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posted by Jordan on 2008/11/13 (Comics)

Many great apologies for the huge delay. Sometimes things just pile up too much. Either way, he's an update and I'll make sure I don't go another two weeks without another this time. Tongue

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Kalaslesiusdof - 2008/11/15
Faster pls... We are waiting Very happy
Jordan - 2008/11/14
I made a quick edit to the comic today. I fixed a few of the errors in the text and reuploaded it.

I really need to stop making these so late at night.
Face of Evil - 2008/11/14
You kids today and your fanclubs and your D&D and your webcomics and your rap music and your artificial insemination ...
Amaretto - 2008/11/14
Yes, sure you can join!
Just post that you are in the club at the bottom of all future posts. Very happy

The fan club is growing! Happy

***Master of the "Cool No-Name Guy" Fan Club***
cheery - 2008/11/14
I wanted to say thing, not think...
no wonder i always get B from my English tests..Happy
cheery - 2008/11/14
This is really great comix. I love itHappy
Can I join the cool no-name guy fanclub? Tongue I sooo want him to appear in the comix a little more... And it would be just great if he got a name. Only think we know for sure is that he isn't Dave...
L0ngshanx - 2008/11/14
I vote we frag this commander.
LizardLord - 2008/11/14
You NEVER suggest to a dwarf that they should shave their beard.

At least not the male ones. Though, depending on what world you are in, the most a female dwarf will do is trim it.
nidhogg - 2008/11/13
yeey! new comic
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/11/13
Very happy Awsome!
"I know." sorta sounds like me. lol, i threaten people a lot.
Memnarch - 2008/11/13
Bad grammar proves a point! Tongue
Sequinox - 2008/11/13
Finally! It was great! I never realized the wizard had such a dark side, though.
Doopliss - 2008/11/13
Make this about us. I want to see your beard return here.

I love double-negatives. Very happy
boB - 2008/11/13
Umm, "dinnae" is Scots for "do not." Evidently you dinnae not know that?
Proofer - 2008/11/13
You mean "chalk" up another victory, not "chock".
Forealms - 2008/11/13
Geez, Hilmor's dad is an ass, isn't he?
Ganurath - 2008/11/13
"I know." Ah, sounds like the sort of thing I'd do if stuck with an incompetent party leader.
dragongirl13 - 2008/11/13
"If this doesn't work, then I'll make sure an 'unfortunate event' forces us to get a new party leader." I love Laldera, lol.

Great comic.
Amaretto - 2008/11/13
yay new comic!!! and im third yay!!!!

I cant wait till the cool guy in teh first panel gets a name....

***Master of the Cool No-Name Guy Fan Club***
-skimmer- - 2008/11/13
Actualy i refreshing at least two times every's just great comix Wink
Miles - 2008/11/13
Cool, first. ^^
And I've spent the last week or so refreshing every few minutes XD
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