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posted by Jordan on 2008/12/10 (Comics)

So I've seen a lot of comments asking what Aldran's race is, mostly from people who don't play D&D. So, in order to clear up any confusion: Aldran's race has no name. Like Aldran says himself, no such race is supposed to even exist. Fiends and celestials are sworn enemies and are forbidden to associate, but D&D is a very diverse subject, so there probably is something akin to a half-fiend, half-celestial. However, even if there is, I'm just letting everyone know that Aldran's race is my own creation.

So in short, don't worry if you're not a D&D player and you want all the details. Other than what I offer, there pretty much are none. Tongue

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Lat - 2010/6/4
Huh. This comic has more posts than the last one. The last one had a big reveal but this one has nearly three times the posts!

JC - 2008/12/25
as to new posting 1) I recently found the comic due to a typo on a search.. Love it Happy 2) Im bored, so figured id comment on new and some old ones Happy

Battleship789 - 2008/12/24
My server weeps for mercy, Amaretto. Your 2316 "o's" are causing my poor internet browser to suffer incredible agony. Yes, I counted them (using a word processor Tongue).

I won't flame though I am curious if you actually typed each one out, held down the "o" button, or used copy-paste.

I'd guess that a lot of people haven't been commenting because there was an alignment discussion. Most sane people try not to get hooked into those Happy. The rest of us have started to comment again because the debate has died down.

The new posters are probably posting due to both the slow update and increased popularity, I'd guess.

Amaretto - 2008/12/24
Now i am sure to get flamed by people who's screens can't fit all of the comments now...

Amaretto - 2008/12/24
wow lol. I made the comments really really big.... oops...

Amaretto - 2008/12/24
well on the way to 150 lol.... I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. lmao.... Annoyed

Dallas-dakota - 2008/12/24
What V said, I think I was like the third or second to comment on the comic when it came out... And I used to comment, except that I just haven't in some time.

draconicgodking - 2008/12/24
it's the slow update Amaretto people are trying to keep entertained while waiting for the new comic.

Amaretto - 2008/12/24
Just looking at all these comments shows new posters who have not said anything before.

Is it the very slow update that is contributing to this, or is it just increasing popularity?

Sequinox - 2008/12/24
Why is the update taking so long? Confusedadface:

Oh, and I post here... Rarely... So take that, Amaretto!

Miles - 2008/12/24

Let's first get to 150...don't rush things, Amaretto. ^^

And, the way this is going, this comic WILL have 200 comments. Very happy

Dallas-dakota - 2008/12/24
No, it just means that I have no life and spend my time on gitp. ^^

Also, one and only, never in the comments have I done this before or will I say this again but : NEW COMIC PLEASE ZARAH, or I'l get kneenibble to hump you...Tongue

But if he has a life he should spend his time on that, this 'time of the year....

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/23
it means we are bored and have nothing else to do
and we are waiting for a new comic
and we don't have lives Tongue

Amaretto - 2008/12/23
I am noticing that there are many different posters at the start of the commentary, but as the list of posts ever increases, one only sees posts by me, Bob the ninja, and Smiley often.

Then there is an occasional post by Dooplis... and nada...

Does this ean that we are wierd? lol

Amaretto - 2008/12/23
wanna see if we can get the posts to 200 before next comic?

lol. It's just a lame attemtp to counteract the all-powerful boredom...

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/23
i feel we will be bored until after Christmas Sad

Amaretto - 2008/12/23
I have resorted to useless and short posts! o.0

I need a comic ZARAH!!!

Amaretto - 2008/12/23
lmao. go AH!

Sirek - 2008/12/23
This format is kinda annoying. BTW, as of this post there are 4840 words in comments so far.

Amaretto - 2008/12/23
lol. AH is by far the best fancomic on the Giantitp forums... Howvere, it doesn't need its own forums as it has something even better: IT'S OWN WEBSITE lol. Happy

Sirek Int(Giantitp forums) - 2008/12/23
Does AH needs it's own forums? there are a frikin' 122 replies!

