Okay Maybe It Was Four

posted by Jordan on 2008/12/24 (Comics)

So here we are on Christmas Eve, and I guess this counts as my gift to you guys. I wanted to get this up a lot sooner, but just had too much going on to really find enough time to finish it up. I also have a bit of bad news.

I've decided that I'm going to take a break over the holidays and put the comic on a short hiatus, but not to slack off. I have a lot of work ahead of me for the next section of the comic, and since I'll have some time to work now, I want to take advantage of it. I'm hoping to get as far ahead as I can, both in the writing and comic production, so I can keep up a steady update schedule. I mean, this time last year, I was 10 comics ahead of myself. Tongue

Don't worry, I've said it before and I'll say it again; I refuse to let this comic die. It will be returning on January 2, 2009, the first year anniversary of the comic itself. So enjoy your holidays, have a great time, and I'll see everyone in the new year.

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WJS - 2016/10/7
Wow. So they were powerful enough to destroy an entire monastery when they were kids?

Amaretto - 2009/1/2
Wow, good job Zarah!

You managed to continue Anti-Heroes till 2009!

Actually, this depends on whether you quit before your next comic. Tongue

That would be terrible!

Dallas-dakota - 2009/1/2
where did the berry that other berry go? Did she eat it? Is she gonna die?

Shades of Gray - 2008/12/31
Happy New Year Happy

scar - 2008/12/30
how about removing this "Updates Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun" message from the top too. I mean comic has been "a little" off the schedule anyway Tongue

Not that i am whining about update speed, take all the time you want, the information up in header is just misleading.

Kat - 2008/12/29
Thanks for the comic & keep up the good work!

Ian - 2008/12/27
Enjoy your break. I am so looking forward to the next comic.

Sirek - 2008/12/27
Hey Sirek, you can see a list of all available BBCode by clicking on the link below the "Your Comment" box. Happy
Well now I know, seeing as how I removed the quotation marks.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/26
belated merry Christmas to everyone too

Icewalker - 2008/12/26
Merry Christmas!

Also, just as a side note, I got the Ivory Veil sweater for Christmas.

Very happy

Crazed - 2008/12/26
Ugh, I thought this message board used the same code as Giantitp. Stupid quotation marks...

Hey Sirek, you can see a list of all available BBCode by clicking on the link below the "Your Comment" box. Happy

Sequinox - 2008/12/26
Yes! New comic!

And... About the 'bad news'...

Yes! I won't have connection, anyway, so that's great! We'll have REGULAR UPDATES, like this used to, or OOTS used to, or XKCD! Woo!

Amaretto - 2008/12/26
Pretty spiffy stuff, Sirek lol

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/26
the sizing didn't work on that one Tongue

Sirek - 2008/12/25
Ugh, I thought this message board used the same code as Giantitp. Stupid quotation marks...

Sirek - 2008/12/25
[SIZE="7"][color="red"]M[/color][color="Green"]E[/color][color="red"]R[/color][color="Green"]R[/color][color="red"]Y[/color] [color="Green"]C[/color][color="red"]H[/color][color="Green"]R[/color][color="red"]I[/color][color="Green"]S[/color][color="red"]T[/color][color="Green"]M[/color][color="red"]A[/color][color="Green"]S[/color][/SIZE]

Smiley - 2008/12/25
Lol - that showed up on Christmas Day for me (in New Zealand) ! Great thanks Zarah, I didn't expect you to update on Christmas!
Love the comic- Aldran sounds like a little boy trying to get out of trouble, like my brother really!!!

Thanks, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/25

Crazed - 2008/12/25
What about the windmill? Wink

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/25
thing is
whats the point?

Aristeidis - 2008/12/25
Haha! Good one!

Amaretto - 2008/12/25
Woot! I may relax again and stop messing up people's screens lol. If anybody was wondering, I just copy pasted "oooooooo" a bunch of times.... lol.

Although its sad that there will be another break in the coics, I wish you a good holiday Zarah!

Kobold-Bard - 2008/12/25
Thanks for the new comic. It rates second best on my list of presents, right behind the bottle of Jack Daniels my mother got me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

JC - 2008/12/25
Why does his comment sound somewhat familiar to things I have said in my lifetime. :: stares ::

btw, I hope all of those who like this time of year enjoy it, to the rest of you at least be safe, be well and enjoy yourselves laughing at the stupidity of the people who get way to swept up in the BS of the season.

Doopliss - 2008/12/24
I seriously wasn't expecting a strip on Christmas Eve. Many thanks. Very happy

Chineselegolas - 2008/12/24
Didn't show till Christmas Day for me... Great present.

cookie - 2008/12/24
cute! merry christmas!

Dallas-dakota - 2008/12/24
Thenks for the update Zarah.

The last three strips made me full out laugh. Very happy

Sirek - 2008/12/24
ugh, I mean Happy not (:

Sirek - 2008/12/24
Thanks Zarah for up dating (: Really awesome comic!

anonfag - 2008/12/24
Long time, no see Happy It still great to see a new strip, even if the wait was long. Happy christmas new year, next time I'll be bothering you at the 10th of the 1st Happy

Monty - 2008/12/24

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/24
YES!!!!Very happy
new comic!!!

Valahuir - 2008/12/24
While its regretable we will miss out for a week, its for the best. Enjoy your christmas and new year dude and see you January 2nd.

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