Don't Go Toward the Light

posted by Jordan on 2008/9/30 (Comics)

I'm bad at this whole update thing, aren't I?

Anyway, I was tempted to make a reference to Michael and the Jackson Five for issue #123, but couldn't find any room for it. Oh well.

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WJS - 2016/10/6
“Eldhin can just cast Heal”
That is if he has it prepared. He seems the type to favour combat spells, if you ask me. He may be relying on spontaneous casting to provide him with healing if he needs it.
Red XIV - 2009/6/17
“Who needs bonus exp when you can cast 9th level spells?”

You can never have too much XP.
Face of Evil - 2008/10/16
I would note that his brother is fairly on par with Aldran.
Forealms - 2008/10/2
@ meh: I don't know, between OotS and this it feels a bit refreshing knowing ONE of the characters I enjoy can do something powerful enough to be cool.
Doopliss - 2008/10/2
I don't know, Eldhin was doing pretty well up until Aldran used Time Stop. Cheap bastard...

It's not like there are never any battles that don't include Aldran either.
meh - 2008/10/2
This is the only OOTS bastard that I read, but Aldran's excessive overpoweredness is starting to wear thin. There's no drama when he's never really challenged.
Doopliss - 2008/10/2
"Don't go toward the light" is a common theatrical bit for those hallucinating (as it were) when near death.
Dallas-Dakota - 2008/10/2
Pretty awesome Zarah!

And ps, it's : Don't follow the lights!
Icewalker - 2008/10/1
Stormrage does 20d6 total, split between multiple bolts, I believe. So maximum damage is 20d6, not per shot.
yet another weirdo - 2008/10/1
crazy weirdo - 2008/10/1
Ted - 2008/10/1
That was an OOTS moment. Pure awesome.
Archetype- - 2008/10/1
HA! Owned by a core spell! Well, two really. Good for Aldran, packing something that target's a Cleric's only bad save... Reflex! Let's see Eldhin shoot his lightning eyes now. Bring it, .

You know you're epicly badass when... you can waste Time Stop duration to mock your foe behind your back.

Now blinded, Eldhin has only his (meager) Listen skill to pinpoint Aldran's location. From now on, this fight's going to start to swing even more in.... wait. Eldhin's a Cleric with access to at least 8th-level spells...
He can just cast Heal.

This fight still ain't over by a long shot...
Goblin Music - 2008/10/1
his retinas are deepithelialised! Tongue
Belial666 - 2008/10/1
Heheheheh. Nice. But Aldran has taken what, 60d6 damage so far? How many HP does he have?

BTW, treis ellines, not duo. Ego eimai apo Athina, Koukaki.
MTONinja - 2008/10/1
Aldran is such a phenomenal character and the way you write him is superb!
Keep up the work.
Nikolas - 2008/10/1
Also a fan from Greece. I have a few friends who are into RPG's (pen and paper obviously) and we all really enjoy this strip. Kudos to the Giant for starting the genre.
Hey Vorag, apo poio meros eisai?
Kobold-Bard - 2008/10/1
I reread it and it still made me laugh like a slightly brain damaged hyena. Well done.
Shinzen - 2008/9/30
I hope he cast Energy Innumity: electricity while he was in the TimeStop, or something, because otherwise he wasted 3 rounds Tongue
Doopliss - 2008/9/30
Ouch. If Regeneration takes three full rounds to cast, does that mean this fight is officially over?

Also, Time Stop is overpowered. Tongue
kres - 2008/9/30
I love the awwww boop look on Eldhin's face as the Sunburst goes off. Classic complete loss of awareness.
Scalenex - 2008/9/30
Who needs bonus exp when you can cast 9th level spells?
draconicgodking - 2008/9/30
you know i really think he is gonna get bounus EXP for that
Sequinox - 2008/9/30
sweeeeeeeet. spleeeendid.

Sunburst. Nice. Battle of the non-core spells, eh?
Valahuir - 2008/9/30
So true, I would probably give an extra 50% on the encounter's exp for a stunt like that. Tongue
phoerix - 2008/9/30
Epic, just epic. I really can't stop laughing.
nidhogg - 2008/9/30
hooray, new comic

neat trick, and sneaky the way i love it
Vorag - 2008/9/30
Nice!Battle in the air... i am a fan from Greece, stick figure comics have few, but loyal fans here.
Memnarch - 2008/9/30
You know, it's kinda hard to keep from laughing at this while you're trying to pay attention to a conversation as well.

Very happy
ET - 2008/9/30
Hehe, Aldaran is truly horrible.
Mordae - 2008/9/30
The most important thing about high-level wizards isn't the awesome spells they can use. It's the fact that they have enough hit points to get around to using them. >Happy
Forealms - 2008/9/30
Heh. It's times like this that I remember how much Aldran rocks.
Face of Evil - 2008/9/30
Winged One - 2008/9/30
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If laughing at that is wrong, I don't want to be right.
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