Aldran Extra Protection, With Wings!

posted by Jordan on 2008/9/7 (Comics)

Sorry for another long wait for a comic. I don't really have a good excuse other than being addicted to playing Dwarf Fortress and Mass Effect for the past week or so.

Anyway, as for today's comic... Hopefully this will resolve some of the heated disputes in the comments. Tongue I realize that "shoulder wings" probably aren't shown in the most realistic context they could be, but given the style I have to work with, that's about as close as I can get. Besides, trying to say this comic is "realistic" is just downright silly in any manner. Tongue

Next topic: Games. First and foremost, I beat Mass Effect today. I wholeheartedly recommend this game. I'll try not to spoil anyone, but the end battle was orchestrated so well that throughout the entire sequence, it made me feel uneasy. It made me feel as if I really needed to rush to save the day, even though there WAS no timer. And in the end, everything gets wrapped up so well. Although it leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger, it still feels complete. All in all, a VERY good game for any RPG fanatic, such as myself.

Secondly, Dwarf Fortress. For anyone who's played it, then you probably know why I'm addicted to it. For anyone who hasn't, I suggest you look into it. It definitely takes some getting used to, but once you get into it, there's no way back. As for my fortress, things are going pretty well. Too well, in fact. My fortress has ballooned from 7 dwarves to 55 in just over a year, and thirty of them arrived in a SINGLE wave of migrants. I'm expecting mass starvation to set in any day now...

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Eddi - 2016/4/16
Hot damn, lokonig pretty useful buddy.
Barbie - 2016/4/14
It's great to find an expert who can exlpian things so well
nidhogg - 2008/9/17
i hope all 3 at the same time Tongue
cap'n commoner - 2008/9/17
Please just calm down people. We have more important things to think about than why the person who posted before you is wrong.

For example: Is the upcoming battle between brothers going to be epic, incredibly epic, or anti-climactic in an amusing way?
dallas-dakota - 2008/9/16
Ok, I kept myself out of this so far.

But sarcasm does not travel well across the internet, some people have a harder time getting their oppinion rightly over because english isn´t their first language, but those people should also be able to enjoy AH.

So can we cut this off, please?

What Jordan says is true, anything else, we can only wonder.

So I repeat my plead, please cut this off.
Thenks if you will....
Insert Name Here - 2008/9/16
Now, now. We're mostly from the GITP forums and yet we're already at terms that'd count as flaming there.
Especially the applied and quoted line: "Jesus, the stupidity of some people" applied and applied back.

Well, Amaretto's not from GITP, I suppose.
So he's not much worse than I expected.
nidhogg - 2008/9/16
hehe, true Tongue

it can e hard to express yoursef on a board in aforeign language (wich is the reason my post a while ago got a wrong message i didn't meen)

but not to understand that Ameretto was joking?
dude, what did you smoke? ^^
Amaretto - 2008/9/15
yeh, seriosuly....

Did you acyually think we were serious????

To qoute you: "Jesus, the stupidity of some people."

lol. That applies to you...
Doopliss - 2008/9/14
The cardboard wings thing was a joke...
VALARLIGHT - 2008/9/14
Some of you lot are being absolute tossers, The guy's making this comic for your entertainment at no charge during his free time and you can't just enjoy it? does everything have too be a debate everywhere I go?! "oh noes that shade of black should be darker" "No, no, I disagree, grey gives it a sense of melancholic depression, which is how I feel after reading all of these comments"
Scarab83 - 2008/9/14
I really can't believe some of you are arguing that they're CARDBOARD WINGS!?! Jesus, the stupidity of some people.
Doopliss - 2008/9/14
It was a plot twist by 3 strips ago's standards. It was just that Zarah slowed down around then.

*Still sucks at Dwarf Fortress*
Amaretto - 2008/9/14
Yes, but ........ Oh' cmon.....

I love how the Giant reads some threads and then makes the comic do something unexpected just to spite everyone!

