The "Heroes"

The "Heroes"

"You're the one that elected me leader. I was only working with that I had." - Andil

Whoever heard of an Elf fighter? Well, this guy, being that he is one. Andil is the leader of Lana's former adventuring party, who left her for dead in their underground quest, then proceeded to loot her corpse.

He is best suited to be the leader, which really doesn't say much for the party, being that he's sarcastic, uncaring and ends up with his foot in his mouth most of the time he tries any negotiations. Nevertheless, he's usually the one who comes up with the plans in time of need, though whether or not they're any good is a matter of debate.

Laldera is a human sorceress who is often left completely oblivious to her surroundings, mostly due to her lack of skills and her tendency to let things slip her mind. She travels with Andil, though she isn't entirely sure why, since she's usually one of the first to voice any criticism of his various plans.

A dwarf cleric? As if we haven't seen that one before. But that doesn't stop Hilmor from doing his duty. The dwarf was originally part of Keriss' group of bounty hunters, but was abandoned and ended up joining Andil and Laldera in their trek to Northhaven. He's a noble and level-headed dwarf, who tries to maintain peace wherever conflict may be, although he is rarely successful. Of course, that's not surprising, given who he travels with....