Rage Issues

posted by Jordan on 2008/11/1 (Comics)

Sorry for the big delay. I realize that I said it would be a double issue, and I even wanted to make a triple issue to make up for all the days missed, but I thought I would just keep it short and to the point. I've got another midterm this coming week, so the updates could slow again, but I'll try to keep up as best as I can.

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WJS - 2016/10/6
I wonder how many people still think he's a good guy?
Memnarch - 2008/11/12
Colour, Color; doesn't really matter unless you're coding. In which case, even capitalization matters then.
Amaretto - 2008/11/12

Its cause you guys are Americans..... spell all your stuff wrong...


That is how it is spelled. Annoyed Angry Confused Very happy
Amaretto - 2008/11/12
[colour=red] Blarg... well that didnt quite work...... lets try again... Annoyed [/colour]
Amaretto - 2008/11/12
[colour=red] QUIET FOOL! [/colour=red]

But really, webcomics aren't the total sum of my existence... and I think that everyone who reads this will agree that they also want a new comic...so you are the wierd one, not me...

Angry Annoyed Confused Sigh Wink Tongue Happy Very happy

well that was unnessecary...

***Master of th Cool No-Name Guy Fan Club***
(which currently only has 1 member... Annoyed)
nidhogg - 2008/11/12
. . .
bacon, go clean your mouth with soap
like right now please!!

need new comic!!
Bacon - 2008/11/12
You need a hobby, Amaretto. Webcomics should not be the total sum of your existence.
dallas-dakota - 2008/11/11
We all do man...
Amaretto - 2008/11/10

lol. Im just raging cause my long weekend is over.....

Amaretto - 2008/11/10

Amaretto - 2008/11/10

Jordan - 2008/11/9
Really sorry about the lack of a comic. I got busier than I expected last week, and ended up coming home for a long weekend, so I didn't get the time I wanted to finish a comic. I am taking this time, however, to write things ahead of time and make sure I have some ideas planned out, so I can start putting them together as soon as I get back to school.

Again, sorry for the delays.
dallas-dakota - 2008/11/9
I want a new comic!!!

Amaretto - 2008/11/7
I Want my COMIC!!!!

lol. Its been so long without the goodness of a new strip to think about...

***Master of the "Cool No-Name Guy" Fan Club***
clone commoner - 2008/11/6
Why do I keep forgetting to read this? Sigh

Oh well. I've remembered now. Anti-Heroes is still the masterpiece it was when I last checked. Very happy
Des - 2008/11/6
Can we say OUCH, That Hurt!
Hey? - 2008/11/4
It's about friggin time!
Doopliss - 2008/11/4
“I bet Finx is part of the long-lost triplet of Aldran and Eldhin.”

That's what I've been saying since Eldhin first appeared. Very happy
Quig-T - 2008/11/4
This just keeps getting better!
Crazed - 2008/11/3
I bet Finx is part of the long-lost triplet of Aldran and Eldhin. Tongue
Amaretto - 2008/11/2
Come to think of it... he needs a real name.

It would be GREAT if Jordan could give him one! Very happy Tongue Wink

***Master of the "Cool No-Name Guy" Fan Club***
Amaretto - 2008/11/2
lol, good update.

Finx is a really, really smart guy. He realized that he had no chance of anyone saving him so he got someone to kill him...
Now he will respawn in his phylactery and his body will regenerate. I think Finx might be one of the smartest people... em... eh... "things"... in this comic. He had the brains to figure out that he had to be killed and suffer some pain to come back to lichhood (not literally, liches dont have brains. Wink )

Yes, The Ivory Veil has his phylactory and so he won't get a happy recieving... however, he is too useful to Eldin and will definately be coming back. =P

As for the cool no-name guy who used to help him... YAY!!!!

I am forming a fan club for him. Very happy

Anyone who wishes to join just post and at the end of your message write that you are member. Very happy

-Master of the "Cool No-Name Guy" Fan Club

Daran - 2008/11/2
I had to laugh really hard when i saw those two teeth on a bone left there.

Nice teeth by the way - who'S his dentist? Wink
Forealms - 2008/11/2
“Eldhin rolled a 1 on (Check: Tolerate sarcasm)that one for a wonderful plan gone wrong.”

I would think he had a -5 circumstance bonus in this case.
Doopliss - 2008/11/2
I wonder what kind of guards the Phylactery has... And if Eldhin can get back to Tydaris before Finx respawns.
Jawohl - 2008/11/2
http://ah.indolents.com/comic/74 is the comic in which he reveals the Ivory Veil, the paladins, have his phylactery. So, he just pissed off the person who controls him.
Jawohl - 2008/11/2
Hmmm... Bad move, Finx. He'll regenerate at his phylactery, which has been captured by the Paladins, if I recall correctly... But its held by people who had a job for him, and it looks like hes failed that job. Bad luck, Finx. Time to re-roll.
WhatCouldBe - 2008/11/2
I love that sword.
And yes, that is the rest of the thieve's guild, Piniu
dallas-dakota - 2008/11/2
Face of Evil - 2008/11/2
Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! Angry
drivinallnight - 2008/11/1
I love how the skull is left as nothing but a Smiley Face Happy Nice touch.
shaun - 2008/11/1
i mean Tongue
shaun - 2008/11/1
finally he was fricken annoying :tounge:
Doran Liadon - 2008/11/1
Wow, they killed the skull...
lerky - 2008/11/1
hm. Wonder what'll happen to no-name-guy. And if Finx will regenerate again or will Eldhin destroy his phylarmacy (since it was implied he had it)
cookie - 2008/11/1
Finx! You'd better regenerate! Really good comic!
Icewalker - 2008/11/1
Eh, you said it might be a double issue. I don't mind.

Good update, too.
Mechafox - 2008/11/1
Eldhin can't fall, he's not a paladin.
Mordae - 2008/11/1
Finx got exactly what he wanted. Now his body will regenerate, and he'll be back at the location of his most coveted possession.

As for the plane shift, they popped back in wherever Jordan wanted them to be. Happy
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/11/1
lols, a little more, and he's going to fall, and fall hard.
But seriously, not smart taunting someone with an enchanted sword at hand while you're a freaking talking skull.
Knight13 - 2008/11/1
Liches can't die unless their phylactery is destroyed, Finx will be back.
kres - 2008/11/1
Eldhin rolled a 1 on (Check: Tolerate sarcasm)that one for a wonderful plan gone wrong. Ah well now all we need is the dwarfs (dorfs) to say something and it will push him over the edge.
Piniu - 2008/11/1
If they just planeshifted why's the ship moving? That's the rest of Keriss's guild or what?

Aaand: wow
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/11/1
He'll be back
Szilard - 2008/11/1
I would say second post! but screw this, I'm going to actually read the comic before posting.


Wonder how his Phylarsumtinoranother thing will come into the story.
Crazed - 2008/11/1
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