Pure Evil

posted by Jordan on 2009/4/9 (Comics)

A bit of a warning for this weekend. I'll be heading home for Easter, and I definitely won't have time for a Saturday update, so there may not be any more updates until Tuesday, and if that's the case, then I do apologize.

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Sirchsohl - 2009/5/4
It's been a month without this webcomic. While it's amazing, why would anyone abandon or argue about people who say they're abandoning it. Relax, give him time. It's a hard time on students, and silly arguments popping up aren't going to make comics appear any quicker.

Malygos - 2009/5/4
Hremsfel speak for yourself, would you please?

Chris - 2009/5/4
Not on any high horse so chill out yourself. Nobody threatening to leave? How about this - "Y'know, I think I've given up on this webcomic. Shame; it was pretty good" And nobody tantrumming, how about this - "He could at least give us an update. That wouldn't take but 5 minutes". Perhaps not quite a 'tantrum'...but still immature jabs aimed at someone who clearly doesn't deserve it.

Hremsfeld - 2009/5/4
Yeah, finals are fun. Studying (or...was...>_>) for some AP exams, the first of which is...oh, joy. Tomorrow.

Take all the time you need, these exam things are a world of fun.

Doopliss - 2009/5/4
And, to a lesser extent, Myrdmar.

Amaretto - 2009/5/4
You referring to Chris' little speech back there?

Doopliss - 2009/5/4
Chill out and get off your high horse. Nobody is tantruming or "threatening" to leave, and only one person even expressed that he thinks it's over. Two people gave a joking "NEED COMIC" post.

Myrdmar - 2009/5/4
Hey we know this guy is a STUDENT and things like end of term and finals and moving and everything else takes precidence and well so does LIFE... go get one Happy

Chris - 2009/5/4
Grow up people, he doesn't owe you squat. Yes I'm disappointed every time I come here and there's no new comic...but it's not the end of the world. He has RL issues and none of us pay for this service. Enough of the childish tantrums and threats to leave/give up. Grow up already, have you no shame?

galen - 2009/5/3
Y'know, I think I've given up on this webcomic. Shame; it was pretty good.

Crazed - 2009/5/3
Once again I can assure you he is not dead. He just moved back home from school and I talked to him yesterday. He's hoping to get a comic up by Tuesday.

Malygos - 2009/5/3
Well Jordan is unavaiable... but Rich has picked up unusual speed once again...

Funny since V started his deal only 20 minutes have passed... definitelly worth it, I think.

Kazemi - 2009/5/2
Looking on the bright side, if he was dead the site would've gone down...

Celtic209 - 2009/5/2
He could at least give us an update. That wouldn't take but 5 minutes

Blakjak - 2009/5/2
Good things are worth waiting for, and this comic is definetely more than "good". Take all the time you need Jordan.

inconveniant_truth - 2009/5/1
failed saving throw, 2nd edition

Joseph - 2009/5/1
Hi Jordan! Just commenting that I love the adventures of your Anti-Heroes. They have a permanent bookmark in my list of daily web comics I explore each morning... alongside such greats as Dilbert, UserFriendly.org, Order of the Stick and then Anti-Heroes.. you even get higher ranking than links to the other syndicated comic strips I check out... There is never a day that doesn't begin with a cup of java and a check on your crew... Hope to see you back creating more strips soon and hope you did well on the exams! All the best!

wazzly - 2009/5/1
will there be a update on saturday?

Doopliss - 2009/4/30
"Intruders!? In my tower?"

It's more likely than you think.

Notes - 2009/4/29
PS- Mr. Author, you're not unique for screwing around when you should probably be doing work in real life. You are fairly unique in how you screw around, in that, instead of spaming message boards or something, you're making something great.

Notes - 2009/4/29
Just to point it out, I think the author's a college student. If you're in college right now, you know that finals are almost here, and it's freakin' hell.

If this is the case, the comic should be back on track in a week or so. Real life has to come first, afterall. Wink

Llamallord27 - 2009/4/28
Its been what, 3 weeks? Seems that long... NEED MOAR COMIX!!!

