Anti-World #2: He's Charismatic!

posted by Chris on 2009/4/1 (Comics)

After quite a few months, yes, Anti-World finally has another entry! After learning a lot of new things in Inkscape that will definitely make my life easier, I think I can finally begin to make regular filler comics for Zarah. The delay was also the result of thinking about the comic's direction; I've made my decision, and yes, we will be following mainly the same characters - including Frank!

The tower in the final panel is actually an updated version of the first thing I ever drew in Inkscape, the first thing that was in my mind when Anti-World began to form in my head. What exactly is it? Keep an eye out for more Anti-World to find out! Also, any diligent Troper should be able to catch the very first joke in the comic.

Additionally, I've been hard at work, and I have a surprise to announce to you all. The first version of the website's forums has been created and uploaded! Please try it out here and be sure to report any bugs to me!

Anti-Heroes will be returning to you Thursday at its normal time.

- Crahen/Crazed

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Fiery Diamond - 2009/4/10
I don't get what happened...and I play D&D.
Malygos - 2009/4/2
For some reason I couldn't get through Image verrification like Paeris Kiran whatever I did so well...
Malygos - 2009/4/2
Well... nice ghostbusters tale... where are those four guys anywhere... I have seen them in antiheroes...

But plates of that warrior could definitely use some improwement... where is the rule: Less female wear grater AC they have?
Brage - 2009/4/2
FRANK was back! ...was
Niley - 2009/4/2
Forum? Oh, great! Waut till I- WHAT?! ARGH! CRAZED! NOOOOO! How could you?! How could you?!
Knight13 - 2009/4/2
I have no idea what just happened, did Frank get sucked into the gem on the chick's circlet?
The irrelivant commoner - 2009/4/1
I look forward to seeing more of this masked spellcaster in future anti-world installments. Also, Frank better not be gone for good.
Crazed - 2009/4/1
Haha, thanks for all the feedback, guys! Sorry about the prank, but I had to; it's April Fools! Tongue
Blakjak - 2009/4/1
Excellent filler, im starting to like this seperate cast of heroes already. They should totally get a slot in the cast page!
Ganurath - 2009/4/1
At least he got to boink her in the 11th panel.
Lerky - 2009/4/1
wait...what's so cruel? I feel so left out Sad
jack - 2009/4/1
cruel. Cruel, cruel, cruel.
Ben Harrison - 2009/4/1

But at least the comic was great.
Taker - 2009/4/1
Ahah, Ensemble Darkhorse. Good show.
Hremsfeld - 2009/4/1
YAY! Frank's ba- aww. Sad

And that was a really cruel joke, man...but high five anyways.
Tanner - 2009/4/1
I heard today- that michael jackson is DEAD!!!!!!!!!
Yep, chris brown strangeld him with a rubber chicken. ( I both hate them as people, however, so no big deal).
Jordan - 2009/4/1
I'm glad you used my joke for the first panel, but the rest was pretty good. Though I'm curious to see where you're going with Frank...

And I saw your prank coming from a mile away, but it doesn't mean it was any less cruel. Sad
ET - 2009/4/1
You managed to be the first, cruel Crazed. Wink
SanDiego - 2009/4/1
Now this was *nasty* joke man... And I was SO happy nobody caught me off guard today... Hope you're satisfied with yourself.
Johansen - 2009/4/1
Strangest word bubble ever.
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