Smiley - 2008/12/23
Actually, saying I won't post until there's a new comic up or something other than this alignment business being discussed is a tad pointless anyway, cause i probably won't be on over Christmas anyway! So have a great Christmas everyone, and stop asking for a new comic, give Zarah a break too! (I know, I know, I've been saying it too)

Merry Christmas! Happy

Smiley - 2008/12/22
Alignment debates are good when they're actually related to the comic or something thats happened in it. But were just arguing general alignment stuff now. I think I might go on a no-posting protest till a new comic comes up!!! Depends if there is actually anything interesting comes up

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/22
I know
it is really quite boring now Annoyed

Amaretto - 2008/12/22
I must agree.... Alignment debates are always fun... except when the debate stretches to over 100 comics... that's when it becomes overkill...

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/22
i dont know about you guys
but i am seriously bored with this alignment debate :annoyed

Doopliss - 2008/12/22
Aldran is Neutral/Chaotic Evil. Discuss. Tongue

Smiley - 2008/12/22
We've had to resort to an alignment debate! And it's not really even about the comic anymore!

Amaretto - 2008/12/22
yay... with over 100 posts, all the juice has already been sucked out of this one..

Smiley - 2008/12/22
It is seriously getting time for a new comic!

Doopliss - 2008/12/22
I'd call helping yourself while decidedly not hurting others neutral, not good. Especially if you limit it to people they especially care about.

Amaretto - 2008/12/22
I know. Sad

But it is till a fun game . Very happy Happy Tongue

Miles - 2008/12/22
Amaretto, I hope your game stays without a winner for a loong time...
Because that would mean a week or so without an update. Sad

Amaretto - 2008/12/22
yay. Glad to hear my game provided some short-term entertainment lol. I'd make another one for post 200... but if Zarah doesn't update before then, I might die.... lol.

Btw, I didn't make the game to win it. In fact, I knew thqt I was leaving the computer for the day and at the rate these comments are posted, would not make it to 100th...


Your post 99 was quite funny. Very happy
However, I suppose you were mistaken somewhere, as the postings haven't died a bit.


However, this one might take a very, very, long time to complete... First person to make comment 100 in any comic after this one wins. A little harder yeh? Happy

Hermit - 2008/12/22
Here's my view on the alignment bit:

Chaos / Law: Want to / Have to
Good / Evil: Care / Don't care

Ex: A CG character does whatever he wants, while avoiding hurting people he cares about as much as possible, while a LE doesn't care who he hurts, unless it does against the rules that bind him (In other words, he wont get a fish bigger than him angry. At least not at HIM.)

Smiley - 2008/12/22
Oh right! I get it!!
And don't worry I realised you were joking, it just seemed kinda funny when you said only an idiot would do exactly what you were doing- but that would only be if you were playing Ameretto's game! So, well done on the ninja joke- it's kind of funny now that i get it!

Doopliss - 2008/12/21
If you post something only to find someone else had said the same thing while writing, you've been "Ninja'd". I just found it kind of similar to Bob beating others to the punch.

And I was kidding in Post 99. Tongue

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/21
i think me and smiley are both missing what doopliss is saying

Smiley - 2008/12/21
I don't even get what Dooplis was saying in post 101? Confused

Miles - 2008/12/21
Doopliss pwned post lvl 100 before AND after it was made, lol. Very happy
And I entirely agree with post 101. Happy

Smiley - 2008/12/21
I think law/chaos is whether you follow some 'code of conduct' you hold, even if it might seem twisted and evil to someone else.
A LG character probably follows actual set rules of a country, not just his own rules.
Chaotic people just do whatever they feel like - screw the rules! Tongue
But that doesn't mean they can't think about stuff and plan it.
Neutral people are just like lawful ones - except they just break the rules more often when it suits them!

This entire debate is kinda dumb really! i think it's time for a new comic! We need something new to discuss! Happy

And I think it's hilarious that Doopliss said only an idiot would make post 99 - in post 99!!! Tongue

Doopliss - 2008/12/21
Fitting, given your name. Happy

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/21
100th post! Very happy
amaretto loses

Doopliss - 2008/12/21
A fundamental flaw with Amaretto's game is that only an idiot would make Post 99, since it makes it impossible for them to win. All it really accomplishes is ending the discussion early.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/21
it is tricky playing with dms with different views on alignment

Miles - 2008/12/21
Keep in mind that alignment isn't always acting the same, it's mostly acting the same. One exception doesn't change your alignment.