Uncle Festy - 2009/4/28

Peregrine - 2009/4/26
don't worry, ah won't die that easily...

*sigh* Sad failing saves was such a tragedy... i still hope in the back of my mind that it might come back, but i'm preparing myself for disappointment

Sirek - 2009/4/26
Ugh, please don't die like failing saves!

Hermit - 2009/4/26
Aldran brought the axe so he can fight back when the gnime tries to clobber him with the eyes.

Malygos - 2009/4/26
Two times backwards... pity OOTS doesn't keep up haste same as Jordan...

no that is not sarcasm even Rich had pauses... but his usual speed is much lower

David - 2009/4/25
May be a good time to re-read the first from the archive if your memory is rusty (like mine was). Explaination of "mission" then fits nicely with now.

Guardiaan_Angel - 2009/4/24

Yeah, they surely are. .-)

Amaretto - 2009/4/24
I hope you pass your exam, Malygos


Malygos - 2009/4/24
Good luck Jordan... I just managed to finish half of my theoretical physics exam...

guadian angels... gnome warriors are best tanks...

Edwazah - 2009/4/24
Nevermind, I didn't see the quote. Happy
Hope you're better and everything goes ok with the moving Very happy

Edwazah - 2009/4/24
Something happened? Nothing is new since before easter!! T_T

Guardiaan_Angel - 2009/4/23

Well I find gnomes amusing. For killing purposes, of course xD

Peregrine - 2009/4/22
Hey, a bit off topic, but does anyone from the playground remember the name of the oots fancomic about the girl (i think ranger or druid) who had a child with a fiend or something?
sorry, i know it's not a lot to go on, but i do remember that the author was the same one who wrote the short-lived 'paper heroes' comic as well.

Jordan - 2009/4/22
As I said on Giantitp, here's a bit of an explanation for the lack of updates:
don't fret, for I am indeed alive. As I already said, I was sick for a good while there, but on top of that I've been writing exams for the past two weeks, and for the icing on that is a big heaping of writer's block for the comic itself. I guess I just sort of needed a bit of a break for a while.

I'll be moving out in a couple days, so I'm hoping I can get back to a somewhat normal schedule.

Crazed - 2009/4/22

so is your indolents blog on hold right now, or is there just nothing to talk about?

A little bit of both; we have things to talk about, but, as the name suggests, we're rather lazy. Tongue I have some work to do on my end to upgrade the site and bring it up to the quality of AH's site, so I take the blame on that, but we both kind of fell out of the groove. I'd really like to get the blog working sometime in the future, though.

Malygos - 2009/4/22
Guardiaan_Angel: Hey WoW gnomes are sweet... though only females... Even as a member of blue dragonflight a I find them cute XD

tRM - 2009/4/22
Dear Jordan,

I command you to heal. My AHC addiction is a monster of your making and as such is solely your responsibility.

Seriously, though, I hope you are well or at least on the mend.

Peregrine - 2009/4/21
wow, that's pretty cool!

so is your indolents blog on hold right now, or is there just nothing to talk about?

Crazed - 2009/4/21
Zarah and I met on a computer game forum almost 7 years ago. We didn't talk actively until a couple years after that - I'd say we've been on the "best friend" level for 4 years or so - but I've known him for a long time, at any rate.

Peregrine - 2009/4/21
btw, crazed, how do u and 'zarah' know each other?

Guardiaan_Angel - 2009/4/21

Yeah that's certainly a point, altough I don't know if good or bad. As a WoW player, I have trouble understanding of doing anything with a gnome but killing him, so I'm not reasonable here anyway xD

Amaretto - 2009/4/21

The gnome looks like he will not do what Aldran tells him to willingly, therefore a higher Intimidate Check is nice. However, I think he failed that check, as the gnome really looks like he doesn't give a @#$%.

Tharianor - 2009/4/21
I'm glad that jordan is good condition!