Aldran/Eldin having wings isn't really a plot twist and it was quite obvious that they would.... Therefore, Zarah should have made them not have wings...
Doopliss - 2008/9/13
There can be such a thing as too many plot-twists. Aldran/Eldhin having wings was already a plot twist, and as far as I'm concerned it would have just turned out weird if that got inverted as well, especially within two or three strips. I just think of this as "finishing" the plot-twist.
Amaretto - 2008/9/13
Hey guys. Sorry I havent been posting in a while... lots of school stuff...

Im very very very dissapointed in Zarah... There were so many things he could've done with the wings thing, like many of the scenarios I mentioned, but inststead he chose the most obvious way which everyone had already predicted......

lol, maybe I'm just pissed because all my amazing arguments were all proven wrong by 1 panel (and a title, if u wanna get exact). Now any new arguments agaianst Aldran having wings (like the cardboard wings theory, lol) are just comical and won't be taken seriosuly...

AHHH!!! If I was writing this comic I would have some unexpected thing happen just to mess with u guys....
draconicgodking - 2008/9/11
yeah that would make more sense though it might be copywriting that fallen movie trilogy from abc family especialy if my earlier comment was right
antiheroes junkie - 2008/9/11
i expected aldran to have like white bat wings or something directly opposite to eldhin
snail - 2008/9/11
now-you-gotta-make-the-cast-page-for-Eldhin-IMMEDIATELY! Very happy
Doopliss - 2008/9/11
What do you think is more probable? Aldran can fly very fast without his hood being pushed back, or he took a bit of time to adjust it after arriving? I just realized we got cheated out of a face-shot. Tongue
Doopliss - 2008/9/11
Even if they both have black "wings", it's still unreasonable to assume they work the same way. We haven't seen Aldran's move yet because they're cardboard (absolutely nothing to do with him only having them visible for one frame)
nidhogg - 2008/9/10
i object
te position of the wings changes from time to time as they are used, if u place cardboardwings on your back it is not possible to move them like wings
thus it is impossible for the wings to be faked with non-magical stuff
Doopliss - 2008/9/10
Not at all. He obviously stacked multiple Tenser's Floating Discs on top of one-another, and is standing on the highest one. It's nicely compatible with the cardboard-wings theory as well. Very happy
Darke - 2008/9/10
technically not standing behind him...
kres - 2008/9/9
Now all there need to be is a failed save for Sense Motive: Telling the Truth... Eldhin wins that one hands down
JIndra34 - 2008/9/9
I saw the ending the minute eldhin mentioned Aldran behind him... too bad he didn't glance back right then...
Atomsized - 2008/9/9
Yeah, i was expecting Aldran to have white wings or something....maybe they ARE fallen angels Sigh
draconicgodking - 2008/9/9
ouch thats got to hurt and yet it raises the question why do they have wings are they like fallen angels or somthing
Serpentine - 2008/9/9
This comic has the Serpentine Stamp o' Approval(tm):
Serpentine - 2008/9/9
nidhogg - 2008/9/8
ofc. so was I
but it's funny to see all his nice arguments go down ^^
I gave him a new one, unlogical but still it is a argument
Doopliss - 2008/9/8
Nidhogg: I'm pretty sure Amaretto is joking.
Icewalker - 2008/9/8
You've done a really good job with the wings, I'd say.

Also, awesome.
fraud - 2008/9/8
awsome! Didn't see hat coming. However, like Lost, this comic has answered one question but arised many others.
Anonymous - 2008/9/8
I am liking this more than oots at the moment, because of... well... this isn't giantitp, so I can say because this is updated more often.
nidhogg - 2008/9/8

cardboard wings are not possible to move like wings
ok, there are spells that change apearance, but they wouldn't use it in this situation I'd gues Tongue
cookie - 2008/9/8
this is just covered in genius!
MTONinja - 2008/9/8
I heart Aldran. I love the way he is such an intimidating figure. keep it up!
Amaretto - 2008/9/8
Fine then!