Law/chaos can be tricky to define. I guess it depends on DM's and players more that solid written rules.

Doopliss - 2008/12/21
Chaotic people can still follow laws. They just do so to stop themselves being thrown in jail or executed or such, instead of out of an actual respect for the law.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/21
if you are lawful you will stick to a code of conduct
if you are chaotic then you do thinks spontaneously
that's what i mean when i say your own laws

Amaretto - 2008/12/21
If we keep going at this rate of 4 posts per day, we'll reach post 100 soon...

here is a game we can play! Very happy

Person to post comment 100 wins! No double posting is allowed from now on until we pass 100.

Sounds like fun no? Tongue

Amaretto - 2008/12/21
I sure everyone obeys (or at least tries to obey) their own seperate rules.... As they make them themselves! Annoyed

It is more along the lines of whther you have any morality/ethics rules in you...

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/21
lawful/chaotic is whether you obey laws
they could be the law of a country or your own, separate rules

Doopliss - 2008/12/21
As far as I'm concerned, "ethics" is more along the lines of "obey the law", "don't lie", "don't use poison", "treat others as you'd want to be treated", "the ends don't justify the means", etc. That is to say, someone who steals, lies through his teeth, etc can still care about others as much as himself (he probably wouldn't be stealing very often, but if it was the good-aligned thing to do...). But then, morality and ethics always confused me. I just treat morality as "Helping others is good, hurting others is bad."

I'm not really sure plans can be treated as codes of conduct, since they're "laws" simply to accomplish an objective. It seems to me, it's not ethics or morality if it's nothing more than self-serving.

Btw, is this the most posts per comic? It might of even topped the argument about whether Aldran has wings!

Of course. It's an alignment debate. Tongue

Amaretto - 2008/12/21
Btw, is this the most posts per comic? It might of even topped the argument about whether Aldran has wings!


Amaretto - 2008/12/21
Sorry, I do not agree with you there; Law/Chaos has more to it than "ethics".

Ethics, in my opinion, are closer to the good/evil axis... I believe that everyone, including evil people, have ethics... just depends on which ones they follow... I think that someone with no ethics is closer to Neutral, as they do things just for personal gain... or maybe that is morality...

There is a very thin line between "morality" and "ethics" so it is not good enough to describe these two very different axes... (or maybe "axises" lol)

Take someone like Nale from OOTS, for example.
Nale is clearly EVIL. This is witnessed in his goal (kill Elan) which is clearly lacking morality. I agree with you on (Dooplis on "Morality=Good/Evil". He is also clearly LAWFUL as he goes about fulfilling his goal using elaborate plans, following "laws" that he has set up for himself. This is not entirely ethics I think... as the laws he has set up are not very ethical (if they allow him to kill randomly).

Doopliss - 2008/12/21
That depends on how they go about following said higher power. If they pray on a schedule, sacrifice a halfling every other week, etc, sure. Why not?

Kobold-Bard - 2008/12/21
If a terrorist truly believes they are doing the will of a higher power (in real-world rather than D&D terms of Gods) then wouldn't that make them lawful evil?

Doopliss - 2008/12/21
Here's how I look at it...

Good: Helping others with no regard for yourself
Neutral: Helping yourself with regard for others, and helping others with regard for yourself
Evil: Helping yourself with no regard for others.

Of course, those are just actions. Few characters can be expected to adhere to any of those entirely. The PHB seems to support that view. If evil did require actively working against good, it would be a ridiculously rare alignment by all reasonable standards. Most non-supernatural villains wouldn't even classify. It also makes the two alignments more-or-less pointless aside from contradicting one-another.
The scheming barren who expands his power and exploits his people is lawful evil. ... The criminal who robs and murders to get what she wants is neutral evil.

-PHB 3.5.