Crazed - 2009/4/21
Don't worry, Jordan's okay; I talked with him just yesterday.

@Crazed: Nice i like aquariums

Me too. Happy Maybe I'll link to some pictures when I get it running, if you'd like to see them.

Doubtless - 2009/4/21
I hope that Jordan's doing alright. I'm starting to get concerned: its been a while and we haven't heard anything Sad

Guardiaan_Angel - 2009/4/21
I still wonder why is he carrying the axe with him. He obviously knew that the guy is going to be a gnome, so why the bonus for intimidation chcecks? xD
Maybe I'm just looking too much into it Very happy But I cannot help myself but wonder why Very happy

Uncle Festy - 2009/4/21
12 days%u2026
12%u2026 days%u2026
*gasp* *gasp*

Tharianor - 2009/4/21
@Crazed: Nice i like aquariums

Crazed - 2009/4/20
Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to get an Anti-World up before Zarah gets back in the game. I'm installing an aquarium in my house and it's occupying a lot of my time. Worried

And yes, the comic URL changed about three weeks ago.

Malygos - 2009/4/20
Some antiworld would be nice tommorow... not that I am not dying for continuation for this gnome scheme...

Slash - 2009/4/20
If I recall correctly I remember him saying he was changing it, but I can't say when that was. It was a good deal back.

Toil3T - 2009/4/20
Wait- I- When did the url change? Is it something that happened a while ago that myself and Peregrine

Toil3T - 2009/4/20
Hey- When did the comic URL change? Is it something that happened a while ago that Peregrine and myself forgot about, or is it new? It does easier to remember if you're without your bookmarks.

And sh*t, I just spilt coke on my mouse. It went under the mousepad and everything. Lucky I had a towel in my room.

Hremsfeld - 2009/4/20
Peregrine: Oh, yeah! I forgot she took a level in badass!
-Erm, wizard. Tongue

Peregrine - 2009/4/20
btw, am i just slow, or did u recently change the url for this webcomic?

Peregrine - 2009/4/19
Yeah get better, Jordan!

@Brandon, yeah, Jordan's a guy...

...although I must add, i assumed u were a gal with a playground name 'zarah' way back when u were just 'e pluribus unum' back in the arts and crafts forum.

since it's been a while, just wanted to congratulate you on how far you've come

@amaretto: really? that's just about exactly when I started reading this comic. my fav being when she zaps the gob with her first magic missile, hehe Very happy

Sequinox - 2009/4/19
Get well soon, Jordan!
(And... Brandon just made me wonder. I always assumed you were a guy... Erm... I'm not sure how to ask this, but... Since Jordan is an androgynous name...)

(And... Erm... Founder of the Zurie and Laris fanclubs.)

NamonakiRei - 2009/4/19
Brandon - 2009/4/18
She must still be sick. Hope she gets better soon!

Uhm, well, it's a he, but yeah, the same here. Hope you'll be getting OK soon, Jordan!

Brandon - 2009/4/18
She must still be sick. Hope she gets better soon!

Malygos - 2009/4/18
Well... it is quite effective spell... but I still preffer "dancing sunlights" little enhancement I devised... excelent circling around vampires XD

but i hope Jordan will get better soon

Tharianor - 2009/4/18
LOL nice one!
So dancing lights are usefull!!!

Malygos - 2009/4/16
Donīt worry... just get better... because beting "Darth Varsuvius" joke will take all the power you can have.

Toil3T - 2009/4/16
Don't worry about it. These things happen to all webcomic authors/artists. I hope you get better soon.

Amaretto - 2009/4/15
You know, it never ceases to amaze me how far this comic has got... I've been following it all the way from issue 10...

Now that we are getting very close to 200, I can only feel amazed...

Get well soon Zarah! I hope to see the day when this comic gets to number 500. Happy

Ben Harrison - 2009/4/15
No problem, get well soon!

Lyinginbedmon - 2009/4/15
No problem Zarah, you just focus on getting better.