They are fake cardboard wings painted black to look cool!

and intimidating.... Black cardboard wings are thye latest fad!
Insert Name Here - 2008/9/8
Amaretto, I might note that fire wings -replaces- your arms.
Also, why am I posting at you when you're next to me?
Amaretto - 2008/9/8

Aldran has wings......
No HE DOES NOT! I defy u!

It is a home-brewed black wings spell just like fire wings! lol. I will never admit anythying...
Insert Name Here - 2008/9/8
Yes, Eldhin, he -could- be standing behind you as you speak.
christoffer - 2008/9/8
I finished Mass effect on insane last day, fourth time i played it through. It is almost as good as your comic. Very happy
Rettu Skcollob - 2008/9/8
"Have you read the Dwarf Fortress epic "Boatmurdered," CotR? That story is basically what kindled my interest in the game, and I've always wanted to set up a succession game like it just to see what kind of fortress would result. Tongue". Well; a few people, (myself included, HAVE in fact set up a DF succession game on the GitP Forums, named 'Toothfountains', which you can find an the Alpha section of the ongoing games. I'm sure if you ask Potatocubed, (the organiser) then you could get in.
Kyuubi - 2008/9/8
Wow- Very nice. Sense of the epic there.

Hmm...I doubt he can take his brother- after all, he was gonna run. I think he's gonnaneed a lot of help downing Eldhin, surprise round nonwithstanding
Jordan - 2008/9/7
"Do you have an estimation for how long the comic is going to be? Or just keep on plotting as you keep drawing?"

Eh, an estimation is tough to say. I can gladly say that it'll be going for quite a while, at the pace I'm at, since there's a lot of story that I need to plow through. I do have a very clear beginning and end, and a bunch of middle points, but the path from one to the other is a little vague yet.

I guess all I can really say is that Anti-Heroes will be as long as it has to be. Tongue
The Zergling One - 2008/9/7
Oh I do believe I much prefer the wings on Aldran. He makes them work Very happy. Kinda got the fallen angel of death thing going.
dallas-dakota - 2008/9/7
Weeh. Nicey Zarah.

Do you have an estimation for how long the comic is going to be? Or just keep on plotting as you keep drawing?
dragongirl13 - 2008/9/7
WOOOO! Awesome! Wings... that is so much cooler than the Fire Wings spell. XD
Advent - 2008/9/7
Completely awesome. Would have been cool if Aldran had white wings, sort of a contrast between them and their personalities, but a bit cliche as well.

Also, I just beat Mass Effect today...great ending!
Jordan - 2008/9/7
Have you read the Dwarf Fortress epic "Boatmurdered," CotR? That story is basically what kindled my interest in the game, and I've always wanted to set up a succession game like it just to see what kind of fortress would result. Tongue

If you haven't read it, just Google it. It's a bit of a long read, but it's well worth it. I was almost in tears from laughing so hard.
Cult of the raven - 2008/9/7
oh, my god, Zarah. I totally forgive you for being late, but only because you were playing DwarfFortress! I absolutely LOVE dwarffortress! Yay! Someone else who has heard of/likes Dwarffortress!

but seriously, Anti-heroes is amazing. It's quickly becoming as/more amazing than OotS.
(for one, it's slightly cheaper, and for another, it has the words 'don't panic' printed in large friendly letters on the cover)

Yeah, I feel really silly today. ~CotR
Face of Evil - 2008/9/7
I believe a man can fly. Happy
Jordan - 2008/9/7
"Sidenote, third to last panel, his cape is shown."

Blarg. Didn't even notice that. Did a quick edit, so it should be all good now.
Gael - 2008/9/7
Yay! This does resolve things. I love the irony.
Nakis - 2008/9/7
Always interesting webcomic, I enjoy it greatly. Sidenote, third to last panel, his cape is shown.
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