Liberty White

posted by Jordan on 2008/7/17 (Comics)

Once again, I apologize for my update tardiness. I was stupid and managed to waste all the free time I had on my extra days off by playing Civilization IV instead of working on this. Curse you, Sid Meier.

Anyway, on the subject of today's (rather late) issue. The title comes from a jar of paint I found in a local store a few weeks ago. There were so many different shades of white with ridiculous names, but I think "Liberty White" really just takes the cake. There's stretching words to make them fit in a certain context, and then there's "Liberty White."

As for the content, I don't think this issue comes as much of a surprise to many people. Most people I saw assumed it was Aldran's brother in issue 100 and onward, but for anyone who had their doubts, here's your proof. Tongue

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Gael - 2008/7/20
Good comic as usual.

Now, I have a question for the more Internet-savvy people out there. I'm trying to advertise for a website of mine, but I don't know how. Its a fantasy based story that updates like a webcomic. My problem is that I can't find a decent way of advertising that doesn't involve pay for "pay for clicks" which I'm not doing. I've posted "advertisements" on various forums. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I guess while I'm on the subject, the site is
GoryScarletSocialist - 2008/7/20
Minsc of course. Although I believe "Partner" would be a better term.
Troll - 2008/7/20
Then tell us the name of his master.
GoryScarletSocialist - 2008/7/20
In my defense, I have played Balders Gate, I just chose not to reveal Boo's secret so that his foes are caught unawares by his giant space hamster skills
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/20
That´s weird....
Fleeing Coward - 2008/7/19
3 computers, 3 different ip providers and none of them gets me to a working forum Sad
Lira - 2008/7/19
Nevermind about checking my topic now; my problem has been solved. ^_^
Lira - 2008/7/19
The GITP forums work for me on this computer, but not my other two. I think their connection to the server has to reload or something, and that can take awhile. Ah well.

Oh guys? Check out my topic I posted in the OOTS boards please. Sad
Fleeing Coward - 2008/7/19
stabs DD. I still see same screen on gitp forums Sad
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/19
YIPPIE YAY! *subtle note to send everybody back to the gitp boards while keeping track of this*
Lira - 2008/7/19
*muders Pixie with a rusty axe*

Err, anyways... good comic Zarah.

In OOTS news, I'm so excited to see the new book is out. I'm preording it ASAP! ^_^
Doopliss - 2008/7/19
Pixie: You know what Roy thinks V's gender is. Tongue

I always pegged the hunchback as a stereotypical Igor-eque servant.
Peregrine - 2008/7/19
Hehe, it's funny how everyone is using ah as a backup forum for the playground message board.
Peregrine - 2008/7/19
Hmm, I don't think the hunchback is a flesh-golem.
He looks too much like his master. I wonder what Roy's thinking.
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/18
(Celia, she´s called Celia)

But yes, that is most likely A flesh golem. With a element of Frankenstein-ish which Rich I added for fun I think. And yes, Celia is grappled by it in winow 8 and 12.
And not THE flesh golem, since the one who carried Roy is also, I suspect a flesh golem...
tahu88810 - 2008/7/18
Is it just me, or in the new OOTS comic does it look like the sylph (her name alludes me at the moment) is being groped by the flesh golem?
Forealms - 2008/7/18
I'll admit, I thought after she said "eggshell white" they were going to be debating about the color for the rest of the comic.
Troll - 2008/7/18
No contest.
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/18
Me thinks that me agrees with Troll here. It´s atleast one of the greatest computer rpg games.
Troll - 2008/7/18
Me thinks someone's missing out on the greatest computer rpg game series of all time.
Serpentine - 2008/7/18
Methinks SOMEone hasn't played Baldur's Gate ;P
Tanner - 2008/7/18
Dear, GoryScarletSocialist

WHAT THE HELL DO YA HATE HAMSTERZ(What did they ever do to you?)!!!!!
Valahuir - 2008/7/18
Goryscarletsocalist, its not "boo the Hamster" its "Boo the Miniture Giant Space Hamster" Tongue

Also as for plot twists go, I have to say I was one of the number who realised who it was, although confomation of theories is a nice change Tongue
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/18
Third oots book out! Very happy
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/18
Ok...Ok...I'l just use a catchline from #576!