Jordan - 2009/4/14
Ugh, sorry for no comic today guys. I got back late last night, and ended up catching something the same day. I've been feeling sick since then, and slept a good portion of the day today. I hate cliffhangers as much as you do, but I'll have to aim for a Thursday update. Hopefully this cold or whatever it is passes by then...

SK - 2009/4/14
....what is actually happening to the MitD in OotS?

btw, love the "Dancing Lights" =P

Zurpl - 2009/4/13
Thanks so much for making that last row of panels barely out of view for those of us who use the down arrow to scroll.

Blakjak - 2009/4/12
Hilarious, I just love the build up.

Keybounce - 2009/4/12
Now we just need someone in OOTS to cast dancing lights on MitD.

Uncle Festy - 2009/4/11
*cracks up*
That was great. Very happy

Amaretto - 2009/4/10
I'm really loving this Wizard of Oz reference.

If the gnome tells them to go kill witch, itll be perfect! XD

Also.... what if Zurie is the witch? Then that means, following the reference, Lana will have to kill her.....

Rutskarn - 2009/4/9
Nice one. Not much else to add, 'spose, but nice one nonetheless.

Kazemi - 2009/4/9
I like how well Turrick took that. I also like how Aldran uses Dancing Lights to get rid of the darkness.

Lyinginbedmon - 2009/4/9
That was oddly...anticlimactic. There must be more to this gnome than we're seeing.

Brage - 2009/4/9
"You are still not getting the money." Very happy

Face of Evil - 2009/4/9
Pay no attention to the gnome behind the curtain!

Sequinox - 2009/4/9
Sweet parody of OOTS. MitD anticlimaxes are surefire ways to get me to laugh.


(Founder of the Zurie fanclub, founder of the Laris fanclub.)

Doopliss - 2009/4/9
yes...he is getting the cash...and no evil witch hear eather.

Lana? At least, she's debatably evil (looks like she's getting less evil, though), and she has the water vulnerability (running water, anyways). All she needs is to borrow Keriss' new hat. Tongue

Mauve Shirt - 2009/4/9
Heeheehee, fantastic. An immediate answer to the mitd instead of a mystery! XD

Optimiron - 2009/4/9

Tanner - 2009/4/9
yes...he is getting the cash...and no evil witch hear eather.

Doopliss - 2009/4/9
And so the Wizard of Oz reference continues. Very happy

Seems like Turrick benefits from a comic book format, where he doesn't have to worry that his voice likely doesn't sound at all intimidating.

If Aldran already knew Turrick, why the disguise? Aldran saw through that disguise pretty quickly if he hadn't before, and otherwise "You'll have to drag me from this darkness" was practically an invitation. Also, Turrick doesn't seem particularly surprised.

Ganurath - 2009/4/9
Malygos: We've already established from Redcloak's interrogations that the setting has psionics. Mongrelfolk Psionic Warrior?

Crazed - 2009/4/9
Saw it coming, but an awesome comic!

dragongirl13 - 2009/4/9
Oh... my... gosh.


That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in a comic. Very happy

(Member of the Zurie fanclub.)

Fleazilla - 2009/4/9
LMAO, that was great but omg you cant do a great panel like that and then say sorry peeps no updates for a while--your killing us!

Ben Harrison - 2009/4/9
Ahahaha, that was great.

Malygos - 2009/4/9
Well I think Giantitp will be Okay... I have never heard of gnome with Stomp ability sou it is safe to say it is not a gnome there.... (neither can halfling so no chance) Besides... he couldnt would not be able to carry both eyes and umbrella.

Alan - 2009/4/9
Ah, so THAT is what the MiTD is.

The Giantitp won't be happy with revealing his secrets...


Almanro - 2009/4/9
Wonderful as always! ^^

Malygos - 2009/4/9
Ouuuu I love this spell... Perfect to look cool on your travel a Sorcerer should always have dancing lights around him...

An vampires do love UV enhanced version... Stroke of Brilliance I must say XD.

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