As for Law/Chaos, I'm pretty sure there's more to it than written law. That would make law and chaos, "forces that define the cosmos" (PHB 3.5), entirely dependent on situations, as well as bringing up ulginess about what constitutes "worthy" laws. Evil tyrants are just as capable as leaving power to their kids (assassinations involved or no) than any other king, and a Paladin would just have to sit there and take it if royalty is an acceptable excuse to make laws. I'm pretty sure it's more about personal laws than those enforced by other people. That's not to say always obeying laws doesn't make you lawful, it's just not the only way to be lawful. Similarly, having no ethical principles doesn't stop you being one of the goodest-aligned people out there. It just means that your goodness manifests in more unpredictable ways. Similarly, just because you're a supervillain that refuses to kill in cold blood, lie, etc, doesn't stop you being a supervillain. Morality = good/evil, ethics = law/chaos. Planning doesn't have anything to do with it.

At least, that's how I see it.

DDM - 2008/12/21
Chaos doesn't mean no planning. Chaos means the tendency to go against authority, acting without regard to rules or laws. Dictators are LE, terrorists are CE.

Amaretto - 2008/12/21
I have never understood the controversy surrounding alignments. Tongue

People who help anyone just for personal gain (ex: mercenaries) are NEUTRAL. People who are out to stop evil are GOOD and people out to stop good are EVIL. lol

The Chaos/Law axis is harder for most people to understand... CHAOS is doing things on the spot, without much planning going into it. LAWFUL means putting a great deal of planning into something or being part of some hierarchy (ex: A theives' guild). NEUTRAL CHARACTERS do whatever they want, whenever they want, looking only for personal gain. Therefore, they have absolutley no morals...

This is how I think of it anyways... Very happy

Hermit - 2008/12/21
Babale: I said more like, not exactly like. I'll lean more toward Chaos than a straight NG.

Miles - 2008/12/21
Yes, I know...but there are degrees to this. Straying a little (Eg, helping a single person with no apparent gain even if you're Evil, for some personal reason) is ok, but having a lawful good character continuously kill people because they annoy him is way out of alignment.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/20
i know you are meant to stay in role at all times but no one ever does

Miles - 2008/12/20
My pleasure, Amaretto. Happy

And as for the complexity and playing out of alignment...people acting out of their alignment should "gain points" towards the alignment they really are and, if necessary, lose their class as a result...remember Miko Miyazaki from OoTS? Tongue

Forces of Good/Evil and Law/Chaos are not a subject to philosophy in D&D as they are in our world (RL campaign setting, lol) but are solid facts. Wink

Babale - 2008/12/20
@ Hermit: That is BAD roleplaying, my friend.

Hermit - 2008/12/20
I agree with Bob. A lot of people only choose an alignment to play a certain class, like Druid or Paladin...

I made my most recent character NG so he could be a Druid, but he'll play more like a CG.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/20
half the people who play dnd play their characters out of alignment anyway

Doopliss - 2008/12/20
Apparantly they're not that straightforward, since most people seem to disagree with most others. Tongue

Amaretto - 2008/12/20
You know, the alignments are pretty straightforward... And I have played other games which use a very similar system. Seven sessions is way more than enough to read the alignment rules and figure out howto play.... It is not such a complex game as it seems...

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/20
but do u have the handbooks??

Doopliss - 2008/12/20
Without having handbooks, nonetheless. Tongue

(I've probably only played about seven myself)

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/20
You have only played seven sessions of dnd and you are telling other people about alignments????

Amaretto - 2008/12/20
That's right. Tongue

And good job Miles! We own those flamers/trollers/whatever.

I used to play DnD and have played about 7 sessions of 3.5 but I do not actually have the books. However, am familiar with the rules and mechanics.

As Miles guessed, I am just into RPGs in general and they are all basically similar.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/20
she does indeed say that

Pewpewlaser - 2008/12/20
Somewhere in the comic, Kheriss said "I'm nothing, if not Lawful"

It happened when she was in her guild's building, if that helps. I can't search it down.

