One Way to Ruin the Moment

posted by Jordan on 2008/7/31 (Comics)

It's really amazing how diligently I can work if I already have the entire scene mapped out. And considering I've had this scene (and accompanying punchline) planned for months now, I'm amazed at even my own work. Hopefully I can keep things going at a fairly steady pace now that I'm back in writing territory that I already have planned well in advance.

And, as always with this comic, the twists and turns never stop coming.

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Amaretto - 2008/8/4
Leaving tommorow!

Um.... I was kinda paying attebtion but now looked through sokme of them.

Do they all have a Big Panel?
The Zergling One - 2008/8/3
Alright, here's a bit for those who are actually paying attention. What is different about comics 1, 2, 6, 31, 43, 59, 76, 92, and 103, than the rest of the comics ever posted?
Keit - 2008/8/3
Plot device mockingbird, plot device
mockingbyrd7 - 2008/8/3
Crowning moment of awesome, anyone?

The only thing I don't get is how Morty got them all together and convinced them to listen. Maybe I missed something.
Lira - 2008/8/2
Wow, that was badass.
stabbybelkar - 2008/8/2
oh course this means that Finx will be put into a dragoon and killed by Sarah Kerrigan-oops I'm sliping into starcraft again.
magik - 2008/8/2
this is was so good I was saying the lines out loud to make it sound funnier. good job!
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/8/1
Okay, that I did not expect... what is this world coming to? Plots become more and more unpredictable...
cookie - 2008/8/1
I love it when skulls look shocked
Face of Evil - 2008/8/1
Heh. I wonder how Andil and Laldera will take knowing they were spooning with a lich. Wink
turtleturtle - 2008/8/1
i liked the facebook reference.
Cult of the raven - 2008/8/1
heh. Awesome! *witty encouragement to write faster goes here*
MTONinja - 2008/8/1
Loved it, I was suprized! I can't wait to see how Aldran's party is going to be affected by the recent turn of events.
Requiem - 2008/8/1
THIS is why it's a good idea to have the quick draw feat. Or improved initiative.
Amaretto - 2008/8/1

Good to have maybe 1 more comic b4 i leave to France. XD

And that line in Croc Dundee made me lol.
Jarajara - 2008/8/1
a lich? a paladin? omg, this means miko is coming back and will kill Xykon!!! OMG OMG OMG.
Mordae - 2008/8/1
Really, it goes back much further than that. As an example (and certainly not the originator), the first Crocodile Dundee movie: "Now THAT's a knife!"
Star - 2008/8/1
Lol Menelvagor.
You cant't say that here or you'll be lynched by the mass Happy
Vizen - 2008/8/1
Its still a great read though. Happy
Menelvagor - 2008/8/1
Well... doesn't this remain anyone of OotS? The trial, when Elan says: "That's a climax", when Miko comes in?
Memnarch - 2008/8/1
That is a nice way to make an entrance! Very happy
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/8/1
Aldran's brother is called Eldhin?

Glad to hear your back in the swing of things Zarah Happy
CarpeGuitarrem - 2008/8/1
AWESOME. Totally owned.
Sandro - 2008/8/1
wooo story line!
querzis - 2008/7/31
Well, if all goes well, Finx group and Eldhin group will take care of each other while Aldran easely escape.

And since nothing ever goes well in this comic, they are probably gonna team up to kill Aldran.
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