Ps. It's alive! IT'S ALIVE! Very happy
Gah, awesome-allowance levels are dropping....
Serpentine - 2008/7/17
GoryScarletSocialist! I gave you that name! XD >feels special< If ONLY Boo was there...
GoryScarletSocialist - 2008/7/17
Is that the plot thickening I smell?
Or is it just the scent of a new reoccuring nemesis. So what's the current list at
The Hero's
The Paladins
The Vampire Hunter (Recently Vamped)
Boo the hamster?
Centaur - 2008/7/17
Stop trying to steal my identity, Dallas!
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/17
*eats ninja for the ridicilous idea after turning him into a cookie*
A ninja cookie...hmmmm....
Doopliss - 2008/7/17
FoE wins. Very happy
insecure - 2008/7/17
Nice comic!

"oohhh.... and aldran is realy a fugitive paladin on the run from the ivory veil, and wants to tell the world all about their lies!!!!" - ninja
Of course. ^^
Ninja - 2008/7/17
oohhh.... and aldran is realy a fugitive paladin on the run from the ivory veil, and wants to tell the world all about their lies!!!!
Face of Evil - 2008/7/17
Why would you want to see a writhing pile of maggots, cookie? Wink
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/17
I'm not going to wind around it.
*eats V*
cookie - 2008/7/17
Oh no, hope Aldran is going to be ok (at leats long enough for us to see his face!) Love this webcomic, absolute genius!
Face of Evil - 2008/7/17
In any case, remember there's a difference between what we know and what the characters know. Aldran wasn't at the gate to eavesdrop on his brother's conversation — if he was, he wouldn't need Lana to tell him the Ivory Veil is in town — so he would have never heard that bit about his brother being in town to track down Finx. He's just assuming that his brother is in town to track him down. (Remember too that Aldran thinks the world revolves around him.)
Face of Evil - 2008/7/17
Ah, you have a point. I forgot about the "faking my own death" thing.

Nevertheless, my point stands: although Aldran's brother is in town to find Finx (likely to punish him for not reporting in for a while) he will very likely try to confront Aldran once he finds out he's alive.
Menelvagor - 2008/7/17
But Finx said the Aldran's brother would be shocked to know he's alive, didn't he? So how would he send Finx to get Aldran if according to Finx he didn't know Aldran's alive?
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/17
You'l see! You'l all see!

Ps. I'm a centaur! Very happy
Face of Evil - 2008/7/17
Yes, Aldran's brother is here looking for Finx, presumably because he hasn't reported in for a while and wants to interrogate/punish him.

But the Grand Marshall's overall goal is to find Aldran, which is why he forced Finx to try and find him.

The Grand Marshall doesn't know that Aldran is in the city, but if he finds out, he probably won't pass up the chance to confront his brother. And I doubt that will be a pleasant meeting.
FrankNorman - 2008/7/17
Didn't the paladin leader say he was looking for Finx?
Tanner - 2008/7/17
Dón't worry Zarah, Sid meier's civilization games are more adicting then crack!
Szilard - 2008/7/17
I didn't see that coming, but I did see that the paladin dude was looking for Aldran
Troll - 2008/7/17
Stupid Finx, why did he implement Aldran's brother's hair into his illusion if he was undercover?
MTONinja - 2008/7/17
I for one am looking for some caped (in)justice on the GM. Great comic Zarah.
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/17
Ps. I'm a centaur, made me ROFLOL. Seriously, it did, and it still makes me laugh out loud when I think about the picture.
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/17
HIS BROTHER! OMG, this made me laugh. Good one Zarah, you moved the plot, funnily. !Very happy!
This made me a bit happy(Bit depressed with gitp down, so that's good!)
kres - 2008/7/17
Now that is nice job on rapid plot movement. Only thing we lacked is a dirty paint brush from Lana's fight.
Kyuubi - 2008/7/17
Hippoboy - 2008/7/17
I didn't even think that the paladin is his brother!
I thought you were throwing in a random villain.
kpenguin - 2008/7/17
Don't apologize, Zarah. Civ IV is awesome.
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/7/17
Oddly enough, assuming the GM is there for murder and not blood, this pretty much mirrors my own brotherly relationship.
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