"I'm no good guy. I'm the one that cleans up after them."

If there's any such thing as a tall, dark stranger, Aldran would be him. The epic-level necromancer is unarguably the most powerful spellcaster of the group, but he has been careful not to reveal too much of his nature to the others (or the readers).

He is undoubtedly smart, though he often gets wrapped up in his own ego to think rationally. He rarely ever admits that he is wrong in any way, quick to shift blame to anyone other than himself, and can tend to act very arrogant to those he speaks with.

Despite his power, he's known to have a somewhat playful nature, most times trying to lead his enemies on before utterly destroying them.

27 years ago, Aldran was supposedly killed by his brother, Eldhin. However, he survived the encounter, and remained in hiding until finally making his reappearance with Lana, Kaal and Keriss. He still tries as much as possible to keep a low profile, lest he be tracked down by his brother and his group of paladins.