Whip It Good

posted by Jordan on 2008/7/2 (Comics)

I wanted to get this one up earlier, but ran out of time last night. And now, I have to go to work, so I'll probably update with more to say later. For now, enjoy the comic.

EDIT: And I'm back, with a few things to say. First and foremost, regarding the comic. My next goal is to try and work up a little stockpile of issues, so I have a bit of a buffer in case my life gets to be too much. As it stands, it might take a while to actually get it going, but I'll see how much work I can get done on Saturday (since it's the only day I have off this weekend. Fun.).

EDITEDIT: I had more to say, but technical difficulties caused me to scrap it. I'll probably revisit it when said problems are solved. Tongue

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Reni - 2014/3/12
You made some good points there. I ceekchd on the net to learn more about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this website.Reply
Valahuir - 2008/7/5
AH, If people think back to issue 87 spoke of the gasious form, theirs a chance Lana might have picked it up alreadly, only time will tell.

Although she realy needs to invest in a coffin incase she gets vanquished in combat. Tongue
Doopliss - 2008/7/5
I would imagine bat form would cut it, especially if she summoned a bunch of other bats as decoys. Of course, maybe it's the frustration with Kaal, but she doesn't seem to be taking her escape very seriously at the moment.

@Caldur: Wait, where did you get Laris from? Did they say his name somewhere and I missed it? (Sort of seems like a mash-up of Lana and Keriss, though)
nidhogg - 2008/7/5
I don't know why the hell people are discussing her original eye colour if they could go back and chack the first page
definitly black ^_^
Belial - 2008/7/5
Lana could very well go mistform to escape, you know. Ofcourse, she might not know that.
Amaretto - 2008/7/4

I haven't checked this in a long time but I am dissapointed by the lack of regular upates.

This comic used to be the best due to its awesome updates...

first OOTS, then this...

Crazed - 2008/7/4
If you're a blonde woman, it's a good chance your eyes are blue. Although, to be honest, most blonde women I know (not many Sad) have more of blue/green eyes like mine instead of pure ice blue.
Ninja - 2008/7/3
@Forealms - "die off"? she's already dead Happy.... good comic.... i still think here eyes were blue...
Doopliss - 2008/7/3
She probably hasn't figured that one out yet. Tongue
Darke - 2008/7/3
so, do vampires get domination with the eye contact?
Caldur - 2008/7/3
Dude! Laris is kind of a badass, neh?
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/7/2
I think he was just scaring her before, but really he just wants her to help him or something. If she just escapes him, it would be a very boring and pointless side plot.
Ashura - 2008/7/2
More like a little Belmont, since he's a vampire hunter and all..
Hermit - 2008/7/2
Hermit - 2008/7/2
@ gooby
Forealms - 2008/7/2
Heh. I figure one of two things.

1) She talks her way out of it.
2) She flies her way out of it.

this is, of course, assuming she doesn't die off, but I think it's a little early in the strip for that.
gooby - 2008/7/2
@Dol and Hermit: I believe Kaal's talking about the color her eyes were before she transformed. He speculated about it when he described her before. (ps cool comics)
Hermit - 2008/7/2
To DoIhaveaname: He would have to be very colorblind, then. I'm 90% red-green CB, and I can tell her eyes are red.
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/7/2
Slight 4th wall breakage is certainly a talent if done well.
Sandro - 2008/7/2
I was honestly expecting more sex jokes....
DoIhaveaname - 2008/7/2
Kaal must be colour blind as Lana's eyes are clearly red.
Doopliss - 2008/7/2
Seems sort of unlikely that, after all this, he's just messing around... I wonder what he wants to talk about.
I suppose Lana hasn't gotten used to the practical usage of bat form?

(Yay! New comic!)
Valahuir - 2008/7/2
That 4th wall never gets a break does it.....
Nonsens - 2008/7/2
More whippish! Wink
E T - 2008/7/2
Hehe, a little indiana jones never hurts. Tongue
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