Undead Have Feelings Too

posted by Jordan on 2008/7/13 (Comics)

What's this? Another update on time?! What's the world coming to!!

Actually, I just have time off from work, so I'm trying to get myself ahead in my work again. I had this issue done yesterday already, which is saying something for me. Tongue

Now, since people are probably confused about what happened with Laris and stuff, I'll provide this clarification with some more notes on vampires:

When a vampire bites a victim, said victim is instantly given a special curse of a magical nature, which is commonly known as Vampirism. If the curse is treated shortly after being bit, then nothing will become of the person. They might have a bit of discomfort, but they will remain very much alive and well. However, if the curse is allowed to remain within the body, it will eventually take hold of the victim, killing them and reviving them as a vampire. Someone who has been killed cannot be turned into a vampire by any conventional "biting methods," which is why most vampires will drain all a victim's blood, to ensure they will not rise again.

Such is the reason why vampires are as rare as they are. Those who are bitten rarely live to tell the tale, and those who do usually have their bodies purified before any further damage can be done.

If you've ever played the Elder Scrolls games, then this probably sounds familiar. I always liked the way they treated vampirism in Morrowind and Oblivion, but always felt weird that it was treated as a strict disease. Vampirism seems like more of a magical curse of some kind to me, so that's the road I took.

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An Anonymous Patron - 2011/4/12
Yay, Elder Scrolls reference!
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/17
Ps. I'm a centaur! Very happy
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/16
Well, from what I read, I think friends were fine to visit too. Well, please say it when you come back, and update then please.
Serpentine - 2008/7/16
Most of my post got et |Sad Which means you all miss out on my mentioning another, less SFW comic of the same name. Grr.
Why NOT emphasis?
No news on Ink here, just what was on the forum. I'm probably going to my cousin's 21st in Sydney in August, though, so I may see if I can drop in then, if they'll let me.
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/7/16
thanks, I just remembered it had something to do with potions and blessings...
Doopliss - 2008/7/16
Serpentine: Why the emphasis?
Troll - 2008/7/16
Stupid, naive Celia. If only she had asked them to just ressurect Roy.
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/16
Froggie man! Read what Belkar calls him, Froggie man!

Personally, it's some kind of plague or disease or side-effect of working with that kind of magic most likely.
Troll - 2008/7/16
What are the green frog-like things? I thought they were undead at first but i'm clearly wrong.
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/16
Bone golem... Heheh....( #575 is up)
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/16
Oooh Serp!
I misses you and the rest of the playground!
Ps. any news about Ink?
*is worried and hurting from lack of Playground*
Serpentine - 2008/7/15
Interesting take on vampirism. So LOOSLY based on D
insecure - 2008/7/15
Just noticed Lana's eyebrows in panel 10 and 11, and i love them Happy
Hippoboy - 2008/7/14
Elena, just drink a cure disease potion shortly after infection.
On a more comic related note, This comic is awesome
Austran - 2008/7/14
Wow, and I am hearing the soundtrack of Interview with the Vampire now. Nothing more appropriate for this comic, I quess.
insecure - 2008/7/14
Must... have... Gitp forums...

And nice comic (the ah comic).
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/14
No, I have noticed the OOTS comic as well. It's just another example of how naive and innocent Celia is. While moving the plot on about Roy's corpse.

GitP forums....I need them..I crave for them....
Ninja - 2008/7/14
oh now aH and new OOTS.... nice comic and all, now im back to my ranting bout the OOTSPOCALYPSE....

It's nigh, the OOTSPOCALYPSE is nigh! It is aproaching, and there is nothing we can do, repent, and maybe OOTS shall return! Repent!!! REPENT!!!!....
kres - 2008/7/13
Lana just walked into that one. Aldran was trying to warn her with the silent treatment, however Lana's "sense motive" roll must been a 1.
Veeria - 2008/7/13
In Oblivion, it makes sense if it's easy to remove the vampirism disease before you're turned into a vampire. Both because catching something in it's early stages often means it's easier to treat, and that players who don't want their charcters turned into vampires don't have to worry as much.
Woodrot - 2008/7/13
Oh joy! Another recurring villan on the horizon! What fun!
insecure - 2008/7/13
@ dallas-dakota
Well, thanks anyway. And am I the only one who have noticed the new oots comic?
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/13
Ooh, not a official or something, just made by Exachix(A forum member if you don't recognize the name). Sorry, but this ain't made by Rich or something.
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/13
Just read the comments, Insecure, this is actually a back-up but I don't think anybody's posted since March there or something...

( http://exachix.smfforfree.com/index.php )
dallas-dakota - 2008/7/13
I've just checked this site. I've been down with a bad eye infection and a lack of GitP forums... Nice comics Zarah...*go's back to bed*
Doopliss - 2008/7/13
Well, in all fairness, being an un-modded vampire in Morrowind can rather suck...

In Oblivion the cure basically boils down to a weird potion. I think it was some garlic, bloodgrass, Argonian (lizardman) blood, and a powerful vampire's ashes.

If all bites transfer vampirism, I wonder what the ramifications will be for someone like Lana who doesn't want to actually kill her victims. And looking at the discussion beforehand, that also means Aldran is perfectly fine with it.

Great to see the comic is speeding up again. Many, many thanks for the work, and for the setting exposition.
insecure - 2008/7/13
By the way, do anybody now a good place to rant about the GiTP forum's downtime?
insecure - 2008/7/13
"Woo! First comment!"-Elena (aka Lionpawheart)

So close, and yet so far away...
Andrew - 2008/7/13
I also like the way the Elder Scrolls did it, except with their making it strictly a disease, like you said. Especially making it curable with a "Cure Common Disease" potion. "Common Disease?" What, Vampirism is like the Flu or something? If they made it curable only through praying for healing at temples or with special potions would make it immesurably more interesting.
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/7/13
Oh, and just another thing. Yeah, I've played Oblivion, but how do you treat the curse? Can't remember that part...
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/7/13
Woo! First comment! Brilliant, thanks for the quick update!
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