The Many Faces of Lana

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

I really liked drawing this comic, mostly because of Lana's different costumes. Out of them all, I still think her Bard outfit turned out the best, if only because of the little high-heel boots.

It's also amazing how players can be two completely different people before and after a new level in D&D. Multi-classing especially brings this into a new light, being that pretty much anyone can take a level from any other class they qualify for, even if the two classes are completely incompatible. It's a strange system. And before anyone complains about Lana's bad multi-classing, there is good reason for it in the future.

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Topher - 2016/4/14
Ah yes, nicely put, eveonrye.
wolfgang - 2013/9/29
edit : lvl 12
wolfgang - 2013/9/29
about the level, the sorcerer in their team casted true sight , so at least she was level 20

the goblin could have had class level.

and i think with the d12 hit dice, and a boost in charac, along with the proximity of a wizard from whom Learning spell, it seems ok, better than bard, and more logical than priest.

but maybe warrior or ranger (cc version) would have been best.

exept that this is the pov of a (bad, optimisator) player. lana, is a character and her choice are how she want to be, not how she is the most powerfull
Dvandemon - 2010/3/27
I like the look of the lightning in the ninth panel
JC - 2008/12/23
Given her skill displayed earlier the exact number of rogue levels are questionable, and she got XP from a goblin which implies a lower level, would be nice to see sheets of them as they progressed just for us number crunchers.

Also for a rogue I think a higher Intel beats a higher Charisma so of the 3 that might have been her best option.
Siosilvar - 2008/7/11
It's a bad multiclass because she already has a ton of rogue levels, and a level adjustment.
Dinah - 2008/7/3
How exactly is wizard a bad choice for Lana? Out of those 3 presented it certainly is the best option...
Crazed - 2008/4/24
The Bard outfit is pretty awesome. It kind of reminds me of a Guild Wars mesmer.
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