This is Where Rocks Fall

posted by Jordan on 2009/4/4 (Comics)

Paranoia is the fuel that makes the world go round. Or at least, that's what they want you to think. In reality, it's the aliens from Mars that cause the world to rotate, and the day they leave us is the day we spin out of control and have all our work flung at top speed into the sun.

...Or something like that.

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Tyanne - 2016/4/16
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Suzy - 2016/4/14
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Tharianor - 2009/4/18
Goat yours is an excellent oots-style comic!
Me wants ethereal face-painting! Confusedad:
Keriss hat is stylish and hides her horns!

MadDuck - 2009/4/7
@Tanner - but when the bad luck hits it's ****.

Tanner - 2009/4/6
when GOOD luck hit's, It's GOOD!

NaruVail - 2009/4/5
Best comic yet!Very happy

dragongirl13 - 2009/4/5
Ah, I love when the trope is avoided. Eeeexcellent...

(Member of the Zurie fanclub.)

Bartimaeus - 2009/4/4
Just because you didn't get a balloon doesn't mean you need to be sour about it, Aldran, Tongue

Optimiron - 2009/4/4
Ahaha, ethereal face paint. Awesome!

Face of Evil - 2009/4/4
What, no rides?

That was really funny. Happy

P.S. Keriss looks cute with that hat. And Kaal in his kitty face make-up.

DnWu - 2009/4/4
Y'know, Lana missed one overconfident statement that always leads to disaster. Namely, "Nothing can stop us now."

Blakjak - 2009/4/4
That was my laugh for the day. Cant wait to see what this tower is all about at last.

Ben Harrison - 2009/4/4

"Let's get out of here."

I always enjoy the comic, but this strip was especially good. Panel 9 was masterful.
PS: I love Keriss's hat.

MTONinja - 2009/4/4
great trope subversion, made me laugh!

Also, Kaal looks great with face paint.

Lyinginbedmon - 2009/4/4
Little do they realise, rocks don't actually fall...

kres - 2009/4/4
Only thing missing from the last 2 panels would have been Kaal going BOO!! before Aldran spoke again.

Ganurath - 2009/4/4
I like how Lana distracted Aldran from how she knew about the tower by Bluffing Genre Blindness. Go Tropes!

long tiem lurker - 2009/4/4
Oh sweet Very happy That actually made me laugh.

Lol first?

NamonakiRei - 2009/4/4
That... was... awesome!!

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