Someone's Watching

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

Gasp! Another serving of plot? Well, well, this should be getting interesting.

I also wonder who cans all that blood...

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monster expert - 2018/2/1
yes it is illegal but keeps vampire happy. and stops them form killing people.
monster expert - 2017/11/16
Cans of blood are Made by stealing blood form Blood drives.
wolfgang - 2013/9/29
the cost of virtually unlimited knowledge (not upper bound to spell Learning)

an alternative in true sorcery : each 'spell' known cost a feat.
Hunter - 2009/8/25
Maybe the book is just really small.
5m17h - 2009/3/20
The way the wizard prepares spells is by casting a most the entire spell beforehand, so (s)he doesn't have to take around an hour to cast that spell.
Uncle Festy - 2008/6/12
Eht? You spend /way/ too much time on this. It's actually kinda freaky.
Eht Takreem - 2008/4/25
In regards to the canning of blood: A paranoid vampire who thought the apocalypse would come soon, leaving a bunch of bloodless zombies instead of nice juicy humans, and who had way too much time on his hands.
In regards to taking up a whole page writing about magic missiles (and other spells which should not take up nearly the amount of space they use): As it stands, drafting a cosmic law that makes it necessary to describe not only the necessary inflections of the word and positions of the body in order to cast the spell, but also the history of the spell and how to use it at parties on penalty of having the gods dropping a meteorite on your head was probably not the smartest law the wizard's guild ever drafted. Ah well, that's what one gets for writing laws and drinking...
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