different screen name. Tongue
Zend - 2009/5/15
Yeah, but it's still better than CNN.

*crickets* Tongue
Sirek - 2009/5/14
God, I hate Fox
The Gremlin - 2009/5/14
Whoops, made Lying's mistake.
The Gremlin - 2009/5/14 it just me, or does this remind me of Joss Whedon's next series, 'Dollhouse'? \:|
Toil3T - 2009/5/14
Look! It's the return of the arm-belt!
Vizen - 2009/5/14
Brett, you almost gave me a heart attack there. Using my name and all. Tsk, tsk. xD

This filler did satisfy the urge for Anti-Heroes for a little while. Happy
Brett - 2009/5/14
Spectacular that was like the most references I've ever seen in one panel I hope that during future breakdowns filler like this is offered ( yay firefly and terminater an more)
Sequinox - 2009/5/14

And more than expected.

And I, for one, LOVE Bear McCreary's cover of All along the watchtower. Brilliance. I have it.

Yup. So. Great comic. Excellent filler.

(Founder of the Zurie and Laris fanclubs.)
Zend - 2009/5/14
Oh... you forgot an "All Along the Watchtower" joke with the BSG humor. Wink
Siosilvar - 2009/5/14
Too many references... head exploding...
Edwazah - 2009/5/14
I'm scared if next week he will stop to publish AH Oo'

just kidding, I'm not that dumb! Happy (I'm getting better, as Elan!)
Blakjak - 2009/5/14
That was strangely relieving. We really needed this filler.

Thx for the strip Happy
2four - 2009/5/14
I don't understand it...
btw. I see that Lana's hairs are dangerous! look at her hand
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/5/14
(Didn't read the news post, was trying to list them all myself)
Realise I missed Lost.

Lost I could do without if we're talking post-season two.
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/5/14
Let's see...

Battlestar Galactica
Breaking Bad

It's the one part Terminator and two parts Joss Whedon that make me want to murder the execs that cancel this.
Malygos - 2009/5/14
Yeah Tsusiko didn't really look bad... and that Xykon pupet is awesome...

But V sure had fallen a lot... but still he has a lot of his own spellslots left...
Zend - 2009/5/14
Zara, I frakking love you. Tongue
Face of Evil - 2009/5/14
Nice filler, Zarah.

Did you see Tsukiko in the last OOTs strip? I took one look at her and thought "Rich is trying to outdo Zarah in the fanservice department!" Tongue
dragongirl13 - 2009/5/14
Love the references. The only one I didn't get was Breaking Bad, but it was funny nonetheless.

Update more often, but not at the cost of keeping up the awesome comics. Happy
Malygos - 2009/5/14
Perfect!! But I do miss something to do with Dark Lords of the Sith...
Forealms - 2009/5/14
*snicker* Okay, I like that. Well done, Zarah.
Seros Senric - 2009/5/14
This is great filler!
Although I only realised what the first 5 references in her speech were (probably because I haven't seen the last 2...)

And I love how she peaks around the corner of panel 2 Happy
Peregrine - 2009/5/14
Wow, certainly a well done filler. Makes me miss the giants filler. The latest oots update is pretty awesome...

Anyways, keep it up zarah! That uv kept it up this far while making plot and punchline as u go is pretty amazing. I don't think anyone would blame u If u decided to take more time off. (at least we know ur alive!)

MadDuck - 2009/5/14
Amazing filler! 2nd panel and last panel are the best. And I'm sure this next comic when it's ready will be the complete opposite of this one. Are we ever going to get some *real* information? Is Lana ever going to get some real information? (Apart from Aldran's heritage.)

@Taker - Agreed.
Bookkeeper - 2009/5/14
YES! I knew it! My guess was right on the money!
Taker - 2009/5/14
BWA HA HA! Best. Filler Ever!
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