But anyway, that DEFINATELY suggests lawful neutral. Poor fourth wall.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/19
i think that their alignments will be changing anyway seeing as they are around different people

Doopliss - 2008/12/19
A: This setting is based on D&D.
B: We can still argue their alignments in a D&D context. Doesn't make them particularly canon either way, since everyone seems to have different ideas of alignments than everyone else, but it's still fun.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/19
seeing as we are not playing dnd
their alignments could change pretty much when ever they want

Doopliss - 2008/12/19
Neither does it suggest that it IS evil...

You, yourself, said...

Keriss worked as a mercenary and presumably helped any type of character.(This is typical of mercenaries who are just in it for the money).

Miles - 2008/12/19
Um, Bacon, Amaretto does have a hobby, by the judge of his posts.
D&D, and RPG's in general are a hobby.

You should look up hobby in the dictionary.

And, yes, he owned you.

Amaretto - 2008/12/19
wow, bacon posted while I was writing...

Seriously, Amaretto...


I always lol at people who read and post in a webcomic just to say that person X should spend less time having fun with it....

Amaretto - 2008/12/19
@ Dooplis

-PHB. None of that suggests that helping goodness for entirely selfish reasons is non-evil.

Neither does it suggest that it IS evil...

Bacon - 2008/12/19
Seriously, Amaretto...


Amaretto - 2008/12/19
Not really.

Lawfulness is basically the thinking of things BEFOREHAND and making intricate plans. It is not a chaotic trait.

Although I suppose Keriss could be TN...

I still think of her as LN, for reasons previously stated.

Peregrine - 2008/12/19
I partially agree with Doopliss. I don't think Amaretto's reasoning is completely valid. Even if Keriss is Neutral (which mercenaries are almost by definition), simply because she is organized, prepared, and goal-oriented. Even chaotic characters can think of and carry out intricate plans to achieve their own means.

Doopliss - 2008/12/18
I just take issue with the concept that complete selfishness = neutrality.

A lawful nvil villain methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regards for whom it hurts.

A neutral evil villain . . . is out for herself, pure and simple.

-PHB. None of that suggests that helping goodness for entirely selfish reasons is non-evil. They don't care about the value of life, but that doesn't mean they feel a particular drive to kill. I'm not arguing with your conclusion (Keriss is Lawful Neutral), just your reasoning. It might be better not to get into the whole What Measure is a Non Human/Always Chaotic Evil thing.

Amaretto - 2008/12/18


I meant that Keriss helping a good party (Lana's old party) for money is very neutral and that if she was "EVIL" she would not of done so.

Aside from the whole "indescriminate killing" thing?

Random killing is very much a part of a Neutral outlook. Neutral characters do what is good for themselves and free xp is definately good.

RPGs in general revolve around the idea of random killing, and DnD is no exception. Heck, since the goblin in that comic was most likely evil, evena good character could have killed him. You are forgetting that "indescriminate" killing is what DnD is all about, at the core, and we have yet to see an example of Aldran killing a good character just for the heck of it.

I think I have made my point?

Doopliss - 2008/12/18
Smiley: Actions define alignment, not vice versa. The characters obviously have set personalities, and even if alignments aren't consciously part of those, they're still as "there" as they are for arguments about real-life celebrities' alignments. Even moreso if any alignment-centric spellcasting comes up later in the comic.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/18
On my computer it is now 4th

Taker - 2008/12/18
Woohoo! Finally this comic is the first selection in Google search!

Hermit - 2008/12/17
Good poont, Smiley. I vote that all characters are Chaotic Chaotic, because their alignments are just that: chaotic.

Smiley - 2008/12/16
True. I think that maybe they aren't meant to have exact alignments.
Even if they did the author is like all the players and the DM combined, so basically the characters can do whatever they want.
And it's all good cause the story would be a lot less interesting if they actually had to follow laws and alignments.
I was just wondering what people thought really.
You can work out alignments and stuff but you'll always go in circles because somebody will argue the example when the author broke the rules just to make the story better! Happy

Doopliss - 2008/12/16
Ah, but we don't know *why* he's obsessed with killing his brother. And he actually let him go once...

Hermit - 2008/12/16
Bob: I realize that. I was talking about the rest of them, mainly. However, Eldhin acts like he is a paladin, which is why I mentioned it.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/16
btw eldhin is not a paladin

Hermit - 2008/12/16
Bob: I was using the abbreviation in a different way, but all the same Not Applicable works too! Tongue

Doopliss: Eldhin is more obsessed with killing his brother than anything else, but leads a group of 'good guys' who associates wit ha lich. I would say that qualifies for a fallen paladin, a.k.a. a corrupted good guy.

That's just my pair of two cents. (Four cents?)

Doopliss - 2008/12/16
This shows a very neutral charcetr as an EVIL one would not help a good party.


Aldran could be Netutral and has so far demonstrated actions more befitting a TN character.

Aside from the whole "indescriminate killing" thing?

You have the Ivory Veil, The corrupted 'good' guys...

Well-intentioned extremism isn't corruption.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/15
is it just me or did someones post just disappear???

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/15
na stands for not applicable

Hermit - 2008/12/15
As an addition to my last comment:

If you go by rules, Aldran cannot be Good (Necromancer). However, he just threw a Fireball four feet away from him and didn't burn up instantly, so I think the rules are as dead as Kaalinor: technically gone but still hanging around looking at Lana's chest. Tongue

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/15
i dont think that alderan is evil
and plus
anti heroes more points to neutral
i think

Hermit - 2008/12/15
Amaretto & Smiley:

It's easy, really. You have the Ivory Veil, The corrupted 'good' guys, and you have Aldran & co, the bad-looking guys out to save the world. Alignment doesn't enter into it! You can't classify these people on a character sheet! They aren't LN, they're NA. None of the Above.

Smiley - 2008/12/15
I'm not sure. i think what Amaretto said about Keriss makes sense, but i just can't see Aldran as anything but evil.
It makes the whole twins thing kinda lame if they're not good and evil. I guess they could both be neutral maybe?
Also the name of the comic does point to at least one person in the party being evil, and Aldran seems the most likely. Well who knows really! Confused

Amaretto - 2008/12/15
Ah.... Alignment debates.... My specialty. Very happy

Keriss is most certainly Lawful Neutral. I am not sure if you were also wondering about the Law/Chaos axis but I will answer anyways.

Keriss behaves in a VERY lawful manner. She always plans beforehand and regards Aldran's chaotic tactics with disdain. When she worked as a mercenary, she kept tabs on her targets, also showing a lawful atitude.

Now to the main question: Good/Evil. You say that Keriss can't be good as she hangs around Aldran, but this just isn't right... Aldran could be Netutral and has so far demonstrated actions more befitting a TN character. Also, Lana hangs out with him fine, and I am presuming that she was at least GOOD until she died... and is now most probably neutral as well.

Anyways, back to the point. Very happy . Keriss worked as a mercenary and presumably helped any type of character.(This is typical of mercenaries who are just in it for the money). For more solid proof: SHE AGREED TO HELP THE GOOD PARTY WHICH LANA USED TO BE PART OF!!!
This shows a very neutral charcetr as an EVIL one would not help a good party.

Phew... long post... Hope I cleared things up a bit. Happy

Smiley - 2008/12/15
Does anyone know Keriss' alignment? Is she even evil? Confused
I guess she must be evil or neutral to be hanging round with Aldran (he is evil, right?) and a vampire but has it ever said?
Just wondering cause she doesn't really seem to fit with the rest of the party in evil-ness Tongue

Amaretto - 2008/12/15
wow... you're such a funny guy.... fool...


Amaretto is is soooo cool - 2008/12/15


Amaretto - 2008/12/15
lol. I wasn't expecting such a reaction... People are quoting me! Very happy

I also have a comment to direct at V, who, as already pointed out, has a VERY unoriginal name. STOP TROLLING FOOL! Angry

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/14
sit back and watch these two flame at each other

Smiley - 2008/12/14
Amaretto I'm very sorry for my spelling mistake!Sad
But does it really matter!!?? And I do find it kinda funny that you call me a moron and then tell other people to stop flaming in the same post!

Doopliss - 2008/12/14
...you are a moron...and stop flaming!


Bob the ninja - 2008/12/13
Um Martin
they are already back in the material plane

Martin Greywolf - 2008/12/13
You know, you just may be right...I mean what the hell is that crow doing in the plane of slime?

Amaretto - 2008/12/13
On a side note... I have a conspiracy theory! Very happy lol

We never saw the crow with cross eyes so it is not 100% dead. What if it IS a spy for the Viel?


Amaretto - 2008/12/13
Wow, Smiley... you are a moron.... It is spelled "ROGUE"
Rouge means red in french.... Annoyed

And stop flaming! The comic was certainly not one of the most epic but was definately not the worst. Liked the ending... Happy

Smiley - 2008/12/12
If you go to the cast page at the top it does say under Keriss's thing that shes a ranger. Btw if she was a rouge, even a multi-class one, wouldn't we have been seeing the 'sneak attack!' thing alot?

Fiery Diamond - 2008/12/12
So much awesome in this comic, it's hilarious.

"Argh, I have so many questions!"
"And so little room for them."
= Laughing out loud, literally! Hilarious comic. Plus, last 2 panels = Aldran wins.

Marko - 2008/12/12
Awesome comic!

V is for you don't know what you're talking about; the comic is awesome.


Bob the ninja - 2008/12/12
i just thought about what tarrasque said

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/12
Does it actually say anywhere she is a ranger?
I always assumed she was but does it actually say anywhere?

Tarrasque - 2008/12/12
- Two Weapon Fighting?
- Able to cast Wind Wall and Entangle?
- Bio calls her a Ranger?

I can see where you got Rogue/Warrior from Niley. Tongue

moleytov - 2008/12/11
Aegeus, don't be foolish - the radius is directly proportional to plot/punchline, and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
Another lol-out loud comic - keep it up.

Aegeus - 2008/12/11
One thing that's annoyed me about Aldran. He casts fireball, a *20-foot* sphere of fire, at point blank range, at people in melee with him, without so much as singing anyone but his target. He must use Shape Spell like there's no tomorrow.

Sequinox - 2008/12/11
love this comic! Tongue

Niley - 2008/12/11
So Keriss is a RANGER? I thought she was a multiclassed Rogue/Warrior or something...

Zend - 2008/12/11
I didn't know Shake-n-Bake was a spell. Tongue

Great comic. Very happy

Liwen - 2008/12/11
The two panels felt like this : "well, enough backstory for now, let's do something totally random, yet awesome, to pull a punchline of some sort".

I lol loudly.

Toc13 - 2008/12/11
'so many questions' 'and so little room for them' ...ouch!

Smiley - 2008/12/10

Hremsfeld - 2008/12/10
Now, now, Smiley. If you react, you'll only make him happy.

Smiley - 2008/12/10
V!! Angry
do not bite the hand that feeds you
or draws comics for you

Hermit - 2008/12/10
*Such* an imaginative name, V, and *such* an imaginative comment.

On the non-trolling side, wicked comic, man! I can just imagine Lana's mind right now, "Wrong! Wrong! Sick and Wrong!"

Face of Evil - 2008/12/10
Crap comic.

Obvious troll is obvious.

V - 2008/12/10
Crap comic.

dragongirl13 - 2008/12/10
Those last two panels are AWESOME! Great comic, as always! Can't wait for the next one!

Lyinginbedmon - 2008/12/10
Aldran's way IS more fun! Though usually I use an area effect spell on something like a rabbit hole.

Face of Evil - 2008/12/10
The beginning was a bit odd, but the ending was great. Happy

Tahu88810 - 2008/12/10
Aldran's race shall henceforth be called Aldranian, I decree it.

kres - 2008/12/10
Personally I am glad Lana passed on hearing the rest of the story, leaves more room for interesting plot hooks, gags, and anchors.

Ludekk - 2008/12/10
I like the last two "badass" panels. A nice reminder of the comic's name Happy

Szilard - 2008/12/10
Cool, third post, anyway, I wonder what Lana's processing looks like. Tongue

Hurray - 2008/12/10
I really like your artwork. The story is also very, very interesting.

Daran - 2008/12/10
Zomg - first post? I didn't think that Lana had already heard enough. I'd be still interested in his story.

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